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Jan 18, 12 at 5:21pmokileo

In this post you can make a Terraria Weapon.


Twins Gun
29 magic damage
Uses 6 Mana
Very fast Speed.

20 Gold bar
1 Mechinal Eye

Later posted a Weapon, I make a mod on that and i send the link to the Weapon creator.


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Aug 4, 16 at 8:55am

Staff of Flesh

500 Summon Damage
10 Mana
Insanely Fast Speed
Summons a mini Wall of Flesh mouth to fight!

Wall of Flesh Trophy
Wall of Flesh Mask
Clockwork Assault Rifle

Jul 22, 16 at 7:49pm

Tatical knife

301 melee damage
fast speed
bleeding efect
used only for war and street fights

Crafted with:
4 iron bar
5 silver bar
4 leather

Jul 19, 16 at 8:57am

• 50 damage
• Increases the throwing range
• Throws 3 hooks at a time
• While using this on the ground and the other 2 hooks on ledges, you can use this to fling yourself straight up into the air, like a catapult!

-Double Hook

Jul 6, 16 at 7:01am

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Jul 6, 16 at 1:11am
john brock

my example is

icor gernade

76 ranged damage
15% critc chance
when it explodes icor shoots in every direction
tool tip looks like piss

crafting 50 gernades
26 icor
71sools of grint

crafted at mithril andville (no other andville)

Jul 6, 16 at 1:01am
john brock

In this post you can make a Terraria wepon

my example is

sools of grint
droped from ranged wivern

found high in the sky
tooltip it throws movatar cocktail

Jul 5, 16 at 5:05pm

quote underseeker
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Jul 2, 16 at 4:49pm

1,000,000 melee damage
Extremely fast speed
Extremely hard knockback
100% critical strike chance

Crafting Recipe:

25 crimstone blocks
50 ebonstone blocks
10 tissue samples
Blood Butchered
Night's Edge
True Night's Edge
Broken Hero Sword

Jul 2, 16 at 4:19pm

Here's Some!

Machine Gun Pickaxe:
55 Damage
Insanely fast speed (use time:2.5)
Weak knockback
Pickaxe power:65
Tooltip: Not when I shift into MAXIMUM OVERMINE!


Copper pickaxe X1
Gold coin X2
Rope X10
Mining potion X1

Looks like a copper pickaxe with gold coins strapped to each end.

Cat Bell:

Spawns a pet tabby cat. Cat doubles as a merchant and minion. Does not count towards minion cap. Attacks with Furball Chalkram.

Found by mining any block, but only spawns when none are in your inventory.

Furball Chalkram:

42 damage
Fast speed
Strong knockback
Tooltip: Homing Hairball!
Bought for 5 gold

60 damage
Snail speed(use time:60)
Insane knockback
Tooltip: Boosh!
Sold for 10 gold.

Boom Stick Boomstick
25 damage
Average speed
Average knockback (insane on players)
Tooltip: Blast Jump!
Special: does no damage to the user, but shoots them up to 25 blocks high (100 with feather falling)

Also sells all special chest items at 5 times their sell price. Ex. Lava charm: 5 gold. Magic mirror: 1 gold.

Jul 1, 16 at 12:03am

1000 damage(ignore defense)
30 seconds to detonate
75 tile blast radius
Could blow up any block.

Sold by the demolitionist for 1 platinum during a solar eclipse during the lunar events.

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