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Jan 18, 12 at 5:21pmokileo

In this post you can make a Terraria Weapon.


Twins Gun
29 magic damage
Uses 6 Mana
Very fast Speed.

20 Gold bar
1 Mechinal Eye

Later posted a Weapon, I make a mod on that and i send the link to the Weapon creator.


Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Dec 15, 14 at 3:41am

Nuclear Explosive
99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 explosive damage
Tooltip: Destroys the entire world. Prepare for your computer/game console to freeze and lag.

Crafted with:
9 explosives
10 meteorite
21 Terra Blades

12% chance to be dropped by your mom
Sell price: 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 platinum
Cannot be bought.

Nov 29, 14 at 7:54pm

World destroyer
insanely slow
Can kill player
Consumes all your mana
can only be used at day(cheating when at night to kill bosses)
(Makes a meteor fall to your target)

Crafting: require's demon altar
10000 soul of blight
10 tizona

Nov 29, 14 at 4:10pm

Guess I'll get into this!

Heroes Blade
100 melee damage
Very fast speed
Strong Knockback
Shoots a beam out of blade
Tooltip: Watch out!

Crafting recipe:
20 Souls of Might
20 Souls of Light
20 Souls of Night
Terra Blade
Enchanted Sword

Nov 09, 14 at 8:12am

Rock Cannon
damage: 40-70 + Sets Enemies on fire
Speed: slow
Consumes: Soul Fire
Insane Knock back
Crafted using 30 Black Iron, 20 Soul of Night, and 5 Ectoplasm at Demon Altar

Black Iron Ore
Crafted using 5 Iron Ore and 1 Ectoplasm at Imbuing Station

Black Iron
Crafted using 4 Black Iron Ore at Hell Forge

Soul Fire
Crafted using 1 Ectoplasm and 1 Cursed Flame

Black Blade
Damage: 90 - 120
Tool Tip: Has cut the head off many...
Crafting: 20 Black Iron at Demon Altar

Oct 23, 14 at 3:51am
Terrarian 123 Scrubs

Dimensional Gloves
500 Damage if they fall through it
You can throw 2 just like a portal gun

Crafted with
1 Spell Tome
35 Souls of Night
1 Flask of Venom

Oct 09, 14 at 5:47am

Sorry forgot

Crafted from Demonite armour and 1 cursed flames per armour piece
tooltip:same colours as demonite but different style.

Oct 09, 14 at 5:33am

Demon Helmet:
13 Defense
+15% melee and movement speed

Demon Scale-mail:
14 Defense
+15% melee and movement speed

Demon Greaves:
13 Defense
+15% melee and movement speed

Set Bonus: Attacks inflict Cursed Fire

Oct 08, 14 at 7:17pm

Dungeon sword
9999999 damage
Average speed
tooltip: Not for yrmier
1 bone key
120 shroomite bars
50 fallen stars

Oct 06, 14 at 9:58pm

Soul Flail
60 ranged damage.
Insanely fast speed.
Chance to confuse on hit.

Crafted with:
20 soul of flight
20 soul of night
20 soul of light
1 soul of might
2 hellstone bars
1 enchanted boomerang

Tell me if you think should do more damage.

Sep 17, 14 at 1:41pm
Andre pells

Andre's Sword 100 melee damage shoots a black beam that does 100 damage very fast, black long (like a katana) looks slick with a gem in the middle very long (has a leather handle black with small wings coming out of the sides where the gem is emits a light with a white long blade. If you make this mod and send it to my steam andreindy or kik frostcannon or email at or what ever you do I will pay you 20 dollars if you make this

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