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Jan 18, 12 at 5:21pmokileo

In this post you can make a Terraria Weapon.


Twins Gun
29 magic damage
Uses 6 Mana
Very fast Speed.

20 Gold bar
1 Mechinal Eye

Later posted a Weapon, I make a mod on that and i send the link to the Weapon creator.


Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Sep 07, 14 at 6:43pm
Terrarian Guest

999,999 Ranged damage
Causes mild explosion when touching anything continueously spreading 80 blocks in all directions
May inflict the On Fire! debuff
.0001% chance to randomly blow up from anywhere
Destroy tiles, many, many tiles
Is the only other known object to the picksaw able to break Lihzahrd bricks
ToolTip"You better have a good arm"

Sep 07, 14 at 12:59pm
Guest * Random

God Key
+9,999 Dmg.
+999 Defence
+9,500 Health
+100% knockback
The players mana is increased by 300
The player inflicts most debuffs on enemys when in having hit them
Allows forever flight and slow fall
Wearer can breathe and swim underwater and has immunity to lava
The player can move incredibly fast and can move well on ice
Grants all buffs and immunity to all debuffs
Grants immunity to knockback and fireblocks
The player can open any locked chest or door
The player can cling to vertical surfaces
The player has a 50% chance of dodging any attack
The player can dash repeatedly in any direction
Enemies take full damage
The player gains 50% faster attack speed
The cost of items is decreased by 30% and the sell price is increased by 10%
The player can reach any where on the screen
Shows the player's depth, lateral position and the time of day on the screen
The mana cost for all weapons is reduced by 95%
There is a 85% not to consume ammo
The player can teleport to anywhere on the screen
The user gains the amount of life equal to 10% of the damage given
Taking damage restores mana by 70% of the damage taken

This accessory is endgame
This item is crafted at a demon alter

Crafted from
The Temple key, The bone key, All of the biome keys, 10 Golden keys, 3 Broken hero swords, The Ankh Obsidian sheild, Every set of wings (Not including creator wings), A Moon shell, A full set of Turtle armor, 20 of every different soul, Master Ninja Gear, A Mana flower, A mana regeneration band, Frostspark boots, Flurry boots, The fire gauntlet, The charm of myths, The celestial stone, The celestial emblem, 3 Destroyer emblems, A cross necklace, A discount card, A gps, A toolbox, 5 Teleportation potions, And intense rainbow dye.

#PleaseMakeThis (or something like this)for Xbox, and take out anything that you need to craft that is not on the console version

Sep 07, 14 at 7:06am
Guest *Random Number

God Mode Symbol
+999,999,999 Dmg.
+999,999 Defence
Increases movement speed dramatically
Heals the player life equal to damage given
Allows flight and slow fall
Player is able to swim and breath underwater
Grants all buffs and immunity to all debuffs
Reduces Mana cost and Ammo cost of weapons by 100%
Creates shield around players that cause 999,999 damage and insane knockback to any enemy that enters it
Summons army of Dungeon Guardians to fight for you

God Mode Elixir
Grants secret Invincibility buff that lasts until canceled
Is not consumed upon use

Sep 07, 14 at 6:43am
Terraria God mode

God Mode Symbol
Adds 999,999,999 * Melee,ranged,magic * Dmg
Adds Crtcl. Damage 999,999,999,999
Adds 99.99% Crtcl. chance
+999,999 defence
Gives life equal to damage given
Inflicts on user the thorns buff
Allows flight and slow fall
User can breathe and swim underwater
Provides a bright glow for light
Makes weapon auto swing
Allows weapons to fire multiple fiery projectiles that home in on enemies dealing 987,654,321 Dmg
Gives weapon insanely fast speed
Reduces mana cost and ammo cost by 100%
Sells for 999,999,999 platinum coins
Is an accessory

Elixer of the Gods
Makes the person invinceable until buff is canceled


Aug 28, 14 at 5:32am

high tech minigun

crafting recipie

4 minishark
2 megashark
1 star cannon
1sniper scope
40 soul of might

386 dmg
insanely fast speed
"tooltip" hasta l vesta

Aug 26, 14 at 12:57pm

The Dark Aspect (Melee Sword)
413 melee Damage
Insanely fast speed
Strong knock back
Tooltip: Forged by the Insanitys of The Underworld Crafted By Mythril Anvil/ Adamantite Anvil

50 Soul of night
1 Essence of Ocram
3 Exalibur
1 True Exalibur
30 copper shortswords
1 Rune of lightness

Essence of Ocram

Summons Orcram (Huge ogre)

500 Crimtane Ore
500 Demonite ore
500 meteorite ore
100 Hellstone bar
Tooltip: Death is Near Crafted by Hellforge

Rune of lightness


Makes the user Half Vulnerable

1000 soul of light
Tooltip: It will help a little Crafted by Demon Alter

Aug 26, 14 at 9:47am
TGU Leader Rainbow

98 Ranged/Melee damage
Very fast speed
Very weak knock back
Tooltip: Summons a neo bolt to shock your enemies.
Crafted at a Mythril anvil

Lightning Rod
25 hell-stone ore
55 souls of light

Lightning rod
53 Ranged damage
Normal speed
Normal knock back
Tooltip: Summons a lightning bolt
Crafted at a Mythril anvil

Souls of light: 30
Mechanical eye: 2
Magic missile: 1

Aug 25, 14 at 8:06pm
TGU Leader Rainbow

Throwing ____ sword
___ Ranged Damage
Tooltip: Throw a sword and see the awesomeness!

___ Sword

Aug 25, 14 at 2:53pm
TGU Leader Rainbow

Swag's Excalibur
347 Melee Damage
Insanely fast speed, in fact you can't see yourself swing it!
Far Knock back, and bosses get knock back rebuff!
Tooltip: The sword was forged from the ancient blood water, and the light of the sun.
Gives the Cursed and Burned Debuff to the enemies.

(Crafting Station) Water on a blood moon
True Excalibur
2 Excalibur's
400 Souls of Dark
Full set of Hallowed Armor
550 Souls of Light
(And Finally) A Hallowed Bar

Aug 24, 14 at 7:38pm
TGU Leader Rainbow

Hero/Dark Diamond Revolver
56 Magic Damage
Uses 5 Mana

20 Cobalt Bars
20 Hallowed Bars
45 Souls of Light/ Night
5 Mana Crystals
(And finally) One Cobalt Sword/ Chlorophyte Sword

Hope you like!

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