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Dec 17, 11 at 3:56pmAccalia Chanteloup

On this forum I hear everybody say that minstrels are no good. I love my minstrel, she's really useful because she has the Heal and Midheal, a decent HP and MP, the Zing spell (which is just so vital), Egg On, Kaswoosh, and does decent damage.

Why aren't they any good?

My current team is Minstrel lvl44, Warrior lvl44, Mage lvl43 (she got killed a couple times so is down on experience, hence the lower level), and Thief lvl44. I don't have a Priest, or a Sage (I'm not even entirely sure how you get sages), but I'm doing fine.

I do suspect I may be over-levelled, which might be why I'm having little trouble, as I missed the Zere Rocks fygg originally, so I sailed over to Wormwood Creek and had been doing sea-training against the really powerful monsters in the far north & far south, because I was stuck and didn't know what to do next... so it was about a month after I beat Swinedimples that I finally worked it out, but by then I was a much higher level...

But anyway, assuming I'm NOT just finding it easy due to over-levelling, I have had a Minstrel, Warrior, Mage and Thief since the start and don't have a problem whatsoever. Everybody says that Minstrels are rubbish and you should change Warriors for Paladins or Gladiators, but I don't have a problem with them at all...

One thing I do have problems with is that my Minstrel, Warrior, and Thief all have plenty of HP, but my Mage has a much smaller HP and a really low defence because there is no decent armour for mages. This means that when I get hit by nasty things, she'll be on a hundred health, I'll think she's got plenty and is safe and hold off healing her, and then she'll die in one hit from the nasty boss. Which isn't good...

Is there any reason I honestly SHOULD change up my Minstrel and Warrior for Priest and Gladiator/Paladin? And won't that just take ages to train them up to lvl40 in a whole different vocation?

All my characters have done training as priests, so the Heal spells say 'at least 30' (anybody else noticed that Heal spell in a non-priest says 'around 30' but on a priest says 'at least 30', and if you train a character as a priest until they get the Heal spell as a priest and then switch them back to original vocation, it still says 'at least 30'?). I honestly don't see the need for a priest... is there any reason I won't have encountered yet that means I do actually need one?

And with paladins - I find my Warrior fine, she has done some training as a paladin so can use Whipping Boy, she protects my team just fine, she has good defence, good HP, equips nice armour, when she hits something it generally decides to lie down and die, etc etc.

Basically, are there any reasons that I SHOULD change up my Minstrel and Warrior, or if I'm doing fine with them, should I keep them? What are the reasons? Is there like, a SuperEvilGalacticBossOfDoom later on in the game who does double damage to minstrels or something weird like that?

- Accalia

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Mar 18, 16 at 9:54am

Okay I have dq9, and since the start I've been a minstrel and I finished the main story line no problem and with no party members what so ever, minstrels don't suck. If you're having trouble playing with a minstrel just use altrades to give your one caracter different spells and skills from other vocations.

Nov 17, 15 at 2:16pm

I hate to break it to you but minstrels are by far the worst class. Just because you can get to lvl 99 in a vocation doesn't make it any good. Once you can change classes, you have much better alternatives. If you like swords, become a warrior or a gladiator. If you like the variety the class brings, get a ranger or a sage; they both get heal and revive spells (sages even get kazing) and they have stronger damage output too (overall, the advanced classes are 100% worth your time). The minstrel just isn't great post game. High level legacy bosses will rip you to shreds (check out any video of a high level boss and you'll see what I mean) as all the minstrel's spells become obsolete at the highest levels and you won't be satisfied with the damage your doing. If you really, really want a minstrel, luminaries are better. They're a pain to get and they aren't incredible, but they are essentially stronger minstrels getting kaswooshle and midheal. Better yet use a sage or a gladiator or a priest. Those are the real classes that will see you through the game.

Mar 1, 15 at 11:42am

Minstrels are pretty good to me midheal and zing are really helpful and he is a good striker when called for

Nov 15, 14 at 6:42am
Fish Face

If you're still having trouble with the spider you should probably switch your ranger to warrior or gladiator. Rangers are a bit too jack of all trades-ish for boss fights. The only thing they're really good at is stealing. :/

Nov 8, 14 at 11:28pm

Yeah and right now i'm just fighting with me and the priest because i want to level them up

Nov 8, 14 at 11:26pm

Well i'm currently stuck at the giant spider in bloomingdale with my lv. 21 artamentalist (me). A lv. 22 Mage, a lv. 23 priest, and a lv. 17 ranger. They are pretty good, i think i'm crap at attacking

Feb 18, 14 at 11:42am
Death god

To be honest i used to play as a minstrel myself, i found him good troughout the storyline, but after it i started grottos, and my opinion changed. but dont be discouraged by my opinion

Feb 13, 14 at 2:08pm

But, when you want to zing someone it takes ages and it is better to use a ranger/priest/sage for that job

Feb 13, 14 at 2:07pm

Lol I used to have 1 and he was beast and had him 2 lv99. I then levelled him up with a few other vocations so he was a tank!!!!!

Aug 13, 13 at 8:57pm
Matt gvndh cgj vdrh,

minsterials are ok my team is minsterial lvl 99 and paliden lvl 77 the min is no good in the grotos though ¦)

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