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Dec 13, 11 at 8:22pmDantess26

"Hideo Kojima has suggested that gamers who aren’t too fussed about upcoming action romp Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance should simply wait until the next stealth-based entry in the franchise comes along.

Rising was re-revealed at the Spike Video Game Awards on Saturday, with Bayonetta developer Platinum Games now at the helm after taking over from Kojima Productions.

However, the new trailer showcased a decidedly action-oriented flavour to the proceedings, which hasn’t sat too well with the hardcore Metal Gear aficionado.

Kojima has a solution, however – "patiently wait" until a true MGS sequel emerges.

“Had same kind of questions @today’s conf. Our ex-RISING also were aiming at feel good action w/ protagonist, Raiden as a Spin-off, not MGS & such concept was shared w/ New RISING by P*,” he wrote on Twitter.

“For those of you desire for authentic stealth MGS, I want you to patiently wait for the sequel coming in future.”


Let's face it- Who didn't think that there'd be another MGS title? Especially when they said the Rising 'series' will run parallel to the main series.

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Jul 18, 12 at 11:02pm

Call me crazy but I like this game style even though it is a Metal Gear. For one all 'Cyborg Ninjas' of the past were pretty badass mofos. Frank Yeager, Kyle Schneider, Olga Gurlukovich and Raiden have all done some pretty acrobatic, extremely powerful things (good God Raiden held back the entiredy of Outer Haven with one arm!, Or do you 'hardcore' guys just shoo that little fact away?) with less technology... If he wasn't the super badass like he was in MGS4 when he raped all those Gekkos seemingly without too much effort I would honestly be disappointed. Yeah its a huge departure from the norm but I have no doubt this will be a great game regardless.

I hear people complaining about being able to lift MG Ray, even the top dog Hideo himself, but then why would you make a less powerful version of Raiden stop Outer Haven literally single handed, or be able to toss around a handful of Gekkos while break dancing? The ability to do shit like that is already established its just that now that they are making it a main theme everyone is willing to bash and abandon ship... disappointing honestly.

Mar 28, 12 at 12:16am

Well stealth is sure as heck not what drew me to the game but it's what kept me going until further story, then I got addicted
I'll end up buying this game and hopefully I'll enjoy it or I might not. :/
I do like the idea that this game may bring in newcomers into the series, that way we'll end up getting more MGS games in the future and it was explained so well in a qoute, that it got rid of my anger about this game anywho lol.

Jan 31, 12 at 7:37pm

Stealth can be annoying as well after you have beat the entire game and you know where and what to do. That, and my patience isn't what it used to be. I replayed MGS3 on the PS2 two weeks ago, and found myself frustrated with the stealth. I just wanted to run through the game without having to spend too much time in one area.

Jan 31, 12 at 3:17am

here's my take on it: i'm gonna play Rising no matter what because, honestly, this game looks like it'd be *bleep*ing awesome. i'm not gonna be one of the so called "hardcore fans" who bash this game and decide to miss out on something that can actually be a great start to a new series. i will admit i'm a bit disappointed it wasn't a stealth thriller, but who gives a rat's ass? it's an another awesome game from the Metal Gear series, and i will treat it as such and be an actual "hardcore fan" and buy it.

in short: stop your whining, and just try to enjoy a different kind of Metal Gear game for once.

Jan 15, 12 at 9:57pm

while it looks plenty *bleep*ing violent which i like, the game just doesn't look that fun. the vid i saw seemed to be pretty beta at this point but it looked very dmc4 repetitive. the part where raiden tossed around the ray was pretty rad but it seemed to be a cutscene and those aren't too much to get excited about. anybody can make a cool cutscene for a subpar game.

personally i don't care how much of a diversion it is from the series, it just looks really rough at this point and moreover not any fun. which is the most important quality of any title. to be fair i'm judging off a 1 minute clip, though.

Jan 3, 12 at 10:03pm

quote DragonMaster Dyne
I just don't want to have to wait 2-3 more years for a stealth MG game while we are given this action-oriented garbage in the meantime.

Hopefully its sooner rather than later.

Umm okay? Such comments for a game that isn't even out yet.

Jan 3, 12 at 12:30am
Fire Fox

Welcome to the generation of spin-offs. Love it or GTFO.

Jan 1, 12 at 10:58pm

Well from my point of view its obvious that hideo had nothing to do with this game. You can tell by the way the camera views pan across the screen and some angles are just more strange looking. When hideo is at the helm, its more like a movie. This isnt like one at all. Thats not to say it's going to be bad but it's looking average so far.

I completely agree with deception. I understand where he is coming from.

Dec 28, 11 at 10:31am
Fire Fox

I assume you're agreeing with me, Stitch? xD

Also, I got a quote from a friend which I found brilliant.

It was a good decision to change the story to "post MGS4". Before you start throwing stones, I'd like to say why. As a fan of the series, it's obvious I would prefer a game to fill a gap in the series over one that continues what was supposed to be a perfectly conclusive ending.

HOWEVER, people have to understand that this game is looking to expand the franchise's appeal. They want new players.

You can't deny there is a LOT of storyline luggage you have to carry in order to understand a numbered title of the series. I remember trying to convince friends that never played MGS to try MGS4, but they would have to pretty much play all of the older games in order to understand MGS4, and most people can't be bothered by playing a lot of old games in order to understand a new one.

Now we have an action title, that will appeal to people that never had interest in the series because there was never enough action for them. I'm sure KojiPro and Platinum will try their best to make this story self-explanatory. No need to read the whole MGS Database to understand what's going on.

That's for the best interest of the new audiences. After all, it's not a numbered title of the series, it doesn't have the obligation to go deeper into an universe that is already filled with content. They just want to start something new and simpler.

If the game was between MGS2 and MGS4, it would be NECESSARY to play MGS2 in order to understand it. Who the hell is Sunny? What's the body of Big Boss good for? Patriots? And what about this old lady Big Mama?

Try to explain any of these questions to a complete newcomer in short sentences and still make it feel understandable and interesting.

For the new Rising, all the player needs to know is that Raiden is a guy who had a crappy childhood fighting wars. He put his past behind him and became a family man, but now it's haunting him again (for some reason). That's all. His new mission probably has nothing to do directly with the previous events of the games. No Patriots anymore, no Snake, no Foxhound etc. Maybe Rose is there, but all you need to know is that she's his wife, or used to be, or whatever. It's a clean state. If there was never a MGS game before it, the plot would still be understandable. That, I believe, is their goal with this new direction.
Also, for those who didn't, take a look:

Dec 26, 11 at 3:39am

quote Fire Fox
Some people need to learn what a spin-off is, lol.
Yeah, but some people don't like having a favorite franchise or their favorite characters used for alternative universes.

Same thing also happened with Stitch, my favorite character.

Japan made an Animé out of it, with a different setting, new characters, with only Stitch, and most of the alien casts and Experiments, but no Lilo, or anything Hawaii, and the story about some character didnt really make sense with how the American serie kinda concluded it.

Although, Lilo did made an appearance in it, as an adult, a mother, with her kid looking exactly like Lilo when she was that age.

Most people didn't like it that Lilo was replaced with a Japanese girl named Yuuna, and that Hawaii was now some fictional Japanese island in this series.
And for some reason it didn't had any connection with how the American series went, beside references.

"ohana means Family, Family means No one gets left behind or forgotten"

Well, Stitch sure left lilo and Hawaii behind, and seems to have forgotten a lot of things Lilo teached him in this show.

And yeah, obviously, I had to ironically bring Stitch up for this, lol, But yeah, that's how I would kinda see it with this game.

You know when it comes to stuff like this, you just have to let things go, not seeing it as a strickt rule of having somehting like this to be used for other things, or make alterations with somehting new that isn't canon.

While most people panicked and complained, I was just satified to see more of Stitch.

And with this it's kinda the same to me, more Metal Gear, more of Raiden, and who knows who else more might make an appearence in the game.

It has it's good MGS series side, that strickly keeps to the story, canon if you will, but keep the good side to yourself as a true masterpiece of work, the story of Solid Snake, although, it's mainly a bit the story of Big Boss, but from a different perspective, mostly from his clone son Solid Snake, that whole part of the MGS series can be taken for granded as an unchangable original story, a masterpiece on it's own, that can never be changed, it had a beginning and a closure, a 20 years in the making for that whole thing, a remake is probably the only thing that might ruin it, if not left in good hands.

But I can understand that when someone uses a popular franchise and characters, and creates an original story, that probably is not canon to the MGS series, and more of an alternative universe to it, with a whole different gameplay, then people fear it might ruin their characters or the series.

Same as with the responses for the Animé of Stitch, some people said, they killed off Lilo, sorry what?

Well, no, I saw that as an alternative Universe, and I'm seeing this as the same.

It's mostly the same universe, but different.
It has some alternativecations to it, that's all.
Maybe it's a bit stuck with how MGS4 ended for Raiden, but slighty went off the trail of how everyone liked and felled that this closure of Raiden was a good closure, settling with his family and all.

Buuuut...lets change the facts that somehting might happened, and Raiden could not settle in, and had to pick up his sword and fight again?

But that would ruin how everyone looked at Raiden at the end of MGS4!

Yeah, but just "what if!?" right?

Well, yeah, what if, that's sound interesting, I guess, and another reason to use him again, and make a different story and game that kinda isn't part of the original story, but kinda goes off-track with the original intention, and is only made for imaginative and creative, funny look at it, entertainment purposes...

That's the spirit!

Well, yeah, that's kinda my view of it, I enjoyed the MGS series, but I don't mind to step out of reality from the canon version, to an alternative version just for a laugh and fun of it in a recognisable characters and story element setting.

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