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Oct 30, 11 at 9:51amBig A2

In order to lower the amount of threads asking for recommendations, bbb and I have decided to start this general thread for people who are unsure about what games are worth buying, similar to the one in the General Wii forum.

Just some advice; When you post tell us what kind of games you're looking for, be it action, RPG, platformer or something for your 8-year old son. Also be sure to tell us what popular games of those genres you (or the person you're buying for) already own/enjoy, as it would make recommendations a lot easy.

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Dec 17, 14 at 10:22am

Yeah, Fire Emblem Awakening is amazing, it has had a lot of replay value for me, too. FEA was my first Fire Emblem game and I grasped the story well, you don't really need to have a broad knowledge of the series to play FEA, which I think is why I liked it so much.

I am not much of an Action gamer, but I would recommend MH3U.

Dec 17, 14 at 6:43am

quote Pokemongamer12
I'm thinking about getting a cool new action game for my 3ds.
Does anyone know which one I should get?
Also, gsdfhf,I was thinking the same about that game too.
EDIT:Should I get FEA too? Robin from smash made me want to play the game,But it haven't played any FE games before,Do I need to know the story from previous games to understand the story?
Hm, action games... I thought Code of Princess was a pretty fun beatumup, and either of the Zeldas (OoT or ALBW) are great. Monster Hunter 3U is a lot of fun as well, but comes with more of a learning curve.

I really enjoyed Kid Icarus Uprising, the controls work fine for me. A lot of the complaints are that it doesn't function like a typical 3rd person shooter, since you're aiming is more rotation based than grid based. If you enjoy the classic mode structure of the new Smash game you'll really like KI, since Smash borrowed tons of elements from it. Also look at the eShop, there are tons of action games on it that are supposed to be really good.

Fire Emblem Awakening is a must buy, in my opinion. Great story, tons of replayablitiy, just an awesome game all around. The game's story is basically self contained, with some minor connections to the very first Fire Emblem. Pretty much all of those connections are well explained in the game and serve more as lore than anything you actually need to know to play. The game has tons and tons of extra content aimed at FE fans, but none of it really requires extra knowledge either. Its just fun stuff for those who've been with the series a long time.

Dec 16, 14 at 7:52pm

I'm thinking about getting a cool new action game for my 3ds.
Does anyone know which one I should get?
Also, gsdfhf,I was thinking the same about that game too.
EDIT:Should I get FEA too? Robin from smash made me want to play the game,But it haven't played any FE games before,Do I need to know the story from previous games to understand the story?

Oct 07, 14 at 9:34am

Ok fellow General 3DS'ers...what would you tell me about Kid Icarus: Uprising?

I know it's rather late since it came out, but the new Super Smash Bros. has made me interested in it.

I've seen a few reviews saying that the controls suck, but some others say you get used to it. I've also seen the hilarious dialogue, which is priceless from what I've seen!

Anyways, what would you all say? Is it worth it? Will my hands or circle pad fall off from this games controls or can you get used to it?

Any input would be appreciated!

Sep 09, 14 at 6:16am

weeveeship, a couple of recommendations from me would be:

Pokemon OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire - If you enjoyed X and Y, I'd wager you'll enjoy this remake of the GBA's Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Game has a completely different map and story to XY, and promises new features and new MegaEvolutions as well. Comes out this November.

Bravely Default - Another great RPG out there, you won't go wrong with this one.

Fire Emblem Awakening - If you're looking for a game to sink some time into, this one is perfect. I have over 300 hours in it so far. Its a turn based tactical RPG with tons of customization options with tons of replayability. I think it's still the best game on the system.

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D. If you've never played Ocarina of Time and enjoyed A Link Between Worlds, you should definitely give this game a shot.

Monster Hunter 3 - Fight giant monsters, use their body parts to forge equipment, and fight even bigger monsters. Game's a ton of fun, especially if you can get a couple of friends to play with you. Is grindy though, so this may not be your cup of tea.

Sep 08, 14 at 8:13pm

Fall and Winter is coming, and I need something to do in my free time. So, I'll be playing more 3DS games. Generally, I like adventure games (including RPGs) and sports games, but I will consider games from other genres (except First Person Shooters - those make me dizzy). I also prefer games that take a long time to finish and/or games that have extra features after I beat the game, though I don't like games that require me to just do a bunch of repetitive actions (e.g. grinding). My collection so far:
  • Pokémon Y
  • Mario and Luigi: Dream team
  • Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds
One note, though, I also have a Wii and would prefer not to buy 3DS games that are very similar to what I already have for the Wii. My Wii games:
  • Super Smash
  • Super Mario Bros Wii
  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • Mario Kart
  • Wii Sports (the one with Wii Tennis)
e.g. Since I already have Super Smash for the Wii, I will be reluctant to buy Super Smash for the 3DS because the games are substantially similar.

Any recommendations for games I should get? I am looking to get maybe 1-2 more games for my 3DS.

Jul 17, 14 at 11:17am

Aurigae Thanks for that! I'll definitely get them if my debit card works on the US 3ds

Jul 17, 14 at 11:13am

Ah, I see.

Dilute: I believe Shadow Dragon & The Sacred Stones are on the 3DS eShop, they should be fairly cheap as they are part of the Virtual Console collection. The GBA game Fire Emblem is on the Wii U eShop.

Jul 17, 14 at 11:08am


quote Dilute
Whelan It's probably my gamer intuition but I don't exactly like playing newer games before playing the old ones in a series.

Jul 17, 14 at 11:05am

Dilute: Fire Emblem Awakening is a good buy, definitely. FEA was my first Fire Emblem game, and it was pretty easy to get into the plot. It doesn't involve you getting all of the previous games to get the plot, which is good to have in a series imo.

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