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Oct 30, 11 at 9:51amBig A2

In order to lower the amount of threads asking for recommendations, bbb and I have decided to start this general thread for people who are unsure about what games are worth buying, similar to the one in the General Wii forum.

Just some advice; When you post tell us what kind of games you're looking for, be it action, RPG, platformer or something for your 8-year old son. Also be sure to tell us what popular games of those genres you (or the person you're buying for) already own/enjoy, as it would make recommendations a lot easy.

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Feb 24, 15 at 8:57am

My favorites are the gameboy games on the eShop: Link's Awakening and the two oracle games. Majora's Mask is another solid 3D Zelda with more similarities to Ocarina of Time than pretty much every other game, but the structure is different - sidequests and helping out npc's is more prevalent and sometimes required to advance the plot. I don't think you're going to be disappointed with any Zelda games if you enjoy OoT3D, aside from possibly the original Legend of Zelda or Adventure of Link, which are archaic by even modern Zelda standards.

They all have puzzles and dungeons and a guy who wears a green tunic though, so pick the one with the most appealing description.

Feb 23, 15 at 9:07pm

What's the next best Zelda game after OOT3D? Someone told me that LBW is more puzzle like or should I hold off and wait till the next new Zelda game or wait till the next remake?

Feb 18, 15 at 6:37pm

quote bbb7002004
Popcorn34, you can download it from the eShop if you are interested, or just go with Majora's Mask. I don't think you're in for a bad time either way.
Guess what...I FOUND OCARINA OF TIME! Thank you sooooo much bbb7002004

Feb 17, 15 at 6:40pm

Popcorn34, you can download it from the eShop if you are interested, or just go with Majora's Mask. I don't think you're in for a bad time either way.

Feb 16, 15 at 10:05pm

quote bbb7002004

For a newbie to the series I'd recommend playing a game like Ocarina of Time 3D before playing Majora's Mask. MM is a fantastic game, my favorite in the series, but it is more obtuse than other games in the series. While I think they did make changes to make the game more friendly to new players to the series, I imagine most people will have a better experience if they play a more "normal" Zelda first.
Hi I'm back again. Now, all my local retailers do not have OOT3D new and used so what's the second best option?

Feb 16, 15 at 12:58pm

quote Keymoshy2
On my xbox 360 do you think I should buy call of duty advanced warfare?
I've already played Black ops 2 and ghosts.
I'm a girl and I love call of duty.
Yes or no?
Well if you love call of duty then yes, because its the same game only with slight changes, its more of a tweek than a new game

Feb 16, 15 at 12:46pm

On my xbox 360 do you think I should buy call of duty advanced warfare?
I've already played Black ops 2 and ghosts.
I'm a girl and I love call of duty.
Yes or no?

Feb 16, 15 at 12:35pm

Hi i am looking for a rpg with a great story, haven't been able to find even one, so im hoping you guys can recommend something, Real time battling is mandatory, i really dislike turn based combat, i in my naive state of mind asked gamestop if they had a god rpg with a great story and the guy handed me Bravely Default, i forgot to mention to him that i cant stand turn based combat, so i was happy when i got home, so when i turned on the system and put in the game i imediatly liked it.... for about 10 minutes, i ran into my first monster saw that it was turn based and landed 1 attack and thought "god damnit!"

shut it off and returned it to gamestop the next day incredibly annoyed, he handed me a copy of The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and since i loved the original i loved this to but now im looking for another game with great story that isn't turn based combat, im not a fan of The Legend Of Zelda aside from link to the past and link between worlds, so does anyone know a great story driven game for the 3ds it can be fantasy as long as its real time combat

Feb 12, 15 at 5:20pm

OoT3D is a solid game, plus you get Master Quest for a different, more challenging second playthrough. It hasn't been confirmed anywhere whether Majora's Mask 3D has anything like that, so that's probably the best choice for your money.

Feb 11, 15 at 4:01pm

quote SpOOK
I think bbb hit it, but for other reasons. Majora's Mask doesn't introduce more complex gameplay mechanics or anything along those lines that would make it less approachable for a new player, however it changes thing up enough to give you the borderline Zelda experience and then some. It's less linear in the sense that you can reset the three day period as often as you like, and take up the various sidequests involving the central town's residents in a number of different orders depending on which you've already helped and which items you've acquired. Pretty much every other Zelda game follows a more direct path to their conclusions -- in other words, visit so and so, get this item, use it to enter the next dungeon, find another item required to defeat the dungeon boss and proceed to a new area, rinse and repeat seven or so times. That's sorta present, but not to the extent that OoT and some of the other entries have adopted, which might ultimately make some of the earlier Zelda games seem less adventurous.

So as to not sour your taste of two somewhat dated games, I'd try to play OoT3D first to get a feel for what Zelda is, then try Majora's Mask which is often referred to as the odd duck.

A Link Between Worlds is also worth considering if you find the Zelda formula enjoyable. Keep in mind that it was done in vein of the 80/90's topdown Zeldas, though it's probably the least linear adventure Link's had to date.
So get OOT3D? thanks for helping

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