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Oct 19, 11 at 7:57pmXenophilia

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Hi, and welcome to the Animal Parade Club, the fifth version of the local forum roleplay! Anybody is welcome here, as long as you follow the rules that are listed below. And before any questions are directed, this roleplay inspired after the Tree of Tranquility Club of the Tree of Tranquility forums that now resides in the Feature Role-Playing forum.

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  3. Having powers is allowed here. Just don't go overboard.
  4. Please post the date. We're taking it by the game's dates, as in Winter 1st, Summer 9th, etc.
  5. All are welcome here, so don't be shy or afraid to join! We don't bite.
  6. Guys, I think this rule deserves to be bolded. WE MUST STAY ON THE TOPIC OF HARVEST MOON ANIMAL PARADE. We promised SlangX that we would not let this thread turn into an unorganized general discussion. So please: please keep it HM related!
  7. You do not have to wait a certain amount of time to get married or have a child. But be realistic!
  8. Same and different gender marriages are accepted here. We won't judge!
  9. In an effort to organize things around here and to keep from over-whelming our readers and fellow role-players, we ask that you limit your posting to once a day. If you want to add more to a post, then go ahead and edit, but do not post again. It makes things easier on everybody this way.
  11. Don't forget to have fun clubbing!

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Oct 27, 12 at 4:36pm

First half of my introductory post! Some simple characterization.


dara hollander
winter 18th

The rippling ocean bleeds a profound blue as our little boat treads quietly along it. Bright sunlight shines over the water, illuminating the crescendo of each wave. The air is filled with the unmistakably strong smell of salt, and I try taking every sniff of it that I can manage. In this chilly winter air, I need only a sweater to keep warm.

Even after spending four years dorming in a school located on a coast, I'm so used to living in the waterless urban scenery of Omaha, along with the Nebraskan plains and farmland. The ocean is still very foreign to me. But I'm almost sure that nothing could possibly be more beautiful than this.

"Y'know," says a gravelly voice behind me, "I've been meanin' to ask you, but where be you comin' from, miss?"

I turn around quickly to be met with an old man decked in appropriate sailor clothing - the captain, of course.

I scoff. "Why? In what way does it concern you?"

Captain Whatshisface blushes a deep shade of red, hesitating. Bet he's never met a gal like me before. "N-nothin'! Just thought I'd ask, is all. Sort of protocol, y'know?"

This is the first conversation I'm having with a person from Castanet and I've already made him scared of me. A crease forms across my forehead, but I relax my shoulders and continue to raise just my one brow. I wouldn't want to set a bad reputation for myself. "Omaha, Nebraska in the States. That's where I'm from. You've probably never heard of it, since most outsiders don't."

He pauses for a moment, then shakes his head. "Can't say that I 'ave."

"That's what I thought." Sighing, I place one hand on the edge of the boat and face the horizon. The sun slowly begins to dip into the ocean, creating streaks of red and orange in the sky. Mesmerizing. "Is there any chance of us arriving ashore soon?"

"Aye... soon, but not nowhere near yet. Still a half hour. Maybe more."

I let out a whale-like groan. "Lord have mercy. I should have rented a motorboat instead."

I expected the man to be offended. Or reply indignantly. Or defend the glory of his tiny boat and the good memories it carries. Instead, he laughs. "Yer a very honest one, aren'tcha?"

Surprised, I whip back around. I consider my options of how to respond. "I suppose I am, sir."

He smiles gruffly. "I like that in a person."

I gently return the smile, still taken aback a little. I decide that I like this place already.

Sep 2, 12 at 12:21pm

Hi my names caitlyn ^.^

Aug 28, 12 at 11:58am

Hi! I'm back! And I write too much.

Name: Darlene Johanna Hollander
Nickname: Dara. She will always be adamant that you call her Dara.
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Birthday: Autumn 9
Occupation: Unemployed at the moment.
Lives: Dara lives in a one-room house (plus a bathroom) in Flute Fields. The bottom half of the house’s exterior is comprised of beautiful, smooth, white-and-grey stone, whereas the top half is made from fine, burgundy-colored wood. The sloped gable roof is a dark blue, and at the left side of the house is a chimney. On either side of the front door are porch lights. The inside of the house contains pretty, cheap, and somewhat rustic furniture. interior diagram
Description: Dara is 5’7”. She isn’t as stick thin and underweight as the average model, but she’s healthy and curvy and has prominent hips. Her pixie cut, which is a natural sepia brown, is parted to the left of her scalp. There is also a kind of side-bang, hairflip to the right of her forehead. A pair of deep green eyes are framed by her thick, plucked eyebrows, and her face is freckly around the nose and cheekbone areas. She is a fashionista who loves to accessorize, especially with scarves and socks. A common outfit of hers on a spring or summer day would be a dress or a blouse and skirt with either flats, wedges, or oxfords. In the fall and winter, it's jeans or a skirt with tights and a button-up cardigan over a long-sleeve shirt or cami.
Appearance: Darlene
Personality: Dara is an extremely independent person. Frank and opinionated, but clever, knowledgeable, and resourceful. Always headstrong, she doesn’t fear much and is capable of taking care of herself and others. Even though she is probably the most irritable and sauciest lady you’ll ever meet, she makes a relatively loyal friend. She will tell the honest truth to you down hard, won't beat around the bush, but will be harsh, as she is often critical. When cornered into an argument she knows exactly how to counter and will hold her ground very well. Since she was the oldest child growing up, she usually takes on a leader-like role around others because of the responsibility that was forced onto her.
History: Darlene was born to a Jewish couple by the names of Shelly and Kenneth Hollander, who are a hospital nurse and a lawyer, respectively. Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, she is the oldest of five children. As a child she was a scholarly student, achieved outstanding grades, and even went so far as to graduate as valedictorian in high school. She majored in Neuroscience with minors in English and Anthropology at Yale University and graduated last year, and, having chosen to live in a much different perspective, she has moved to Castanet.
  • Mother: Michelle Brogna Hollander (54) (off-island)
  • Father: Kenneth Hollander (55) (off-island)
  • Siblings: Lena (19), Kyle (16), Gavin (15), Anabelle (12) (off-island)
Status: Single
Other: Although she was raised observing Judaism, she is no longer a practicing Jew. She is of English, Italian, French, and German descent, with very little Scottish. She identifies herself as pansexual. She loves, loves, LOVES coffee and absolutely cannot live without it. She also really likes to wear scarves.

edit: credit to Tumblr user celestedoodles for my character's image!

Aug 13, 12 at 11:36am

Winter 17th,

Dear Mother and Father,

I met some of the villagers yesterday over dinner. None of them are of our status but they are nice... I guess. I ate at the Ocarina Inn. I was first served with a detestable dish that I could not force myself to swallow, I hastily spit the rubbish into my napkin. The waitress name Maya ran out crying asking why no one liked her food. I felt bad for spitting out the food but if you had tasted the vile you would have done the same.

Soon after she ran out a boy named Chase came and apologized for the food I'd just eaten. He then went to the kitchen and made me a delectable rice dish. The dish was superb, almost as good as Mr. Saborani's home cooking. He was sooo cute, not that you want to hear about my crushes, haha. Though there are many appealing men here in Castanet, I did not come here to fool around. I shall be very busy with my studies.

My various specimens are now soaking in my unique formula. I am testing them. I shall tell you on what if you visit me but I dare not say over a letter. Don't want Jeremy John to take my ideas, that imitator drives me crazy.

Do you happen to know where Mr. Saborani is? He is still not here. Which is very frustrating. I had to make myself breakfast. Yep, I had cereal.

Here's some more pictures of my home. I hope you like them, I love this place. I'll be off to the garden. I anxiously await your reply.

Love you dearly,

Aug 13, 12 at 10:55am

Winter 16th,

Frost was in a haze. She tried to move but couldn't seem so find her limbs. She couldn't even open her eyes, but what she could do was listen.

"Jin have you gone and collected herbs yet today?" called what sounded to be an elderly woman, "And don't forget that Pheobe's birthday is tomorrow. She's a very sweet girl Jin, if you'd only try I'm sure that..."

"Irene, let's not talk about my love life once again and yes I collected herbs. There weren't many today though. I only have five but that should be enough to keep our patient tied over for a bit." Jin said while reviewing her medical chart, not much improvement "I wonder if she's ever wake up Irene. This may be a lost cause."

"Jin, we will not give up. This girl only needs time. Be patient with our patient. I'm sure she'll come through. Not today, not tomorrow, probably not this season but sometime she will wake up and we will be there to help her with recovery." Irene said and then with a small smirk she added "If you play it right you may just be able to win her heart. Who wouldn't want to marry a doctor? She is quite beautiful."

"Irene, I thought we were dropping the subject" he said with a role of the eye "It's time to give the patient her medicine. I have it prepared, here you go Irene."

Irene took the medicine and gave it to Frost. She became very drowsy immediately and started drifting back into a deep sleep. But she wanted to know what patient these unknown people were talking about, it couldn't be her could it? She'd been awake, why did they give her medicine to sleep? They were just talking about when she'd wake up, and with those being her last thoughts, she went back under the power of the meds.

Aug 4, 12 at 1:30pm

Winter 16th,

Dear Mother and Father,
I have finally arrived on Castanet Island. The land is beautiful and I will be able to take many specimens here for my tests. The mansions construction is through and for now I am just relaxing in the living room.

It's very scerene. I love the design of the house and how it was influenced highly by water. The calming affect might be just what you need Mother. I hope you visit me sometime.

Kinokiwa is a very brilliant desighner. We should hire him again for one of our next mansions.

Mr. Saborani has not arrived yet, I wonder what could be delaying my butler. If he doesn't arrive soon I may need to run into town for dinner. I do not feel like meeting the locals yet but if worst comes to worst that's how it'll have to be.
I'm going to go for a swim and will write you tomorrow.


Aug 1, 12 at 10:17am

Spring 3,

Frost woke up with a thud, literally because she banged against the wall. The ship had begun with just mere rocking but it kept getting fiercer. Things were sliding from one side of the ships floor to the other. Frost tried getting up, she had to try three times before succeeding. She stumbled her way across her room. There were nets that were nailed to the wall, meant to secure loose items during a storm such as this. Frost didn’t know this but she used it as it was supped to be used. The dresser, night stand, and bed were all nailed down. All she needed to do was secure her belongings, easier said than done. She fell over multiple times while trying to get her stuff. By the time she’d gotten the job done, she had multiple bruises and a couple of scrapes from her falls and hits on the ships floors walls and its contents.

Now that she was all done with making her room safe she began to worry about Pascal. She had not seen him yet this morning. Could he be in danger? Could he use her help? She decided to take the journey up deck. She clung to the walls and pried herself up, she was being tossed and turned so much but she had a goal… Not to fall down. Hey, first things first am I right? She needed to make sure her Captain was ok and that, you know, they weren’t going to be shipwrecked. In this weather, they’d surely drown. Even not in this weather she’d drown, she can’t swim, though Pascal might have had a chance. After finally reaching the door she steadied herself and ripped it open.

Water came pouring through the open door. As quick as she could she got up on deck and forced the door to close. There was about an inch of water on deck. She grabbed on to the rail that hung on the inner walls of the boat. Walking through the water, she tried to find Pascal, but she could only see about two feet in front of her. She thought that maybe she could let go of the rail and make her way to the end of the boat. Maybe Pascal was there… But really she wanted to see if there was a life preserver. She thought she had seen one while she was sunbathing yesterday, maybe two. Thinking that if there were any that they should be on hand she was getting ready to venture out, but just as she was about to let go of the rail and journey out to the end of the deck in her search for the preservers, a wave went over the entire boat. It hit her with great force and knocked the wind out of her on impact. She nearly had lost grip which would have tossed her into the unforgiving sea. When the wave passed over she had to gasp for breath. Another three inches had been brought on by the wave and the water was freezing, leaving her shivering to the bone.

What had happened left her with a new plan, don’t let go of the railing! It was fool proof. So instead of venturing to the middle of the deck, she instead decided to go up to the captains place. She trudged up the stairs and opened the door that led to the place Captain Pascal spent most of his time. It was filthy but that was the least of Frosts worries… Well it was pretty far down on the lists at least.

“What are you doing up here? Frost this is no place for you! Why didn’t you stay in your room?” Pascal shouted angrily at her while doing all he could to keep the boat afloat.

“Well, Captain, I just wanted to make sure you were all right?” Frost said sheepishly but loud enough for him to here.

“You need to head back to your room. It is safest for you there…” Pascal said and it was, or would have been if it weren’t for the dangerous journey back down there. “I’m going to give you a quick update and then you need to head back down. I have phoned in to Castanet. We will be there in a couple hours. We are very close and under normal conditions we’d already docked but this storm has set us behind. The point is when we get there, you have to get off asap. A Castanet villager named Cain will take you into town and to the local hospital where you will take cover until this storm blows over. It could be an all day experience. Just try not to get in anyone’s way. I will be leaving as soon as you get off. Yes, I will be taking your belongings with me until the storm blows over. There’s no time to be unloading all of your numerous bags. I will be over at the nearby Toucan Island. I’m telling you all this now so that there will be no dilemma later. Now you need to go back down and for the love of the Harvest Goddess be careful. I wouldn’t know what to do with all of your stuff down there if you so happened to go over board and drown.”

“Well, I guess if that were to happen you could have the rest of my food. I don’t know who I would give the rest of the stuff too.” She was obviously stalling but who can blame her, it was brutal out there. Captain Pascal wasn’t listening to her. He was too focused to be disturbed at this point. “Well here I go… Wish me luck.” Pascal muttered good luck to her and with a small smile she headed back into the storm. The rain stung her face and the wind whipped her hair in front of her face. The stairs were slippery and she was shaky from the cold. Clinging to the rail she slowly but steadily made her way back. The water on deck had accumulated to 6 inches, another two inches since she was last out here just a couple of minutes ago. The boat was still thrashing back and forth and Frost was growing weak. On top of her shivering she was now sneezing and coughing. Her head pounded.

At last she arrived to the door which lead down stairs. She yanked and pulled on the door until it finally opened. Again water started to spill down the stairs. Quickly she went downstairs and yanked close the door behind her. Exhausted she trudged back to her room. Her shivers now had taken over her whole body and she was shaking from head to toe. She dried off and put a sweater, sweats and cotton socks on. She started wiggling her toes and fingers and blood finally started flowing again. Pleased with this she decided to make a bed in one of the nets that were on the wall. This way she wouldn’t be moving back and forth quite so much. She stripped the bed of its sheet and comforter and used this as bedding. She then placed a pillow on top and dug through her belongings until she found what she’d been searching for. Lopsy, the tiny stuffed bunny that was discovered lying next to her when she was first found by Ms. Annette. Needless to say this bunny had extreme sentimental value to her. Once everything was ready, she climbed into her net-bed. It wasn’t all too comfy but at least she wasn’t banging against the wall. She was exhausted and it didn’t take long for her to drift to sleep. In her


In her dream Pascal had picked her up out of her cotton bed and up onto the deck, once on deck he yelled at her to stand up. The deck now had about a foot and a half of water on top. Clinging to her Lopsy she followed Pascal to the front of the boat. BAM! Thunder roared through the sky and she was fully awake. This is no dream, they’ve arrived at Castanet and the storm was in full swing. The boat wasn’t very close to shore but if you jumped off from the very tip of the boat you would land in water that only went to your knees. What a steep incline. The boat was p fairly steady, at least compared to how it was to when they were out on sea. Pascal helped her get on to the top. Told her on the count of three she’d have to jump and run to shore. His hands were steadying her, “One…” Pascal said counting slowly, he was about to say two when a wave hit the side of the boat. He slipped and fell. The hands that had been steadying Frost shoved her off the boat. It would have been fine if it weren’t for the rock that lay just above the water’s surface. Frost hit it hard with her head. She was knocked unconscious and then swallowed by the waves.

Cain who had seen all of this take place started running into the water, he was quite a ways from her though and now couldn’t see where in the murky depths she lied. Pascal quickly jumped off. The tide was carrying her out. Pascal was a good swimmer for an old man and swam out a bit trying to figure where she could be. Then he saw her hand, still holding that small stuffed rabbit of hers. He quickly swam to her and brought her above water. It was a tiring swim back to shore but once he got to feet deep water Cain grabbed the girl and put her in his wagon. “Take care of her! Makes sure she’ll be all right! I need to leave now! I’ll talk to you soon!” Pascal shouted while getting back on to the boat. He was worried sick about Frost now but needed desperately to get to Toucan Island.

Cain went as fast as he could. The journey wasn’t too long but with every second the worry increased. Snow was barely breathing and her eyes were shut. Cain had tried to get her to speak but no words came. When they arrived she was rushed into the hospital. Cain explained everything that happened to Jin and Irene, the two people who work at the Choral Clinic. They took her to a hospital bed in the back, and started to examine her. Irene told Jin to leave and got Frost changed into a hospital gown, put some fresh socks on her and tucked her in. She checked her head. She had multiple small concussions and a very big bump on the side of her head. The big one must be from hitting the rocks. The small ones? Irene wasn’t sure but it was from her trying to walk around on the boat. She had kept falling down and hitting her head pretty hard on various surfaces. Irene came to the conclusion she was in a coma. She put the young girl on an I.V. and prayed to the Harvest Goddess she would recover… The poor girl…

Irene was about to leave when she looked back and saw a soggy stuffed bunny in her hand. She took it out of Frosts hand and put it on her nightstand. This bunny most be precious to the girl if she’s held onto it this long.

Aug 1, 12 at 9:56am

Name: Arabella Maria Clementime
Nickname: Bell
Age: 18
Birthday: Winter 5th
Occupation: Scientist

Personality: Brainy and shy. Won't talk much until she gets to know a person well.
History: She has very rich parents and she's decided to take the tavel to Castanet to further her research but on what no one knows. Her parents love her very much and give her tons and tons of money.
Relationships: Mother: Lianna Maria Clementine, Father: Nathaniel John Clementine
Status: Currently maddly in love with her research

Jul 28, 12 at 3:51pm


Spring 2,

It was chilly in Frosts room when she woke up. She wished that instead of wearing her silk pajamas, that were oh so comfy and felt wonderful on her skin, that she had instead worn her cotton ones that would have retained more of her body heat. She also regretted using the blankets as cushioning rather than using them for warmth. The bed was hard as concrete but her room was ice cold. Okay, maybe not ice cold but it was pretty frigid. Tonight she’ll use them to keep warm.

After stretching out her muscles, trying to get the blood flowing in them again, she headed to the bathroom. Immediately after entering she noticed something… The bathroom desperately needed to be cleaned. She dug in the cabinet under the sink and found some cleaning supplies. It took a couple hours but she finally got it sparkling clean. As a reward she cleaned herself. The shower felt nice, with the warm water cleaning her, it refreshed her and made her feel a bit more energized. Rememberig Pascals talk last night she didn’t stay in too long. Once out she put on a white sundress with a yellow flower pattern, a dress of her own creation. She had already brushed her teeth and hair and headed up top to see if there would be breakfast… She hadn’t seen a kitchen though.

When she got up she saw Pascal nibbling on some dried fruit. “Hope you brought your own food. This isn’t an all inclusive ride missy.” A look of dismay crossed her face. She hadn’t thought about needing food. She can forget some of the most basic things sometime. “Well, if not I guess I can share some dried fruit if you’re hungry”

“No, really I’ll be fine—

“No, I insist—

“Wait! I do have food!” Snow nearly screamed with delight “I have the food the bakers gave me! Oh and I packed myself a couple bottles of water!” With that she ran down to her room and grabbed one of her two apple cinnamon breads, a bottle of water, and she dug out two plates and one knife out of the kitchen ware set the farmers had given her. If it hadn’t been for them she would have been very hungry until she got to Castanet. After setting her brunch in a picnic basket that she made a couple years ago and grabbing the blanket off her bed she headed back up. “Captain Pascal would you like to have some apple cinnamon bread with me? It’s very good. The bakers from my island made it for me and you see they make the most scrumptious breads.”

“Well it does look good but...”

“Oh, please Captain Pascal. It would be my honor if you would join me for brunch. If you want, in exchange for the bread you can share a bit of your dried fruit. I insist, join me.” Frost said a little to politely but she wanted Pascal to like her. So far he is the only Castanet villager she knows.

“Well, I guess if you insist.” Pascal said with a slight blush. It wasn’t every day a beautiful young girl layed out a picnic brunch for him.

Snow somewhat overjoyed that he decided to join her for a picnic cut him a nice think piece of bread and set it on his plate. She then gave herself a slimmer piece and put the bread away. “Here you go sir. I hope you like it.” She waited as he took a couple bites. “So... How do you like it?”

“It’s very delicious. Compliments to the cook.” He chuckled “The only one I know who can make better bread is my mother, bless her soul.”

“Well I’m glad you think so highly of it” she said while nibbling on her piece, it was simply delicious. She closed her eyes and tried to fully appreciate the bread. What a wonderful gift she thought to herself. This day is starting out very magnificently. She wondered to herself if she was going to see another dolphin today. “Pascal? Do you normally see a lot of dolphins while you’re out at sea?”

“Depends on what you mean by a lot but yes I do see them frequently. They are very wise creatures.”

“I think I’m going to try to get a picture of one. We don’t see many back home, err, I mean back on my old island…”

“That sounds like a good idea. Just be careful, don’t want to drop your camera in the water.”

“Don’t worry Captain. I’ll be very careful.”

“It’s time for me to head back up. Check the weather and what not. Thank you for brunch.”

“You’re welcome Captain. Thank you for joining me.” With a nod of the head Pascal went up to his little captain place and Frost went down to put away the picnic things and grab her camera. While digging through her stuff she found her swimsuit. It’s a very nice two piece blue one. She didn’t know how to swim but it was nice for tanning since the straps didn’t go over her shoulder, instead they tied on the back. She changed into that and went up with her camera.
The day went on and faded into night, she hadn’t seen a dolphin. She did get a slight tan though, which was nice. She got up and was heading to her room when she saw it, she had finally seen it. The dolphin swam by and she quick turned on her camera and took the picture. As if the dolphin knew it’s photo was being taken at that exact moment he jumped into the air. It was a beautiful and lucky shot. In the photo you could see the dolphin jumping out over the waves and behind it the last bit of sunset. Yep, that one’s a keeper.

Never stop believing

Jul 28, 12 at 10:02am

Name: Leo Nathaniel Knox
Nickname: None
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Birthday: Summer 27th
Occupation: Painter
Lives: Outside of House | Living Room | Kitchen | Dining Room | Bathroom 1 | Nathaniel's Bedroom | Liliana's Bedroom | Bathroom 2
Personality: Leo is overall an understanding, generous, thoughtful person with a heart of gold. He's very selfless and patient. However, Leo doesn't have very good luck in general with a lot of things. He gets depressed fairly easily for personal reasons (see history). In general, Leo's just a friendly person.
History: Leo had a bit of a rough childhood. He grew up as an only child in New York, the United States, with an abusive, alcoholic father and a mother who seemed to be absent with raising him. In high school, he started dating his future wife, Mae O'Kelly. When they graduated high school, they got married and moved out of their houses right away. Mae was also a painter and the two of them opened up an art gallery together. Leo and Mae were overall happy, and the young couple had a baby girl that they named Liliana Sophia Mae. Unfortunately, a month after Liliana was born, Mae was killed when she got into a car crash with a drunk driver. Naturally, Leo was devastated and depressed about the tragedy but he still had to raise Liliana and make sure she had a healthy life. After his depression got better, he decided to move to Castanet.
Relationships: Off the island: Nathaniel John Knox (father, age unknown); Cynthia Tara Knox (mother, age unknown) | On the island: Liliana Sophia Mae Knox (daughter, 7 months old)
Status: Available
Other: He is of Irish and Scottish descent. He has a 7 month old daughter named Liliana, but he's the only one who calls her Lily.

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