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Sep 23, 11 at 10:02pmAlexansar

Hi! here is where you can make your own Pokemon move! It doesn't matter if you make one that already exists, there are so many moves we don't have to know them all!

Just fill this in: (The ones with a * beside them means it is optional)

Move Name:
*Super effective on:
*Not very effective on:

Here is one I made....

Move Name: Sneak Attack
Accuracy: 85
Power: 80
*Super effective on:
*Not very effective on: Ghost Types
Description: Your Pokemon sneaks away for one turn, then on the next turn, the foe's attack attack misses, (as the pokemon has snuck away) and then the user strikes from behind the foe.

Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Jan 26, 16 at 1:12pm

Name of Ability:Starter Boost
Ability:Raises attack and Sp.Attack for each normal type move used by the baby pokemon. (only able for baby pokemon to have is rare to get.)

Jan 25, 16 at 7:18pm

Name:Ancient Time
Power:30+ (Depends on how many turns you've gone without using it. insta-kills if you wait for over 9 turns.)
Accuracy:You'll miss if you wait over 4 turns and then use it.
TM/Special Attack
Description:The user waits as if it was a statue,then after the desired amount of turns that the user chooses,not over 9 turns without using it the user will gather all of the energy gathered into those turns to shoot a massive amount of energy at the opposing player which will explode dealing tons of damage but the user will then have to recharge for 2 turns.Wait over 9 turns without using it and you'll miss and speed will drop sharply.

Jan 25, 16 at 6:32pm

Name:Drop Kick
TM/Special Attack
Accuracy:50% chance
Description:The player trips the opposing player kicking them knocking their item off and also dealing tons of damage but there is recoil and you have to recharge next turn.

May 17, 15 at 7:50am
Chaos Lord

Champion's Stance

Power: -
Accuracy: -
PP: 10
Type: Fighting
Description: For the next 3 turns, Fighting-type moves used by the user have a 75% chance to critical hit.

Apr 18, 15 at 8:44pm
Fire, Water, and Gra

Status Break
Type:Fire and/or Psychic
Super Effective: None
Not Very Effective: Not really
Move Type: Status
Range: Self/1 Enemy
The user may select itself as a target, and any status conditions that it has go away. If an enemy is selected and the user has a status condition, it gets that status condition and the user loses it. When the same happens but the user has no staus condition, the enemy can be affected by any status condition even if it can't(e.g. For Fire types, they can still be Burned when this move is used on them). 20% chance of giving the user a random status condition, and 5% chance of giving Pokèrus if the user has not caught Pokèrus before.


Feb 25, 15 at 1:25pm

Anti-Ethreal Rune
Type: Psychic
Accuracy: --
Power: --
PP: 10
Category: Status
The user etches a rune in to the ground that makes the user immune to Ghost type attacks for 5 turns.

Type: Normal
Accuracy: --
Power: --
PP: 15
Category: Status
This move is always executed. The user exhales to focus and remove minor status effects. (Confusion, Infatuation, etc.)

Pillar Drop
Type: Ground
Accuracy: 90
Power: 100
PP: 10
Category: Physical
The user causes a pillar to rise from the ground with the opponent on top. The next turn, the pillar quickly retracts and the opponent falls to the ground. (Physical moves used by the opponent while it is on the pillar will fail. Its accuracy is also reduced to half. If this move misses, it will miss on the first turn and the user will be able to use a different move next turn.)

Feb 7, 15 at 12:06am

Lunar Apocalypse
PP: 5
Power: 120 + instakill
Accuracy: 100
Description: This move can only be used by Cresselia. On the first turn, the user freezes the world and all Pokemon in the field. On the second, icy meteors fall from the sky, causing serious damage to all Pokemon. On the third, if any Pokemon haven't thawed out, they faint.

Feb 6, 15 at 11:54pm

Elemental Unity
Type: Depends on what Eevee evolutions you have (so say you had an espeon and a flareon it would be psychic and fire type)
Power: +50 for every Eevee evolution you have (so if you had 2 eevee evolutions it would be +100)
Acc: 100
PP: 10
Description: Any Eevee evolutions you have in your party team up and unleash a powerful attack on the target. The power and type depends on the Eevee evolutions you have.

Feb 6, 15 at 11:47pm

Rising Soul
Type: Dark
PP: 5
Power: --
Acc: --
This move can only be used by Dark type Pokemon. The user raises its spirits to drastically increase its Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed.

Feb 6, 15 at 11:43pm

Name: Tsunami
Type: Water
Power : 120
Accuracy: 90
Description: The user lets out a tidal wave which swoops down on the foe. The destruction this causes lowers the targets defense.

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