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Sep 20, 11 at 11:37pmCyanide

You're Not Being Added to the List Unless You Follow the Directions of this Thread

Neoseeker Platoons: (Click The Image)

Neoseeker Usernames:

Players in US & Canada (gaming username in parenthesis):

Cyanide - (Cyanide14) - w/ Headset
Ditnopota - (Ditnopota)
duhu1148 - (duhu1148) - w/ Headset
Gotenks - (NeoTenkachi)
Gussimotto - (Kuzic)
LordMegatron: (SgtZombie91)
Psycho5050 - (Psycho5050)
Shadow Bolt - (Only-Zero-)
Tonystew42 - (Tonystew42) - w/ Headset
Bob the Superiour - (Shortstopmwd) - w/ Headset
Chrono - (MoshinTurtle) - w/ Headset
donmonster - (DON SUMMERS x) - w/ headset
fenrir15 - (spookycorgi302)
flipper2099 - (Another Riot)
Fury - (Fury Sh0t) - w/ Headset
Paranoid Android - (AllYourBaseAre7)
Phix - (Raddster X) - w/ Headset
ResistanceFailure - (RF 900 FR) - w/ Headset
Rude_Boy_loves_SKA - (GI DeVries) - w/ Headset
timeshine - (Firefoyx) - w/ Headset
10jdrole - (Drunken_Walnut) - (Origin)
bob8294 - (Cyralax) - (Origin)
chautemoc - (-vE-destroyer) - (Origin) - w/ Headset
DystopiaSticker - (DystopiaSticker) - (Origin) - w/ Headset
metalhead4105 - (xOVERxTHExTOPx) - (Origin) - w/ Headset
Ohmycaptain - (Ohmycaptain) - (Origin) - w/ headset
timeshine - (Firefox) - (Steam)

Players in UK & IRE (gaming username in parenthesis):

Ali_45 - (Ali_45) - w/ Headset
Antipathy - (Shakyboat)
Carter-Caine - Carter-Caine) - w/ Headset
J917 - (J917-)
Liverpool_96 - (Ramzi_96)
Ochre - (Ochre_)
Pmc44444 - (Pmc_10) - w/ Headset
smarti3 - (joelyXIII)
SwiftBlade - (jigotai) - w/ Headset
unclebobert87 - (FPS-Sir-Bob) - w/ Headset
Whelan - (LiamwPK) - w/ Headset
Will - (TrollAltDelete)
Yogurt - (ii9Liives) - w/ Headset
Airwalked - (NegligentShoe) - w/ Headset
Beta - (SilverBu11et201)
flobbadob - (Fl0bbadob) - w/ Headset
lewis584 - (lewis584) - w/ Headset
Ren of Heavens - (The Great Chai)
shavedzebra - (shavedzebra9) - w/ Headset
smarti3 - (joely1) - w/ Headset
cgauld7 - (cgauld7) - (Origin) - w/ Headset

Players in Australia (gaming username in parenthesis):

jbh - (CaveatLector) - w/ Headset
Machienzo - (Machienzo) - w/ Headset
Twin_Master - (Neo_TM) - w/ Headset

If you want to be added to the list, use this code:
(UK/US/whatever nation you're from)

[[member:(your Neoseeker name)]] - [b](Your PSN/XBL/Steam acc. Name)[/b] - w/ Headset (leave blank if you don't have a headset.

Use These Color Codes Around Your In-Game Username To Differentiate From Each Platform

PSN - [#3366CC][/color]
XBL - [color=green][/color]
Steam - [color=red][/color]

Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Oct 10, 13 at 6:41pm

Ask to added!!I meed a teacher of fifa 14!!!

Oct 4, 13 at 12:54pm

Hey guys, I've recently made a youtube channel on which i will be posting battlefield montages, gameplays, lets plays, vlogs, retro game plays, reviews and more. If you are interested in watching my videos click the subscribe button and I will not disappoint! I will try to upload as frequently as I can so check out my vids give a like and leave a comment , thanks

Dec 11, 12 at 9:36pm

My battlelog is
And my psn is JO3LB4GZ im pretty sure..

Im Decent in pretty much all vechiles except jets. Havnt givin them much time

But really keen to play with a actual squad!! Being a lone soldier sucks!!

Dec 11, 12 at 9:21pm

Hey guys names joel im in australia.

Is this thread still being used?

Ill do another post with my details in about an hour when i get home from work and when im on my laptop..

Im not a super serious player but i do want to play in a team. Ive got a Mic and a steam account.
Im an adaptable player and will play as any speciality.


Oct 28, 12 at 8:06am

quote ReganBRFC
Any of you guys still playing on PS3? Not many of my mates play anymore & it gets boring playing with randoms who do their own thing.

My PSN is ReganBRFC. Mainly play as engineer and tanker.
The_Night_Monkey. Add me mate. I've been going on it quite alot recently!

Oct 22, 12 at 3:51pm

Xbox anyone? Mostly play engineer or medic.

RF 900 FR

PS: Don't get in a heli if i'm the pilot. Shit's going down.

Oct 10, 12 at 11:31am

Any of you guys still playing on PS3? Not many of my mates play anymore & it gets boring playing with randoms who do their own thing.

My PSN is ReganBRFC. Mainly play as engineer and tanker.

Sep 9, 12 at 6:11am

Just wanted to say, I'm still down to play if anyone wants.

GI DeVries.

Send me an invite if you see me online. If you want to send a friend request- please say you're from Neoseeker in the text.

I'm down for anything, but Conquest is what I like the best.

Oh, and Xbox.

Sep 8, 12 at 9:50am

All upper Midwest gamers, check out the 1st Minnesota Infantry Regiment! We're an upper Midwest gaming community focusing solely on BF3 for the PS3. We're a casual community and members can come and go as they please. Check us out.

Aug 23, 12 at 2:48pm


kik36 - kik36 - w/ Headset (but limited usage due to 4 screaming kids running around the house)

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