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Sep 11, 11 at 9:55pmKave En

1. Copy and paste formula. Ever since Call Of Duty 4, the series has had the same style of gameplay and the graphics are maybe 10% better. The core gameplay mechanics remain the same. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". No, but what's wrong with evolving and refining? The series is going to collapse under its own weight, mark my words.

2. The community. The people that play this game are usually in their early teens, who care about their kill/death ratio more then their grades in school, and insist on insulting another player's mother with several "*bleep*s" thrown in for good measure every 5 seconds.

3. It's not fun anymore. Call Of Duty has worn out. I guarantee you Modern Warfare 3 won't match the sales of Black Ops or Modern Warfare 2. Nobody cares about this has-been franchise anymore.

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Jun 01, 14 at 8:55pm
Battlefield is God

CoD sucks Battlefield rules nuff said

Mar 18, 14 at 10:40am

You all suck. iM BETTER THAN YOU *bleep*S. My KD Is 14:0 . 1v1 me.

Jan 17, 14 at 5:05am

quote TheMike
[quote=shooternick|message:31923442]Lol what a troll. As many people before me have said, why are you here if you hate it?

Name a better game, then maybe I'll believe you. Haha just kidding, you're wrong.

>I can Name Several better games than Cod. Battlefield has long since been gaining popularity! Call of duty has had Vehicles before but the maps were way to small to support them! Battlefield boats graphics that call of duty could never compare to, the maps are by far larger, and have over 46 weapons that you can customize. Medal of Honor! Hear of that game before? Medal of honor can basically match Battlefield, and in some ways rises above it. Another decent series but still beats Cod is Halo. You might think I'm wrong but Halo has great graphics since we seem to care mostly about that. Great story, and multiplayer. Even a 2004 game beats call of duty it's called star wars republic commando. The story is amazing and interactive at every corner, the multiplayer is just as interactive. That is just a few games. No doubt call of duty can be fun game, and it is but I guarantee you play that for a month up to two months straight or with breaks it will become stale.

CoD is a fun game and has its flashes of brilliance but to say it's the greatest game is a bit.. Meh.

Dec 27, 13 at 10:07pm

name a better first person shooter. ummm ok. how about Project reality. hands down best shooter ever. the only other shooter than can compare to this is arma(wich is a little slow for some as it is more of a sim). there is not a single FPS that still leans twords action that has Project reality's attention to detail in every aspect. not only that you will not run into a single pimple faced troll running his mouth like a complete moron. as a matter of fact it is the complete opposite. everyone you run into will be more than happy to work well as a oginized squadren of soldiers trying to accomplish a verbalized goal.

Dec 27, 13 at 11:57am

Most of his points are correct and are popular reasons why some gamers prefer other games to CoD.

Call of duty is repetitive by having the same type of game play through out each series. Domination, team death match, Search and Destroy, and many under played categories like capture the flag. The only sort of progress Call of Duty as made was by new Treyarch when they introduced zombies. Except afterwards the type of game play has minimally changed. (Beside some community games)

Please be honest with yourself, the community does not accurately represent mature teenagers playing an FPS game. The community is full of pre mature teens barely hitting 13 years old (some who aren't even past double digit ages) raging and caring about KD more than anything. (like that will get them friends and somewhere in life) The main problem with the community's attitude is that it becomes a big turn off to those who play for fun. It also discourages team play because many gamers want a kill-streak and will do anything to get it. Even let there team lose. Then in the end say "Oh I carried".

I've played CoD for 3 years and recently quit because of how much fun I lost having after dealing with some of these problems. Be appreciative you have this game and you have an Xbox, then you might realize how much you were missing out.

- Sky

Dec 12, 13 at 6:55pm
The guy who makes se

first of all the guy who says that no one can show him a better game than cod than we are all wrong is beyond retarded , i only got one thing to say BATTLEFIELD 3 ....................................DONE

Dec 01, 13 at 7:13pm
Aiden nelson

quote shooternick
Lol what a troll. As many people before me have said, why are you here if you hate it?

Name a better game, then maybe I'll believe you. Haha just kidding, you're wrong.
a better game? okay
half life
team fortress 2 (which has not aged a bit since it's release)
dead rising
The Last of Us
sonic adventures 2
sniper eliet V2
Halo: Reach
Mario brothers
assassin's creed 1,2 and 3
just cause 2
gears of war 1 and 2
BoI:WOTL (bindnig of isaac wrath of the lamb)
pokemon (gen 1-4 are the ones ive played)
and most other games iv'e played, it's not even the best shooter out there

And were here in the hopes that Vonderhaar will hear our plead for a revolutionisation of this franchise

Nov 11, 13 at 6:40pm
James Kelly

weapon balancing issues

and my main reason...the cod franchise has made activision and friends billions...plural...billions of dollars in less then a decade, but yet they won't fix the issues mentioned in this thread, the ones that are this day and age, they have no excuse for any of the cons cod is now synonymous with...and I'm aware activision doesn't receive every penny of every cod sold, but fact is ungodly amounts of money have been made from a franchise where little to no effort is made to innovate or improve

Nov 08, 13 at 11:31am
CoD sux

It's the same with Ghosts, I don't see how people can have fun on it lol. BF4 is great. DEAL WITH IT.

Nov 03, 13 at 3:03pm

Halo iz better n00bz.

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