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Aug 31, 11 at 5:19amGravity

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quote VeGiTAX2
Spent an hour playing cable ninja. Ended up with this for now.

Side fan throwing up air is a 250mm Antec tri-color on random mode so it makes a variety of cool colors.

Lighting is done via BitFenix LED aqua strip. It is pretty friggin bright too. That was the backlight for the LCD I was working on. Was being the keyword, the IC that connects to the LCD panel fried on me so it's dead project unless I replace that board and the ribbons to the panel itself. >_<

Sorry guys, server was flipping when 2 were created and now they both seem to have deleted.

Here we go again. Sorry for that.

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Mar 01, 15 at 8:32pm

I say just go ahead and pull the trigger on a 290X. It's way cheaper than the 390X is gonna be, and it's overkill for 1080p.

Feb 24, 15 at 9:22am
Ren of Heavens

Merry 2015 everyone

AMD 390X needs to hurry up, can't take my 5830 much longer.

Dec 10, 14 at 5:45pm
The Slayer

quote Iscariot
until I can set everything up with an electrostatic discharge pad.
I have never used any type of anti-static device while working on computers and I have had 0 static discharge related problems. If you want to be super careful, I just touch the computer case before I unplug it form power. That will get rid of any static built up and as long as your not wearing wool socks and rubbing your feet all over the carpet you won't build up enough static to do anything.

And honestly, unless you are directly connected to the ground on a power outlet most anti static stuff won't do any good.

Dec 09, 14 at 4:30am

the admin access doesnt work like that, as far as im aware. if youre not using the same OS the files were created on, it shouldnt know what to do with admin access files.

Dec 09, 14 at 2:42am

Most annoying thing is that it's copied pretty much 99% of the stuff. The 1% of it is subfolders of folders that i don't want to have to trawl through. It should've just been a simple copy and paste.

The only Linux i have is Ubuntu on a live CD. I'm not sure if that would encounter same issues like not copying files because some permission somewhere shouts 'administrator access'.

Tempted to just try robocopy in an elevated command prompt

Dec 09, 14 at 1:29am

yeah ive tried copying a non primary hard drive/partition to another non primary before. not gonna happen. best to do it from a simple operating system. command line, dedicated hard disk tool OS, probably even linux.

Dec 08, 14 at 4:21pm

Bought a new HDD because I needed the space. Replaced my old one with it and got an enclosure for that. I thought copying everything from one drive to another is meant to be straightforward. Instead I've gotten filepath too long, unknown error, need permission, Wouldn't be so bad but there are no reasons for those errors to pop up. I am an administrator and have full permissions. Would've just been less hassle cloning the damn thing and extending the partition. Not even sure if you'd have been able to clone from an MBR disk to a GPT disk though.

Dec 08, 14 at 8:00am

I've considered that, but I'd need to completely remove the card, and I can't be assed to do that until I can set everything up with an electrostatic discharge pad. I also don't know if I'll have any actual success trying to bend it back into place. the bend itself isn't apparent; it's extremely subtle and I fear and attempt to reverse it may result in a much more extreme bend in the other direction, which probably will cause it not to fit back onto the card, or to break.
so, you can see my dilemma in wanting to try that.

Dec 07, 14 at 8:09pm

Are those not Philips screws on the red bit? If so, you could probably take off the shield part without removing the heatsink and try to bend the metal back to shape, or at least make it go the other way.

Dec 07, 14 at 2:59pm

so I've got kind of a weird little issue that I've been wrestling with since putting my computer together early last year.
my video card, which is otherwise great, has a pretty horrid design flaw. best seen in this picture is the aluminum shield that covers the majority of the card's underside. the fan itself is exposed, but the opening diameter is less than the size of the fan (which is maybe a mm away from the outside edge of the card). the gap between the shield and the bottom of the fan is almost nonexistent, which means that the slightest bend in the shield causes the fan to hit it.
unfortunately, it's all too easy to bend, which I wound up doing while installing the card. I didn't realize it until the build was done and we powered it on. after about five minutes, the computer stopped displaying video.
when I investigated the cause, I saw that the fan was not spinning. my brother and I used some wads of paper to force the shield away from the fan, which freed it up, but the fan was still hitting it, which caused a terrible clicking sound.
using more paper wads, we were able to create enough space to keep it from touching the fan.
to this day, those paper wads are the only form of a spacer I can bother with to keep the fan from hitting. of course, it looks ghetto, and the paper sometimes requires readjustment or replacement as it becomes flatter, and the fan once again begins getting dangerously close and scrapes it.
attempts to push the shield further away have been totally futile, and frankly have felt like I might wind up breaking the card if I kept at it.

eventually I'll be replacing it, but I'm in no hurry to do so. just wondering if there's anything else out there that I can use as a permanent means of spacing the shield from the rest of the card.

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