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Aug 31, 11 at 5:19amGravity

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quote VeGiTAX2
Spent an hour playing cable ninja. Ended up with this for now.

Side fan throwing up air is a 250mm Antec tri-color on random mode so it makes a variety of cool colors.

Lighting is done via BitFenix LED aqua strip. It is pretty friggin bright too. That was the backlight for the LCD I was working on. Was being the keyword, the IC that connects to the LCD panel fried on me so it's dead project unless I replace that board and the ribbons to the panel itself. >_<

Sorry guys, server was flipping when 2 were created and now they both seem to have deleted.

Here we go again. Sorry for that.

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Sep 16, 14 at 7:26am

Emirates airlines as cabin crew

Sep 15, 14 at 9:18pm
The Slayer

...What is your job, who do you work for?

Sep 15, 14 at 7:32pm

a while back, world community grid released seven potential cures for a common childhood disease known as neuroblastoma that have gone into testing phases, based off distributed computing results.

dont forget that everything is baby steps. cures wont happen overnight. in the meantime, smaller discoveries and observations are made that may seem insignificant to us, but find another piece of the puzzle for them.

as for my savings, its not that my job pays a lot. its that my job pays for almost all of my living expenses. my base salary is 4040 AED, plus an additional 55 AED per hour of flying. im rostered for about 120 hours this month, which means about 2900 USD in total after conversion. based on all the receipts i have kept since arriving here, dividing all the money i have spent by the number of days i have lived here, my average spending is $10 a day, which equates to $300 a month, leaving me with 2600 USD of savings, coming round to roughly 3 months worth of savings to afford the computer. this doesnt even take into consideration that we get additional money to spend on layovers, so if im in, say, russia, i would get enough money to afford three meals at a restaurant for every full day i am there. i normally bring my own food, so that is extra money saved.

speaking of which, im leaving for tanzania in a little over four hours. i think im just going to stay in the hotel for the whole day, given its a malaria risk country, though, hopefully they have free wifi...or any wifi...

Sep 15, 14 at 6:50pm
The Slayer

3 months of savings for a computer?!? Thats a bit insane, Especially for $8,000. That could buy me a half decent used car.

The case looks cool, but the 10 video cards is a bit over kill.I haven't even hard anything about folding@home or any distributed computing programs in the news or really anything in a long time. Have they really even accomplished anything in the past few years?

Sep 15, 14 at 4:44pm

Three months of savings? 8 thousand dollars?

What do you do for a job again?

I'm sure I don't save that much in three months...

Sep 15, 14 at 3:19pm

yep. the intention here, if i pull it off well, is to use it as a way to increase awareness of distributed computing projects. besides, thats really only like three months of savings for me.

Sep 15, 14 at 9:29am

I know the project is founded on good intentions but that looks a bit... overdoing it?

Sep 15, 14 at 12:44am

so, ive started planning phases for my next computer. this will be my biggest and most expensive project to date. wall-mounted, and with more GPUs than you can poke a stick at!

the construction will be in three layers, mainly because it will be so detailed, and so massive. the wall mounting will cover an entire wall and measure 4 by 3 meters. the first layer will be a base of sorts, and will serve as a mounting plate that will hold everything on one side, then mount to the wall on the other side. the reason for this base is primarily to reduce the number of holes i will make in the wall. the design layer will consist of 32 pieces of acrylic arranged in the shape of my avatar. each individual piece will be made of clear acrylic, painted on one face, with LEDs on the other underneath, and the edges will be beveled at 45 degrees to create a glowing effect from the LEDs, without letting the light simply go through. the final layer will be the actual hardware, mounted flat on some of the larger pieces. GPUs will need risers, but even standard ribbon risers would be insufficient, so there are adapters that map the pins on one pci-e lane to a USB 3.0 cable, then remap them to PCI-e at the other end, so allow for greater flexibility. it only gives x1 speeds, but thats the beauty of it, given the purpose of this computer. but before i get to that, this is the rough idea of what it would look like:

mobo, PSU, RAM, CPU, and drives in the center, GPUs to either sides. then to tie it all together...water cooling!

so what could i possibly want to do with 10 GPUs? folding, of course! most of this rig would be for distributed computing applications, and i expect it to run up to $8000 (rough idea of parts). unless i can get a sponsor. that would be nice. expected power consumption? 4000 to 4500 watts. the equivalent to running a portable industrial heater.

if youre wondering how i could afford to throw so much money away on something like this, its because my total living expenses are about $10 a day, possibly even less. im hoping to start the base and design in a few weeks, and the computer itself in a few months.

Aug 07, 14 at 1:36pm

Does anyone here want a key to GOG's closed beta of The Witcher Adventure Game?

Not sure how I got a key, as apparently they were supposed to be distributed to people who preordered The Witcher 3, which I certainly didn't.

Aug 05, 14 at 10:56am
harbin have uploaded a bunch of new RAM stocks to their website. DDR4, and at £170 for a 16gb kit and £666.66 for Ballistix Elite, think I'll wait a while till prices drop.

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