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Aug 31, 11 at 5:19amGravity

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quote VeGiTAX2
Spent an hour playing cable ninja. Ended up with this for now.

Side fan throwing up air is a 250mm Antec tri-color on random mode so it makes a variety of cool colors.

Lighting is done via BitFenix LED aqua strip. It is pretty friggin bright too. That was the backlight for the LCD I was working on. Was being the keyword, the IC that connects to the LCD panel fried on me so it's dead project unless I replace that board and the ribbons to the panel itself. >_<

Sorry guys, server was flipping when 2 were created and now they both seem to have deleted.

Here we go again. Sorry for that.

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Apr 19, 15 at 8:58pm
The Slayer

If you upgrade your PSU, get one thats 100-200 watts more than what you would need now. Those generally can last a while and if you get one large enough you wont have to worry about upgrading it in another few years when you want a new video card or something. I went with an 850 watt a while back as a lot of over kill, then ended up with an R9 270x and an i7 and I still know I can throw in a second video card in with out any worries.

From what I've read about the GTX 970, I can't remember the exact details, but it does have 4gb of ram. The problem is, 3.5gb of it is a much higher speed ram, what you would normally get in a GPU. The other .5 gb is a slower speed ram. So if you have a game that is only using 3.5gb or less of video ram, you will be fine. But as soon as it starts using more than 3.5gb, it will spill over into the slower ram which will knock all of the total ram in the card (the other 3.5gb) down to the slower speed. From what I've seen, this can cause performance issues, like a drop in FPS. This has made a lot of people angry.

For old hardware, I sell what I can or just keep it as spare computers. I still have a single core AMD socket 939 system, the very first computer I built back in like 2006 in a closet somewhere ready to go. I also have a dual core AMD from probably 2007 that I used as a minecraft server for a while. I also have a Core 2 Duo system in a closet. I use them for spare computers on occasion, turn them into servers, use them for backups if someones computer fails. I honestly have no clue what to do with them all. The AMD's still work perfectly. Insanely outdated by todays standards though but I can't get myself to get rid of them. If the parts are still recent, like 1-3 years old, I try and sell them. I was able to sell an AMD FX9590, 4gb of DDR3 and a mid tower case a few weeks ago and made around $240. Still have a motherboard, SSD and an N760 I'm trying to get rid of. Some older hardware can fetch you $5-10 to someone who wants it. Think I sold two laptops from around the 2005-2008 area for $75 last year. Had windows xp on them, neither had a full gb of ram on them.

And like everyone else said, the GPU is usually the bottle neck now, CPU's can last through a few GPU upgrades and still be fine. You have a quad core processor that runs at a pretty good speed so that should last you a little while longer too.

Apr 19, 15 at 7:47pm

If you want to keep your PSU, definitely get the 970. The R9 series (especially the 290X) is very power hungry, while the 900 series is very power efficient. You could probably scrape by with a 290, but you always want a little headroom. The 970 does have that VRAM issue, but it's generally understood that it'll be long outdated before the VRAM even becomes an issue. Whether that's true or not has yet to be seen, but if you're only gaming at 1080p, you should be fine. 1440p and up, the VRAM becomes an issue.

I agree with Ren about the CPU. Keep it, especially if you're going to switch to Intel soon anyway. It's a bit long in the tooth but it should get you by until you're ready to upgrade. The GPU is generally more important than the CPU these days, and you'll see massive improvements once you upgrade your GPU.

I'd just keep your old parts and maybe build an HTPC or something later down the line. PC parts depreciate pretty quickly and you won't get that much for them.

Bear in mind that GTA V is very taxing. I've got a 290X, 8GB of RAM, and a 4690K OCed to 4.5 GHz, and I still only get about 20-30 FPS with everything maxed in the city. The 970 performs a few frames better, like in most games, but it's still far off from silky smooth. Personally, I have to drop the MSAA down to x2 and drop the shadows down a couple of tiers to get 60 FPS, but it still looks way better than the PS4/Xbone versions. It's basically the new Crysis, to play it on max settings without breaking the bank you're gonna have to wait a generation or two.

Tl;dr: Buy the 970, keep the 965 till you're ready to switch to Intel, and keep your old parts.

Apr 19, 15 at 2:19pm

I did look at the CEX prices but £25 for that? Pfft no.

My brother (assuming his family shit sorts itself out atm) wouldn't mind a new PC so there is that though. If I do decide to upgrade the parts I could reassemble this in a new case or something and sell it on for a good price. Don't expect to get a stack of cash for it but should still be worth something.

Apr 19, 15 at 11:34am
Ren of Heavens

I would keep the AMD 965 X4 for now, and see if it's holding you back once you replace the card. I'm still running my 1090T X6 I bought in 2010 as I can't justify replacing it yet.

As for old parts, they usually work their way into other PCs in my family or stick around as spares/tests for when I'm fixing other machines. You can get £50 for the 965 and £50-60 for the 6950 on eBay at the moment if you decided to sell.

Apr 19, 15 at 4:20am

The Slayer hiigaran vendetta Ren of Heavens

So I'm considering doing a long awaited upgrade to my PC since I'm hopefully going to have a few bits of cash to spare. I currently have a Phenom II X4 965 and an HD6950. Both still perform great but games are requiring more VRAM than the 2GB I possess. I'm looking at the GTX 970 since it's £300 because I can't afford the upgrade path to a 980 (requires new PSU, and if I'm going down that route it'd be a complete new inner). Other option is a Radeon R9 but again for the one I want it might push my PSU requirements a bit too far, most require more than the 575w I have. Sticking with AMD I may as well see what the R9 3xx offering is like.

I'm aware the GTX 970 seems to have lied a bit about it's memory but I want something higher than 2GB and the card still seems very good. How much of a performance hit that 0.5Gb seems to generate I can't seem to find out.

Mainly just want it to max out GTA V, which on 1080 uses approaching 4GB. Not sure what the news is regarding the Ti versions of these cards to see if they sort out that memory issue.
  1. would the 965 still be fine with the GTX 970 or would it bottleneck?
  2. would it then be worth dropping the £80-£130 to get an FX-6350 or 8370? Bare in mind my longer term plan is to eventually switch to Intel.
  3. what do you do with old hardware? I could spend a bit more cash to turn it into a PC to sell but with the age of the hardware I don't expect to get much for it. Not even as a built system or individually, despite both still being good performers.
I don't do 4k gaming or that. Just 1080 and if I did have to upgrade stuff other than the GPU then I'd probably look to go down the route of a complete upgrade.

Mar 05, 15 at 10:21am
The Slayer

quote Ren of Heavens
but it would annoy me being replaced by a new generation within months :<
Welcome to the world of computer hardware!

Mar 05, 15 at 4:37am
Ren of Heavens

Yeah, depending on the pricing and final specs I may drop down to the 380X.

290X would probably be fine, but it would annoy me being replaced by a new generation within months :<

Mar 01, 15 at 8:32pm

I say just go ahead and pull the trigger on a 290X. It's way cheaper than the 390X is gonna be, and it's overkill for 1080p.

Feb 24, 15 at 9:22am
Ren of Heavens

Merry 2015 everyone

AMD 390X needs to hurry up, can't take my 5830 much longer.

Dec 10, 14 at 5:45pm
The Slayer

quote Iscariot
until I can set everything up with an electrostatic discharge pad.
I have never used any type of anti-static device while working on computers and I have had 0 static discharge related problems. If you want to be super careful, I just touch the computer case before I unplug it form power. That will get rid of any static built up and as long as your not wearing wool socks and rubbing your feet all over the carpet you won't build up enough static to do anything.

And honestly, unless you are directly connected to the ground on a power outlet most anti static stuff won't do any good.

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