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Aug 26, 11 at 6:47pmNARETO

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quote Bubbster
it may possibly be the old pervy sage but i kinda doubt it is because why would they build THAT up so much? alsoif you look at the last slide you can see the hand and a bit of flame pouring from it so i'm pretty sure it's just gonna be naruto.

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Sep 1, 12 at 2:07am

Link to the new thread; General Manga Discussion 16: The Kannabi Bridge Reunion!.

Aug 30, 12 at 12:34pm

Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if Orochimaru has something to do with it.

I also think part of his motives have something to do with Rin's death.

Aug 30, 12 at 10:53am

quote zanderman
So we are honestly supposed to believe that Obito was the one who fought on par with Minato 16 years ago during the Kyuubi attack. Kakashi is what, 30, currently? Meaning Obito was around 14-15 when he fought Minato. None of this is plausible.

100% not actually Obito. No *bleep*ing way, I will not accept it.
Yeah, I thought about that myself and it really seemed way too farfetched for me to believe as well. But you know how these things usually play out.

My guess is he was on the verge of death and then someone like Orochimaru found him (if he has something to do with this I wouldn't be surprised at this point) and managed to restore his body (possibly hoping he would possess it). Fast forward a couple of years, Obito awakens his Mangekyou, gains his annoying dimension-warping ability, becomes crazy strong, and sets out on his revenge-take-over-the-world-peace-by-permanent-illusion plot. Then you know how the story goes. Just put the remaining pieces together and voila.

Aug 30, 12 at 5:31am

Kishi revealing Tobi was Obito

Aug 29, 12 at 10:22pm

quote Duncan Idaho
quote NARETO
and yet you call yourself nareto, and you still posted here, i guess you havent given up
I give up on trying to figure out wqhat the hell kishi is thinking. And what do you by calling myself Nareto?
(Just forget this!)...........,............,...........,............,...........,............,...........,............,...........,

EDIT: Oh yeah I forgot I was posting in the NARUTO FORUMS. I thought I was talking to trolls for a sec.

Aug 29, 12 at 9:25pm
Duncan Idaho

quote NARETO
and yet you call yourself nareto, and you still posted here, i guess you havent given up

Aug 29, 12 at 8:07pm

Well... FU*K! YOU *bleep* TROLL KISHI *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* *bleep* Ok. Now that that's out of my system, I just don't know whatt believe anymore. I have no idea where he's going with this now, and I have no intention of thinking about it. I give up. Kishimoto you litterally just *bleep*ed me.

EDIT: I lol'd rereading my post.

Aug 29, 12 at 7:16pm

Remember that Tobi's body is artificial. The way he ripped out his arms all the time. It's plausible that the Tobi Minato fought could be Obito.

But I really don't understand where his motives are coming from at all or where his skills, and knowledges. There must be someone else behind this.

Aug 29, 12 at 6:01pm
Ham Seller

I just want Kishi to explain all the plot holes now >.<

Aug 29, 12 at 4:13pm
Duncan Idaho

quote zanderman
Only possible way I can accept is if Tobi is able to warp into the other dimension and stay there, pretty much meaning he wouldn't age in the other dimension. Then somehow training an assload in there or something. I don't know, just trying to rationalize it in any way possible. 100 *bleep*ing percent not Obito.
Maybe it's his evil twin?

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