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Aug 8, 11 at 1:44pmShiny Mew


Thanks to Raikou376

Game Informer Month Long Coverage
Check back every few days.

General Information

That guy up there is called Salvador, he is one of the new classes in Borderlands 2 called the Gunzerker. The Gunzerker's special ability is that he can duel wield weapons. The characters from the first game (Mordecai, Brick, Roland and Lilith) will not be playable in the new game, but will be NPC's. Character customisation has been widened and given more options - none confirmed as of yet. There is also a main antagonist known as Handsome Jack.

The game is sticking to just four player co-op and apparently the missions will be more dynamic; and example given was that there is a rescue mission in which if you fail to rescue said person in time, it will impact the story.

The Gunzerker

As we know the Gunzerker will be able to dual wield ANY weapon in the game as his special ability. His skill tree splits in to three categories - Wrath, Brawn and Gun Lust. Wrath features stat bonuses and abilities to do with his dual-weilding ability, Brawn i more to do with physical tougness while Gun Lust increases weapon statistics and abilities for Salvador's agrro turret.

Skill Tree Includes:

Eridium and Artifacts:
There will be a new element can Eridium which can be used to add to gun and bump up their stats a little, it can also be applied to vehicles. Not only this but it can be used as a form of currency.

Artifact's won't just make your special ability elemental, oh no, now they will do a whole host of things such as increase the speed boost on vehicles and enhance weaponry.

Enemies and NPC's:
Enemy AI has been greatly improved and will "take a more varied form". Bandits will be able to access their own type of weaponry and are all round more responsive and interact with one another better. Friendly NPC's have also been updated and will now move around and possibly even fight.

Every gun in Borderlands 2 will be new, there a none from Borderlands, each manufacturer will have a unique theme e.g. colours, styling and "Personality". The guns will also be able to have custom decals and enhancements - I imagine this to be a gun emblem and clan tag type thing that was used on CoD: Black Ops. There will also be new pick ups which allow for temporary abilities and example of this in Borderlands was the cores in the General Knoxx DLC pack. Weapons in the game will have very distinctive designs depending on their manufacturer. In the picture above you can see Slavador holding two weapons, the one on our left (His right) is a Vladof weapon, shown by the Soviet looking star on the magazine, and on our right (His left) is a bandit weapon, a new manufacturer;

Bandits You can tell it is a Bandit weapon because the sight is a glass bottle. Bandits, though their guns are not very well built will feature the largest magazines in the game. This means the guns take longer to reload too.

Vladof guns will look a lot like AK-47's and will all feature a mini-gun style barrel attatchment, which gives them the fastest fire rate of all guns in the game.

Dahl weapons will look a lot like modern day military issue guns, like guns you would see in a game such as "Call of Duty".

Tediore Reloading? Who needs it when you can just throw your gun and watch it explode? Pffff, you think that's it? No way, these guns appear right back in to your hands with a fully loaded mag; that's why you want a Tediore.

Hyperion weapons will look a lot like another product of theirs - you guessed it! Claptrap! The yellow and white style will feature on Hyperion guns, whether they will just be yellow and white or "X" colour and white is yet to be seen.

There will be all new vehicles, one was apparently shown in the magazine named "Bandit Technical" and there is also another 4 seat car shown.

The game is promised to be of epic scale and skill trees will be similar to Borderlands in that they have 3 branches and Claptrap will be back in some form. Maybe as one of those huge robots shown in the picture?

Vehicles are being more co-op orientated this time around, all vehicles will support 4 seats.

Pre-Orders, DLC, & Special Editions

Two Tiers of Special Editions! - Plus rewards to people with saves from the first game.

quote Game Save Reward
Furthermore, those who did play the first game (and still have their gamesave, of course) will be given a custom character skin and a unique head as a thank-you, Gearbox said at the same panel.
quote Special Editions
Some of the game's special edition premiums—which the studio had put up to a suggestion box last year—also were revealed. There will be two tiers of special editions. The "Deluxe Vault Hunters Edition" at $99, gets a Marcus Kincaid bobble head. He's the weapons supplier with the lothario accent who narrates the first game. The second, an "Ultimate Loot Chest Edition" (pictured above) delivers you a stylized Borderlands loot chest with all the goodies packed inside. It doesn't open up with hydraulics—it's more like a jewelry box, but it matches a community suggestion as best it could. More goodies and premiums in both editions will be announced later.
The Golden Key pre-order bonus unlocks a chest containing leveled, purple rarity loot, it appears to be one time use only (Once per account, so no making multiple characters). Do it sooner to get a more powerful weapon at the start, or wait patiently until you reach the level cap to get a very powerful weapon.


The Mechromancer is a 5th playable character class in the works, slated to be available 2 to 4 months after the game's release. "Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford introduced the pigtailed cyborg class to PAX East attendees this weekend. The early sketches (via GameInformer) reveal a young, redheaded girl outfitted with mechanical body parts and the ability to control a homemade killer robot called D374 -TP"

The Mechromancer class will be released on October 16th, and will go for $9.99 (or 800MS Points) for those that didn't pre-order it.

Achievement and Trophy Listing

Achievement List

Borderlands 2 Articles
Borderlands 2 Video Links

Borderlands 2 Screenshots and Pictures

Borderlands 2 Staff Interviews

Borderlands 2 Pre-Orders
^Article also implies Mechromancer Day 1 (seems unlikely)

Borderlands 2 Videos

This post will be updated as more information about this epic game is given out!

ShadowEdit: Added info I've compiled.

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Sep 20, 12 at 5:21am
Shave ya Head

quote Shadow of Death
Skill Tree related links added!

Bit late to say it but thanks, been looking for this.

Sep 13, 12 at 8:16pm
Shadow of Death

quote Article
Back in May when the Borderlands 2 preorder packs were first revealed, they included a "Golden Key" that nobody quite understood. Today, Gearbox Software has revealed the in-game treasure chest that the key will open.

Seen above, the chest itself is a bit of a riddle that each player must solve for his or herself. See, the chest holds random, very powerful loot. However, the loot that pops out will be powerful only for the level at which you open it.

Therefore, if you open it the day the game launches, you'll have a great weapon to start the game, but you've also just squandered your chance to see what might come out later on down the road.

So do you hold off until you reach the late stages of the game? Or open it quickly and wonder til it drives you mad what might have come out ten levels later.
Source: Gamesradar

Speculation: The loot will likely be standard (albeit purple rarity) loot that skews towards max specs.

Sep 11, 12 at 6:46am

Gaige the Mechromancer!
All I can say is, dat robot

Sep 11, 12 at 4:57am
Shadow of Death

Skill Tree related links added!

87 Bazillion BL1+BL2 Skill Calculator

Official Site Skill Trees
Assassin | Commando | Gunzerker | Siren

Discussion Thread

Aug 31, 12 at 5:49am
Shadow of Death

Introduces the characters, some enemies, regions, equipment (including guns), Skills, and some other new features.

Discussion Thread

Aug 28, 12 at 8:40am
Shadow of Death

The Creature Slaughter Dome is a pre-order bonus (and presumably a future DLC) for Borderlands 2. The idea is to survive waves of enemies in an arena. The further you get, the better the rewards.

Creature Slaughter Dome Thread

Aug 19, 12 at 12:49am

Ahh. Okay. Cheers

Aug 18, 12 at 9:50pm
Shadow of Death

RatedRViper - My mistake about your name. It has been added to the first post, the videos (spoilered).

Aug 18, 12 at 9:31pm

Shadow of death what you mean added? And its ratedRViper not ratedviper -_-

Aug 18, 12 at 5:52am
Shadow of Death

RatedViper - Added

There are also the three new Weapon Manufacturer videos added as well. They were mentioned in a Neo News Article as well.

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