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Aug 06, 11 at 4:09amEithne

So bronies, this thread is about dreaming of ponies. Have you ever had any? Are you that obsessed to the point of seeing ponies in your dreams constantly?

Last night I had a dream that my dad saw my wallpaper for my laptop (its currently Twilight Sparkle) and he said

"Why do you have a My Little Pony as your background?'
"Because she is a unicorn, and unicorns are cool."

So discuss pony related dreams.

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Sep 23, 14 at 3:13am

quote kingy
quote CaptnSunny
I have the weirdest dreams
Have you dreamed about your next door neighbor becoming a cannibal, then turning into a black guy during a chase scene through Australia? Then you have my pity.
Uh, no.

Sep 21, 14 at 7:19am

quote CaptnSunny
I have the weirdest dreams
Have you dreamed about your next door neighbor becoming a cannibal, then turning into a black guy during a chase scene through Australia? Then you have my pity.

Sep 20, 14 at 9:44pm

I had a dream that has something to do with a German (no racism intended, it's not lucid) capturing ponies, myself included. It was a long time ago. I swore I saw Fluttershy in a window chained to the wall. Then I remember about the mother (I think?) telling the backstory of said German, while the scene changes. The changes were the strangest things and it is a bit complicated, like I think the mother gave birth in some sort of terrace thing in the ceiling of a mall.

So yeah, Fluttershy was in it. That counts.

I have the weirdest dreams

Sep 19, 14 at 2:51pm

I think Luis wins the award for most vivid pony dream. Good Celestia.

Sep 13, 14 at 11:40am
luis angel rivera jr

then after the announcement was finished then sitting next to me was.. 1.mayor mare, 2. shining armor, 3. flash sentry, 4. zecora 5. princess celestia, 6. princess cadence, 7. princess luna, 8. me. then i saw other ponies too like daring doo., fancypants, tenderhoof, blueblood, and even reformed discord. the service began. to sing prasies, and listen to great music in worship god, and jesus christ. then the bible sermon began a topic in the bible, and about his only begotten son of god his son jesus christ, and his father god. in heaven.then after the service was finished that all ponies, and me myself stand up, and pray to jesus christ, and god in silence. then the music began and after the service was finished i hugged celestia, luna, cadence, shining armor, flash sentry, fancy pants, tenderhoof, blueblood, mayor mare, mrs. cheerilee, mrs. peachbottom, mrs. harshwinny, mrs. cake, mr. cake, wonderbolts, bulk biceps, cmc, zecora, bon bon, colgate, lyra, carrot top, derpy, roseluck, dr. hooves, coco,

Sep 13, 14 at 11:17am
luis angel rivera jr

then i walk to the worship service, and i sat down to wait for the service to begin. then sitting next to me was twilight sparkle who sat down to ask if her friends would sit by me. i allow them to take their seats to sit with me. 1. me, 2. twilight sparkle, 3. fluttershy, 4. applejack, 5. rarity 6. rainbow dash, 7. pinkie pie. then i saw other ponies they too sit by us. 8. vinyl scratch , 9. octavia, 10. fiddlesticks, 11. carrot top, 12. colgate, 13. roseluck, 14. bon bon, 15. lyra, 16. twinkle, 17. dr. hooves, 18. derpy, 19. coco. then i saw other ponies too on the other next rows that is filled up with other ponies. other like big mac. granny smith, chesse sandwich, sappire shores, photofinish, mrs. harshwinny, mrs. cheerilee, ms. peachbottom, donut joe, mr. cake, mrs. cake, wonderbolts, bulk biceps, cmc, etc. then the service began on stage with mayor mare to make an announcement before the service began. then she announce princess celestia, luna, cadence. then shining armor, flash sentry, and zecora.

Sep 13, 14 at 10:53am
luis angel rivera jr

i dream where on sunday morning i get up brush my teeth, take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, clean my bed, & wait for my ride to go to church. when i went to church inside i was greeted by what i saw pony handing out flyers to every town people who are ponies. i shake my hand, and the pony who shake her hand was pinkie pie, and she hug me. i was happy to see her, then as i walk to another pony she also greeted me. that pony was so nice to me, kind hearted was fluttershy. i hugged her gentleness. then i walk to another pony she also greeted me. that generous pony who was so filled with love, & compassion of heart, and beautiful is rarity. i hugged her gentleness of heart. then i walk to another pony who was kind, & is honest with herself, that pony who cannot lie, and tries to tell the truth in faith is applejack. then i walk to another pony who is filled with heart, and determined, and is loyal to every one. that pony is rainbow dash. then i saw twilight sparkle who greeted me then i hugged her.

Sep 09, 14 at 6:54am

Well you still posted, so that's all that counts.

Sep 09, 14 at 6:52am

quote kingy
Stitch sweet dude! Finally I'm not the only one posting in this thread.
Well, mine was early this year, though.

Sep 09, 14 at 6:39am
luis & rivera jr

from the chair they are sitting on i see twinkle, berrypunch, colgate, roseluck, dr. hooves, daisy, derpy, bulk biceps, carrot top, bon bon, lyra, coco, fiddlesticks, octavia, vinyl scratch, minty, stormchaser, twilight sparkle, rainbow dash, pinkie pie, rarity, fluttershy, & applejack. tnen as i waiting for the class to start i introduced myself to them. they were kind, and friendly, & care about me. then i saw in the front of the class i saw celestia, luna, cadence, spitfire, zecora, shining armor, flash sentry, sappire shores, cranky, big mac, granny smith, mayor mare, photofinish, mrs. cake, mr. cake, mrs. harshwinny, mrs.cheerilee, spike, & mrs. peachbottom. then celestia give an announcement, & they were dismiss, & the class started. then after the class was finished i say goodbye to my new friends with hugs, & shake hands. we will return to meet up again next week. when i woke up i was like wow1 that was a good dream i had.

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