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Aug 01, 11 at 2:34pmchaoman11

if you can please tell me the list of characters from 1-5, that would make me feel over 9000 % better

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Nov 25, 14 at 11:10am
Destany M

Mine (not in order) are:

Oct 26, 14 at 10:06am


Jul 22, 14 at 6:12pm

Well my favorite characters are Kirby definitely my favorite also Pit, Snake and Gandorf

Jun 22, 14 at 3:24pm


Jun 02, 14 at 11:00am
carl as caanch

Address: 35 Blair month avenue082334304

May 19, 14 at 10:23pm

1.) Game&Watch
- VERY powerful and effective for close range combat, if you use him correctly you can wrack up a LOT of damage very quickly. He's good at staying in the field if you fall out.
2.) Lucas
- Fast and powerful, easy for both close range and distance fighting. If you're good at staying on the field and not falling out than he will be an amazing character to use. He's faster than Ness.
3.) Peach
- She's great for close range combat and she's easy to keep staying in the field. Pretty effective against the slower characters.

I don't use the other characters much, I've tried them all, but these three shine for me. On Melee I also used Young Link but unfortunately he never made it to Brawl.

May 19, 14 at 12:36am

1. Ike - super fast jab-kick slash combo, clears decent range ahead with running a, clears surrounding area with smash attacks in every direction & ko's opponents at low %, excellent vertical & horizontal recovery
2. Link - great long & short range attacks, shield auto blocks projectiles & decent recovery
3. Samus - great long range attacks, good recovery, powerful smash attacks
4. Ness/Lucas - powerful smash attacks, fast combos & homing attack & recovery
5. Fox - super fast movement, melee & excellent recovery

May 16, 14 at 8:18am

1.Fox(usually bests wolf and falco and a nightmare to lucas and ness users. If fox is played correctly he is unstoppable. He is fast yet technical. Blaster forces appriaches and comtrols a foes options and racks up easy damage. Fox is fastest not running wise although 3rd fastest there but move wise and dodge wise. He is weak in brawl but they givehim power in the new ssb 4. Online I plan to dominate in that new one.)
2. Ike (recovery game sucks but who says you will everhave to recover with him. So if you use his rwcover correctly he has a decent recovery game. He can be fast if used righnd can KO opponents early into their damage. Best used up close and personal. For syraightforward users. Only very fast users can best him.... hint hint to Fox lol.)
3. Mario (welled and OK recovery game. He uses some somewhat fast and medium powerful moves. Most well rounded and mid range-close range fighter. If used properly and moves are utilized he can frustrate both close range and long range fighters. He has a decent surprise in the newer smash bros 4 so watch out.)
4. Meta Knight(fastest fighter attack wise and if combos are tied correctly it is impossible to touch him or to avoid his attacks even if dodging. He can rack up damage fast and great as support but his power suffers greatly and he is light like kirby.
5. Bowser (aka smash king is rightfully named. He has powerful moves and surprisingly well rounded enough to combat most close range fighters. Recovery game is good and his endurance can be incredible at times. He can usually get the most kos and give any average player trouble. Downside is his speed which can easily be dodged and his lack of range making distance fighters a nightmare for him. Best for fighters who suck at building up damage on fighters.

Fox is best but I refuse to divulge the secrets as to why he is unstoppable. Good luck brawlers

May 16, 14 at 7:46am

Pay close attention. If your a range fighter who likes distance and prefers not mixing blows with opponents you want either lucas/link (if you are somewhat good in the trenches/ and Fox. With lucas he has the specialty up+A move which is his strongest for when distance is closed and from a distance he can rack up damage the fastest. He is preferable over Ness because Ness is slightly slower. Link is better close range usually than the 3 but awfully slow. He is great at balance and from a distance can frustrate other distance fighters. Fox to me is the best. His blaster does notnflinch opponents but he racks up damage easily and is the fastest when fleeing from the trenches. If you are a close range fighter then Ike/Meta Knight/Bowser is your strongest overall Ike is the best at close range fighting of you use him properly. His A combo is faster than his other moves and his special B move is powerful butnhis UP+A move is strongest and connects more accurately. He racks up the most knockouts and when properly played invincible. MetaKnight is way faster and virtually impossible to touch if used correctly. You willnwin the most matches with him. Bowser is literally smash king. Most well rounded and heavy but harder to knockout and powerful. He usually takes a knockout or too but hardest to stay close to. If you are technical and prefer winning over flash your then your 3 are Fox/Mario/and Kirby. Fox is the best technical fighter and can win in countless ways. His blaster couple with a superior aerial game makes him the best overall. Mario is well rounded and if you are good with timing he can be unstopppable. He was always intended to be the best but it depends on how you use him. Best up close decemt from afar. Lastly Kirby... what can I say. Frustrates the hell out of fighters. I recommend the special B move to swallow fighters up then walk off cliff and shoot them outwards. Ive once gotten 20 kos in a 2 min match off that then up B is a frustrater move and the down B special can help survive final smashes. As for top 5 mines is 1.Fox
3. Mario
4.Meta Knight
5. Bowser
Fox low on tier list but play him correctly and you can't lose. He my fave and my record with him is 3045-50

Apr 23, 14 at 2:55am

This is the best:
Not in order

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