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Jul 2, 11 at 12:33amThe Blazing Shadow

So yeah, I got this approved through Gotenks. I have had this idea I've been pondering for quite a while. A long time ago, I made something on ssbb to entertain myself with when I got bored. Basically like mini games with a set of rules decked out for certain playable characters, a lot like RPs that put focus on certain game series in an introduction to brawl. Over the years, however, it got boring, unchallenged and dull facing just computer opponents.

I then decided "Hey, why not make them into actual RPs with other people" I contacted a bunch of my friends on here that played brawl, but they all rejected my request for a variety of reasons, since then, I've been considering asking the public, Which brings me here.

First, I want to make this clear that these games are NOT competitions. They are RPs. I'd like people who could play there parts well. There will be "villains" and "heroes" and, while I would of course prefer it if the heroes always win, sometimes the villains may win, since a large portion of the RPs will be fighting based in the actual game of SSBB. This idea is turning out to branch out a bit from what my original message to Gotenks stated as I'm typing this and I apologize for that, but I'm thinking about this thread being a non fighting in character thread while PMs would be considered OOC material.

When you sign up, you are put on a roster and are available to sign up for certain roles on any RP between plays. Please note that your FC will be posted here, so take that into consideration before signing up. because of all the roles and the resulting implied skill levels (such as generic enemies, main characters, evil villains, etc.), I would prefer that people of all skill levels consider signing up, from being unskilled and casual to skilled but casual to clueless but technical to skilled and technical, otherwise things could get a bit awkward. (skilled and technical generic enemy lol, easily beaten super villain, lol)

However, even if you are a technical player and you sign up, (which again, I encourage) I would still prefer you maintain at least a certain sense of casual play, since we are making an RP out of it (IOW, you could still pull off a few technical moves, but don't overdo it... I'm not necessarily saying go easy on others just for the sake of going easy on them, but rather think a little about how a play should look and give other's a chance without necessarily throwing the match away. I'm not sure if that gets the message across very well, but I'm sure a lot at least understand what I'm trying to get at.) and yes, your skill level will help in determining what roles are best for you, so if you could include that when signing up, being honest to the best of your knowledge, it would be appreciated.

It would also be nice if we could get judges and people who are capable of getting videos of battles and posting them up on YT, preferably as private for judges and people in the RP, but it is not required. Also, please do not post OOC in this thread while a play is going on unless you are me, gotenks or a judge and have something notable to address. Also no whining or bragging in or out of this thread unless it is both in this thread AND in character, preferably specified as such to avoid confusion. Don't even think of playing on that game either.

a judges job will be to take a look at videos of battles and determine if an illegal move had a significant impact on the battle that happened and if it is worth replaying. (some RPs will require that the main hero not use certain moves until a certain point in time) I have several plays all set and ready already, but after you get the hang of it, feel free to write your own and introduce them and the rules behind them in between plays

I think that pretty much covers everything, but feel free to ask me any questions in case I might have forgotten something. I can't recall my friend code off the top of my head, so I'll check that out later, but as for my skill level, I consider myself to be pretty good. I tend to play casually, but don't really go easy on anyone. I will admit I have taken stabs at playing technically and usually have fun doing it, but with all the givens, I much prefer casual play and won't recall anything about technical play off the top of my head.

Important information about joining

Once you join, you're FC will be posted here and you will be available to take part in future RPs. You MAY NOT join in on RPs that are currently underway... In addition PLEASE DO NOT POST AN OOC MESSAGE IN THIS THREAD SAYING YOU WISH TO JOIN WHILE AN RP IS UNDERWAY. This is only an acceptable way of joining between RPs. if an RP is underway, please PM me saying you wish to join and I'll add you that way, otherwise, it spoils the mood of the RP. RPers, if someone does this, please ignore them and continue on with the RP. They may just be trolling and I'll message them individually addressing my concerns and asking them if they would like to join, give feedback, or whatever the case may be.
Player Roster

Denver1313 - [4983-7342-7380]

captain boo - [Checking fc]

The Blazing Shadow - [0905-0594-9639]
mattardis - [1076-5198-1147]
CrazeMatt - [3052-2991-8707]



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Jul 19, 11 at 11:30pm
The Blazing Shadow

OOC: While I appreciate the enthusiasm, I'd need you to register as a member first, then send me a personal message saying your interested so that I can give you instructions via personal message so this thread doesn't get overloaded with OOC posts.

Jul 19, 11 at 8:56pm

I want in im sort of a intermediate player

fc:4298-2867-9452 nickname: xSAMx

Jul 12, 11 at 12:23am
The Blazing Shadow

"Well, Zack, isn't it wonderful? We both have pokemon now. I'm sure someone of your skill level will do an excellent job..." Richard sort of gave off a cynical smirk before he continued on talking "... but then again, given that someone like you would do excellent, that has a lot left to be said for someone like me, wouldn't you say?" Richard said as he approached Zack pretentiously "Come on, now. Let's try out our new pokemon, shall we?" Richard now had a huge evil grin on his face as he pulled up Mario's pokeball, expanding it, clearly challenging Zack to a pokemon battle.

The battle that took place was rather intense for such inexperienced pokemon. Peach managed to avoid a lot of Mario's harder attacks and even managed to get in a few knocks herself. Before too long, however, Mario noticed a banana peel lying around on Professor Will's floor. In all his innocent curiosity, Mario picked it up, but decided it wasn't something worth keeping attention to and threw it at Peach, tripping her up as Mario made his approach on Peach, she did manage to escape him, but a ways down that escape route, Mario found an opening to nail peach right where it hurt the most. That was the end of the battle.

Richard called back Mario and, glorified of his victory, talked to Zack. "That was quite a battle, wasn't it, Zack? After professor Will takes care of our pokemon, I'm going to get out there and see what other trainers I can get this feeling from. Sounds quite grand, wouldn't you say?"

With those last words, the Professor approached Zack and Richard, seeming prepared to heal the exhausted pokemon.

Jul 10, 11 at 8:59am

zack gave a small glare. richard's plan was very obvious and no matter who he chose, richard would have the advantage.
zack walked straight to the desk with the pokeballs on it. his hand hovered over mario's ball, then peach's and swaped back and forth a few times.
"Hurry up, already!!" cried richard. as soon as zach's rival shouted, he instantly grabbed peach's pokeball. he had decided.
richard pushed past zach. "bout time" he said as he picked up mario's pokeball.

Jul 10, 11 at 12:02am
The Blazing Shadow

(ooc: sure, but try to address these things in the PM thread from now on, that's it's only purpose is to ask and clarify things)

After a while had passed, Zack had walked into the Pokemon lab. "Well, it's about time you showed up" said Richard, Zack's life long rival. The bond between Richard and Zach was an edgy one. They had many things they strongly didn't like about each other, but a few things that struck the other one as slightly more than pleasant. They also showed enough etiquette around each other to matter. "Hurry up and pick your Pokemon, so my decision can be made easier." Richard smirked.

Jul 9, 11 at 11:50pm

zack was extremly excited. Today was the day he would receive his first pokèmon. he had a few minutes before he had to leave so he was viewing the commercial again. he still wasn't sure which starter to go with. he was eventually stuck between mario and peach.
"Zach! it's time for you to head out!" shouted his mom from downstairs. zack slung on his backpack and pelted down the stairs to see his mother almost in tears.
"ohh... my little baby's all grown-up and leaving home. i'll miss you so much!" she said and pulled zach into a hug before he could say a word.
"well... i shouldn't keep you. be sure to phone once in a while." she said, releasing him and opening the front door.
Zachary grabbed his cap and pulled it on. he gave his mother a loving smile and began to run towards the professor's lab.

(ooc: i'm thinking of making zack a silent protagonist. what do you think?)

Jul 9, 11 at 10:26pm

*On television sets around the globe...* the wonderful world of Pokemon!

~My name is Professor Williams. But by all means, just call me Professor Will. I'm the person in charge of researching the latest developments of the Pokemon World, such as observing the mysterious circumstances that revolve around Pokemon evolution. But enough about me; let's progress forward into my proper role. Today is the day that many lucky trainers are to recieve their first partner, companion, lifelong buddy, if you will. It is my responsibilty to inform the public that three starter Pokemon will be available for for each new trainer. Those trainers will pick one of the three for them to begin their difficult travels with. Choose wisely, for that pokemon will be with you for a LONG time!

Will you choose:

~The courageous fire type: Mario

~The dazzling, yet formidable grass type: Peach

~The elegant, yet fierce water type: Marth

All of these shall be offered today and today only! New trainers shall also be equipped with their very own PokeDex, which shall also serve as their I.D. card for the rest of their travels.

I look forward to meeting the trainers today! Until next broadcast, I bid each of you the luck you will need to succeed in this journey. May Arceus be with you!

*Television sets fade to black...*

Jul 9, 11 at 7:05pm
The Blazing Shadow

Alright, this thing is officially underway. Denver1313 as the professor, or mattardis as the main hero, please make the first post, introducing the characters name.

The RP starts... Now

Jul 9, 11 at 5:11am

~Post of Approval~

Jul 9, 11 at 2:04am
The Blazing Shadow

Well, that'll pretty much settle what roles will be...

Since boo won't be coming into the RP as characters until later, (unless we can figure out something to add more roles in the inevitable OOC PM thread) We should be able to start once Denver1313 posts his approval.

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