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Jun 30, 11 at 1:15pmLiege

Here is a place you can get classic MLP and FiM stickers. The following are $6 for a pack of 75.

And they have some scratch n' sniff stickers too! These are $6 for a pack of 50.

There are other offerings at various prices; check out the link to see them all.

We also have pony themed pillows here. The entire mane 6 is not yet available but here are the three that are:

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Nov 15, 14 at 1:47pm

It begins.

Say hello to Shoeshine!

And Hercules

Oct 4, 14 at 7:52am
Shadow of Death

Junior, yes it comes out on the 7th. You haven't learned the concept of pre-ordering yet have you? You basically reserve your order and when it comes time to ship, you get charged and....they ship it off to you.

Oct 4, 14 at 1:21am
luis a rivera jr.

i would like to get a daring doo hardcover books collection. i am not sure if it's out now? just be patient and wait when it comes out in 4 days, no later then 3, 2, or 1 day to get it. it has to be ready after the 4 day, and then you can buy it when it comes out on the 4th day. buy it too early is not how it is.if i were you i would just be patient and wait, and not try to buy it now, or early, or no later then 3, 2, or 1 day to get it. i don't know if they have it at wal-mart, or in a comic book, or at some book store in winder.

Oct 3, 14 at 5:56am

Looks pretty sweet. :3

Oct 3, 14 at 1:59am
Shadow of Death

When I was going to pre-order Rainbow ROcks from, I came across This.

A Daring Do Adventure Hardcover 3 Book set. No idea that was a thing. Comes out in 4 days.

Decided to grab it on a whim. I'll let you ponies know how it is. It's a kids book set, so you can't expect too much from it of course XD

Sep 17, 14 at 6:06pm
luis a rivera jr.

to add there on my nintendo 3ds, classic video games to play, & to play my little pony friendship is magic, & my little pony equestria girls flash games. classic video games
1. teenage mutant ninja turtles arcade
2. teenage mutant ninja turtles nes collection
3. the simpsons arcade
4. arcade pacman
5. arcade street fighter collection
6. arcade popeye
7. arcade donkey kong
8. nes super mario bros collection
9. nes castlevania collection
10. ducktales remastered
11. batman collection
12. the sims 4
13. wwe 2k15.
16. wreck it ralph
17. scott pilgrim vs the world .
and also that i do have the sonic the hedgehog collection game but i can't play because i don't have a handheld yet. but to also add on my nintendo 3ds, a my little pony flash games to play. to also add on there a youtube, deviantART, google, bing, yahoo, msn, and dailymotion where i don't have to sign, or log in i can just download it to get it started. without trying to sign, & log in that i can't do on my playstation 3.

Sep 17, 14 at 5:44pm
luis a rivera jr.

what i mean is that since iam getting a handheld nintendo 3ds, console i want you guys to add on my 3ds a tv portable cable network just like my tv in my room with playstation 3 on nintendo 3ds. on there i can watch my little pony friendship is magic, & my little pony equestria girls. add there other cartoons .
1. flintstones
2. pacman
3. danny phantom
4. jackie chan adventurers
5. batman
6. fat albert & cosby kids
7. digimon fusion
8. 6 teen
9. stoked!
10. he man
11. justice league
12. the batman
13. the real ghostbusters
14. teenage mutant ninja turtles
15. alf
16. phienas, & ferb.
tv shows
1. the muppet show
2. batman. classic movies
1. the pink panther
2. batman
3. karate kid
4. rocky
5. the return of the incredible hulk
6. back to the future
7. teenage mutant ninja turtles
8. forbidden kingdom
9. wreck it ralph
10. scott pilgrim vs world
11. monsters vs aliens
12. the muppets
13. looney tunes
14. scooby doo
15. aladdin
16. transformers
17. a team
18. night of the museum.

Sep 17, 14 at 5:59am
luis a rivera jr.

or maybe at the brony, or dragon con if there is a portable small or an medium flat screen tv with battery rechargeable cord to watch the hub network, boomerang, 69 watl, disney xd, and nicktoons. to watch my little pony friendlship is magic, flintstones, smurfs, yogi bear, scooby doo, sonic x, digimon fusion, justice league unlimited , phienas, & ferb, teenage mutant ninja turtles, fairly oddparents, spongebob, etc. and to add to watch cartoons my cartoons that i never saw in years,to play pony flash games,& to play classic games that i never play in years. cartoons
1. danny phantom
2. the super mario bros. super show
3. fat albert & cosby kids
4. the challenge of the superfriends
5. ducktales. classic games
1. arcade teenage mutant ninja turtles
2. wwe 2015 2k.
3. street fighter arcade
4. pacman arcade
5. x box 360 batman arkham origins. kind of like a portable laptop, nintendo 3ds, cable tv, dvd player put together. that way i don't have to try to watch tv if one of my programs aren't on.

Sep 9, 14 at 1:17pm
luis angel rivera jr

maybe i would like to get a my little pony friendship is magic jacket that has the mane 6 cutie mark symbol that has twilight sparkle element of harmony magic, fluttershy kindness, applejack honesty , rarity generosity, pinkie pie laughter, rainbow dash loyalty. or maybe add to the jacket symbol of princess celestia sun, princess cadence crystal heart, princess luna moon, or add is the symbol of vinyl scratch, octavia, roseluck, colgate, carrot top, berrypunch, lyra, bon bon, derpy, twinkle, cheese sandwich, bulk biceps, zecora. or maybe a my little pony equestria girls t shirt that got twilight sparkle, applejack, pinkie pie, fluttershy, rainbow dash, rarity, vinyl scratch. or a my little pony equestria girls t shirt that has the element of harmony symbol of twilight sparkle element of magic, rainbow dash element of loyalty, rarity the element of generosity, applejack the element of honesty, fluttershy the element of kindness, & pinkie pie the element of laughter..

or maybe a my little pony friendship is magic drawing sketchbook. on how to draw ponies in black,& white on figuring out which colors are in white, & which colors are in black without use colorful colors. to also on how to color ponies when you draw after you trace, and draw it in white paper use colorful colors. or maybe a my little pony equestria girls sketchbook. on how to draw my little pony friendship is magic use watercolor paint. how to draw my little pony equestria girls use watercolor paint. how to draw my little pony friendship is magic drawing to create your own stories. how to draw my little pony equestria girls drawing to create your own stories. or a my little pony friendship is magic statues figures , & my little pony equestria girls statue figures. figures twilight sparkle, fluttershy, rainbow dash, applejack, rarity, pinkie pie, luna, celestia, cadence, vinyl scratch, spike, derpy, carrot top, berrypunch, bon bon, bulk biceps, zecora, colgate, cheese sandwich, roseluck, coco, lyra, twinkle,

what i mean is that if there is a comic book convention like dragoncon, or zombie apocalypse con, or a store in winder at wal-mart, or a comic book store. i would like to get a my little pony friendship is magic, & my little pony equestria girls drawing sketchbooks, statue figures, wallpaper, plush, t shirt, electronic stuff, dvd,music cd,or something that i want to get.
1. twilight sparkle
2. pinkie pie
3. rainbow dash
4. rarity
5. fluttershy
6. applejack
7. luna,
8. cadence
9. celestia,
10. octavia,
11. bon bon,
12. lyra,
13. twinkle
14. bulk biceps,
15. roseluck,
16. berrypunch,
17. colgate,
18. carrot top,
19. photofinish
20. derpy,
21. cheese sandwich
22. zecora,
23. dr. hooves
24. mrs. cheerilie
25. coco,
26. mrs. peachbottom
27. mrs. harshwinny
28. spike
29. sappire shores
30. big mac
31. granny smith
32. mr. cake
33. mrs. cake
34. daring doo
35. cmc applebloom, sweetie belle, scootaloo, babs seed
36. fiddlesticks
37. shining armor
38. flash sentry
39. spitfire
40. stormchaser

41. other vinyl scratch stuff
42. trixie
43. sunset shimmer
44. nightmare moon
45. discord, discorded ponies
46. queen chrysails, changelings
47. king sombra, crystal curse ponies
48. lord tierk
49. man- iac
50. diamond dogs
51. film flam bros.
52. gilda
53. windigos
54. lightening dust

y'know what i would like to get on Oct. 3 on my birthday is an my little pony frienship is magic my little pony t shirt. a t shirt has twilight sparkle, applejack, fluttershy, pinkie pie, rarity, rainbow dash., my little pony equestria girls t shirt. a t shirt has twilight sparkle, fluttershy, pinkie pie, applejack, rarity, rainbow dash. my little pony album soundtracks. got all songs season 1, 2, 3, 4. equestria girls album soundtrack all songs. my little pony how to draw ponies, and how to draw equestria girls hasbro way in animation. or go to brony, or dragon con. an my little pony plush collection. has twilight sparkle, fluttershy, pinkie pie, applejack, rarity, rainbow dash, princess luna, princess cadence, princess celestia, spike, octavia, derpy, colgate, lyra, carrot top, bon bon, roseluck, dr. hooves, berrypunch, twinkle. bulk biceps, cmc, mrs. cheerilee, mr. mrs. cake, mrs. harshwinny, mrs. peachbottom, zecora, photofinish, coco pummel, sappire shores, cheese sandwich, etc.

or go to brony, or dragon con to get a my little pony collection comics. or to get a my little pony equestria girls canterlot high t shirt with ears headset, and tail wastline to cheer, and to help with twilight sparkle, along with her friends rainbow dash, pinkie pie, fluttershy, applejack, and rarity to dance together, to help her twilight to win the crown, or to help in a lead vocal in lend a helping hand in her band. to get a my little pony wallpaper, or poster. or a magic mirror that is based on the movie equestria girls a mirror.

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Sep 9, 14 at 10:07am

rofl, aw man, the Japanese sure make weird but awesoem stuff.

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