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Jun 30, 11 at 1:15pmLiege

Here is a place you can get classic MLP and FiM stickers. The following are $6 for a pack of 75.

And they have some scratch n' sniff stickers too! These are $6 for a pack of 50.

There are other offerings at various prices; check out the link to see them all.

We also have pony themed pillows here. The entire mane 6 is not yet available but here are the three that are:

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Jun 30, 14 at 5:59pm
luis a rivera jr.

or i would love to get is my little pony friendship is magic stickers of twilight sparkle, fluttershy, rarity, rainbow dash, pinkie pie, applejack, princess luna, princess cadence, princess celestia,shining armor, vinyl scratch, octavia, cutie mark crusaders, babs seed, berrypunch, carrot top, roseluck, colgate, fiddlesticks, photofinish,star sappire, coco, minty fresh, big mac, granny smith, dr. hooves, derpy, bulk biceps, mrs. cheerilee, mrs. peachbottom, mrs. harshwinny, mr. & mrs. cake, wonderbolts, donut joe, bon bon, lyra, cheese sandwich, fancypants, mayor mane, mare do well, daring doo, nightmare moon, queen chrysails, king sombre, discord, lord tierk, mane iac, trixie, sunset shimmer, film, flam, diamond dogs, diamond tiara, silverspoon, zecora, spike, etc. or a trading cards.

Jun 30, 14 at 5:40pm
luis a rivera jr.

i would love to get a my little pony friendship is magic mirror on my room wall to hang it up. where on the side edges around the mirror a my little pony friendship is magic symbol mane 6 and princess cutie marks,twilight sparkle's magic star, rainbow dash's thundercloud, rarity's diamond gem jewel, fluttershy's butterfly, applejack's apple, pinkie pie's balloons,princess cadence's crystal heart, princess celestia's sun, and princess luna's moon.

Jun 30, 14 at 5:23pm
luis a rivera jr.

i would love to get a my little pony friendship is magic art picture poster frame to hang up on my wall in my room. art poster picture frame has twilight sparkle, pinkie pie, rainbow dash, rarity, applejack, fluttershy, princess luna, princess celestia, princess cadence, shining armor, spike, cutie mark crusaders, babs seed, zecora, discord, king sombra, queen chrysails, maneiac, diamond dogs, chimera, lord tierk, nightmare moon, film flam bros., trixie, sunset shimmer, vinyl scratch, octavia, daring doo, mr., & mrs. cake, mrs. cheerilee, bon bon, lyra, bulk biceps, mrs, harshwinny, mrs. peachbottom, coco, star sappire, fancypants, cheese sandwich, berrypunch, carrot top, roseluck, colgate, fiddlesticks, photofinish, minty fresh, big mac, granny smith, dr. hooves, derpy, diamond tiara& silverspoon, mayor mane, mare do well, dizty doo, dinky doo, featherweight, daisy, wonderbolts, donut joe, mantiecore, iron will, crystal ponies, ponies pets, pumpkin & pound cake, cranky doodle, gilda, parasprites, etc.

Jun 30, 14 at 1:07am

There are lots of cool MLP products here.. thinking about ordering a sweater

Apr 03, 14 at 2:09pm
Shadow of Death

There is a Large Rainbow Dash plushie available. Seems USA only shipping, which stands at $150. Starting bit of $100.

Actually, it seems the seller is saying it is life size. I'll buy that, for the most part. Depends on how one calculates the sizes. I think the Fluttershy plushie on Ebay ages ago was a bit bigger though.

Aug 30, 13 at 12:53am
Shadow of Death

WeLoveFine has added more stuff (Not surprising), but there are a few things worth updating this thread for:

Scarves: There are now MLP Scarves. Just two for now it seems, but I expect more will eventually come.
Rainbow Dash

Applejack - Discorded AJ (though not reduced in color)
Luna Heart
Mail Mare (Derpy CM)
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash CM
Doctor Whooves CM

Flyin' Dash
Future Twilight
Mail Mare (Derpy)
Discord ('Stained Glass' appearance)

Aug 08, 13 at 6:00am

Aww man... more vinyl figures I can't get without paying insane money for.

Aug 07, 13 at 9:00pm
Shadow of Death

quote Auron Blade

Welovefine gets more of my moneys.
Indeed. I threw some money at them myself, but that's not even half of the stuff that I'd really want to get (I've saved about a dozen things for future purchase). I don't have any ROOM left on my walls for posters >_<

Aug 07, 13 at 6:15pm
Auron Blade


Welovefine gets more of my moneys.

Aug 07, 13 at 5:25pm
Shadow of Death

WeLoveFine is doing something new. Order a couple of hoodies/shirts/art prints/bags, and you'll be able to get a Vinyl Scratch...Vinyl figure for $20

Link for Goodness

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