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Jun 13, 11 at 6:26pmArietta

Hi guys.
Some of you may know, some may not. I'm working on the Neoseeker iPhone app called NiOS, and I need some help making the graphics, since I don't like working with them. The Neoseeker app for iPhone will be free, that means none of us will make a cent out of this. But if you are interested in working with me making a couple of buttons, please let me know either replying here or by sending me a PM. This kind of things help with your portfolio and experience.

I will highly appreciated if anyone helped me make those buttons. It's not too much work, in case you are wondering if I'm going to abuse you.

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Jun 23, 12 at 12:04am

Hoof, hoof, okay.
Triple post. Woozah!

The specifications for NiOS have changed and I have come to a sad conclusion that I just can't ask all of you to mockup things for me to see if I will use them. I'm sorry for wasting your time years ago guys.

I'm looking for a pair of designers now who will want to work with me on the Neoseeker iPhone app.
I want to work closely with at least two people for this, and those interested would be working on design under my direction and on design only (I will take care of the coding unless I come to the conclusion I need help). I have made a couple of mockups of what I want, but I need people who will be able to create graphic resources for this, and I'm not only talking about buttons. Many things will pop up along the way, not just buttons.

The two people who work in this will be responsible in getting 1) The color scheme right and 2) creating fitting UI controllers. Like I said, I have a good bit of mockups created and you would mostly be working in "beautifying" those mockups (and suggesting better ideas if you have them! It's not like I will be your big boss and smack you if you don't do things my way. ).

Ideally, those wanting to work with me will have bit of experience designing iPhone apps, or someone with experience in designing websites or software; But I realize that's probably too much to ask for Neo, so basically, anyone who knows how to work color schemes and can create UI elements can contact me for this. Show me some designs you have made for software or even websites. Anything that shows that you can create UI elements and mix color schemes nicely is more than welcome. I'm not asking for full portfolios here so this should be easy to get for anyone wanting to work with me on this..

And finally, but not less any more important (and I think I said it many times; Don't remember), both you and I are working on this for free. I'm not getting paid (the app will be free, as the NeoAPI license states I can't generate money with Neo apps, and do trust me I would split the revenue if I could make some money out of it. ), but this will be a HUGE thing to show off in your portfolio, and it will be a great experience for all of us working on it.

So yep, those interested please let me know either here or on my inbox, and we will start working on this ASAP.

EDIT: I forgot one important detail. I found a PSD that you can use to work over it. It's a bunch if iPhone controllers you can use to help me design the app. Of course, the rest of the customization would be up to you but it's a great stepping stone you can use.

Mar 3, 12 at 5:06am

Bumping this up because I'm retaking this project.
Will let you know when I need your services again .

Jun 21, 11 at 10:56pm

I will leave them as they are. Making them actual icons could ruin the interface a bit. I'm sure people will realize they are buttons, otherwise everyone would hate the Facebook app.

EDIT: This is as much as you guys are going to see for now .

Jun 21, 11 at 10:54pm

The third one is very nice indeed

Vermillion Are you going to make them into 'buttons' (ie. put the designs onto rounded rectangles) or leave them as they are?

It may be better to put everything onto a rounded rectangle so it gives it a sense of having a 'theme/style' rather than just a collection of icons. Also, it shows the user exactly where to tap the screen if the icons have definite boundaires.

Jun 21, 11 at 6:15pm

Vermillion It didn't look great with the dark blue, here it is with the lighter shade:

Edit: Woah, thankfully I posted on the blue background, I forgot to crop out the shine effect layer so it only shows against the text. I'll edit this post again in a few mins with new versions!

Here they are:

version 1 - version 2 - version 3

Jun 21, 11 at 6:08pm

Guugley: I like the blues you posted. Specially the dark one. If anyone wants to modify their buttons to add bits of that blue, feel free to do it, but it's not a requirement.

Pritstick: I don't know if I will be releasing screenshots, but at the same time I probably will need feedback. I dunno yet, maybe I will just release "teasers" for those who really want it.
And regarding the Android app, Chiggins is working on one, but that's completely another project and it sure will be different than what I am doing. If you have questions regarding the progress of the 'Droid app, feel free to ask Chiggins, because we are working separately.

Jun 21, 11 at 5:24pm

Are you yet at the stage where you could post us a sneak preview screenshot, or is it being kept under wraps?

Also, is there any chance of it getting ported to 'droid when it's done? 'Cause I'd get it if it is...

Jun 21, 11 at 9:26am

The blue of the Neo logo doesn't go with it, imo. Needs to be something lighter like #9DBBE8 or darker like #0B326D.

Jun 21, 11 at 12:00am

It will work in the iPhone, iPod Touch, and in the iPad.

Jun 20, 11 at 11:40pm

I'd just like to say that i'm really excited for this. Hopefully it'll work for the iTouch, as well? Most aps for the iPhone do, but certain ones require the actual phone.

Regardless, this is awesome, vermillion!

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