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Jun 07, 11 at 9:56pmintoxication

Hi All, Thanks to Gotenks, we now have a new SSB forum, which I am sure he will eventually mod.

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Jul 09, 14 at 10:16pm

Welcome to the forum, guys! It's great to have you both aboard here.

Hope you enjoy your stay! :3

Jul 03, 14 at 6:48pm

Hey everyone, my name is Fud! Been on Neoseeker forever, but never have never really used the forums. I have been playing all the SSB games, and I am excited for this new one! I will definitely be getting both versions (3DS and Wii U)! Will be seeing you guys on SSB4

Jun 14, 14 at 7:43am
Dark Wave

Hey, guys. I'm fresh to the forum in general, and I never got many chances to play SSBM or SSBB because I've never owned a Wii or a Wii U, so I've only been able to play when I was visiting at a friend's house etc. I did play a lot of the original SSB on Nintendo 64 and I enjoyed that a lot, though.

Regardless, I'll be getting SSB 3DS immediately once it comes out, and I'll be playing on it rather competitively. The hype for this game is pretty great, so I see the game having a long-lasting fan base and this forum having a long-lasting community once both versions of the game are released. I'm looking forward to being a part of it.

May 28, 14 at 5:42pm

Welcome to the forum, everyone! I'm sure you'll all fit in quite nicely here, especially since some of you are from the Brawl forum. :3

Also, Tidus Strife your avatar is awesome and Killua is awesome.

May 24, 14 at 8:17am
Random hero jr

quote Tidus Strife
Hi, I'm Mike.I was pretty active on the Brawl boards back in their glory days and I've always had my share of fun with the Smash Bros. Series. I don't post a lot on Neo anymore but as release approaches I figure I'll be around here more often.So howdy
Hi Mike.

A few people here might remember me. For those who have no idea who I am, I'd introduce myself but what I say would be pretty much the same as the above post. lol

The only difference being that I arrived here about a month after Brawl's UK release. So yeah.

Oh, and everyone please call me Craig (I hate my neo-name).

May 24, 14 at 7:05am
Tidus Strife

Hi, I'm Mike.

I was pretty active on the Brawl boards back in their glory days and I've always had my share of fun with the Smash Bros. Series. I don't post a lot on Neo anymore but as release approaches I figure I'll be around here more often.

So howdy

May 22, 14 at 3:59pm

Hello, I'm Wazuu2, and I've been a big fan of the series ever since I played Melee at a friend's house. Now I own Brawl and can't wait to beat up people with Villager and Megaman when SSB4 comes out!

Apr 26, 14 at 4:21pm

Thnx for the welcome Sigma I will enjoy it here.

Apr 26, 14 at 8:49am

Welcome to the forum, Bronychan1217 and Surfer1020! Hope you guys will enjoy your time here.

Apr 15, 14 at 6:38pm

Hi, I'm surfer1020, I've been into the Smash games since the 64 version, but my first owned version was Melee. I've had so much fun playing Brawl and I used to hang around that forum back then, but now I'm here

I'm super excited for this Smash game and will get both Wii U and 3DS versions. I can;t wait to play as Toon Link, Greninja and Wii Fit Trainer, and hopefully Falco will be returning to make this game even better for me.

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