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Apr 16, 11 at 3:24amBig A2

To clean things up a bit, we've decided to move the Friend Code Thread and Introduction Thread into the same place.

Anyone who posted their FC in the old thread has had their name listed here, so don't post again. And there's no need to tell us the name you entered onto your console, as it's not important and won't be listed. If any information here is wrong please PM me and I'll fix it immediately.

The thread will also be left open for new visitors to the forum to post their introductions and/or friend codes.

4/1/12 Update (18/5/12 Addition (Bolded)):

Okay, this place is becoming a little messy. Some new rules:

1) Don't post just to tell people you've added them. You can PM them for that and we don't need to clutter up 75% of the thread with it. Any posts like this from this point on will be deleted. I really hate to have to delete harmless posts, but they make the database harder to update and defeat the purpose of an introduction thread. If you're doing this for the Introduction sake of the thread, i.e. welcoming them to the forum, then by all means do so. Just don't keep posting your friend code/telling people you've added them.

2) Please don't post your friend code more than once. If you've posted it once, then it'll be added to the list the next time I update it. Posting it twice just adds to the confusion for me.
17/3/12 Update:

Guys, I can't add you to the list unless you're a Neoseeker member.

3DS Friend Code Database (Sorted By Username)


Akira_EX: 5284-1470-9856

anadense: 0130-1831-9350


Baks: 4339-2530-6633

BB_Brona: 4210-4462-3724

bbb7002004: 5455-9397-1475

blacksnow398: 4940-6200-6089

bloodyvamp: 4167-4686-8146

Boogerhangin: 2723-9738-8611

Bookworm: 4253-4329-2155

Budokai Freak: 1246-8886-9603


Caleb Fidjeland: 3007-9079-2421

captain boo: 0087-2850-9064

castilleja22: 2964-8605-9879

Cat: 0387-8785-7241

Coconut: 0774-4384-2015

Couttsy: 4553-9991-9842


da warrior666: 0387-9475-4088

Dark Arcanine: 3136-6590-7993

Dark Xionei: 4639-9023-7755

darkside: 1891-1164-9786

Darksoul7890: 4253-4118-7623

Danger52 X: 3308-5333-2625

daniandan: 0834-0637-4136

Danyo: 3380-4560-9880

demoncatjuston: 0473-7794-8660

demonslayer591: 1504-6166-7685

Dilute: 1993-9755-8526

Dragoon: *removed*

DreamCrafter: 0387-8761-9942

D_O_G87: 5198-2582-1395


Echova: 4312-9873-7850

EEEHAWW: 0946-2735-1460

eliotness3: 2234-7319-6642

Epic_Member: 3308 4959 4707


Fasha: 2621-2712-9987

FoneBoneFan15: 1118-0303-0423

The Frozen One: 5327-0902-8034


gluck90: 3368-2254-3861

GokuIsMyFriend: 4897-6101-6764

Griffsports: 0173-1407-4004

Ground: 4768-7609-2061

Ground (JP): 2191-8375-7725

GnV: 0645-6050-9047


Hidan623: 2921-9096-5434

Hylian: 2664-2282-4321


l_gregory13: 4253-3770-3500

ims2golfer: 3909-7833-6252


Jonathancf: 0877-1094-5490

Julirety: 0559-7476-2805 / 2122-6407-4367

justinbug: 2750-1234-1862


Kalas spirit: 0001-3310-8087

katiexpotter: 4983-5399-5490

KirbyHyrule: 0903-2752-5041

Kobold: 0645-5766-5645

Krimson4eva: 1478-3592-5306


laceylu: 0877-0930-3196

Lan_11: 1590-4791-0729

legendary one: 5129-1183-4447

Lesley Pro_04: 5386-7809-7870

luanluker: 2105-8933-5398

Lukaeu: 2320-6222-5169

lucasguic: 0302-0108-8224


Master Jynch: 0387-8874-4169

MasterOfBlades: 3995-6505-8871

megageeklizzy: 0688-5323-3404

mebben: 0361-7046-6070

metal_prisioner: 4639-9964-4750

Mikey14: 4854-6681-0466

Miss Pokemon: 3566-2037-1817

Mollygraser: 1934-0850-3551

MrAl: 0645-6929-4999

Mr Gamerboy: 1203-9716-0913

msshinky: 0619-3919-9682


narutard63: 0834-1503-1256

neo8756: 1203-9209-3804

NF10: 4081-5541-1945

Nicodm: 2322 6010 9675

nighthawk507: 4253-4121-9323

NightmareWolf13: 3136-7299-1976


onewat: 2921-9605-6366

Out-of-Ennui: 3523-2222-1288


Pikachu: 4897-6166-0306

piro leetusagi: 3566-1628-5922

pokemaniac_Y: 0962-9937-9704

Pokemon cheater: 3566-1617-5562

Pokemon Leader: 2964-8729-2893

Pokemonnerd8985: 2793-0582-6280

PrincessRyo: 0130-2331-8193

ProfessorMaple: 0516-7275-2606

ProtossZealot: 3695-0546-7810


Raikou376: 2019-9686-2812

RaptorMoonX: 1118-0316-6974

Red Flame: 4468-1199-5613

Richiejack: 3823-9159-6103

Rogan KIU MK7: 5112-3980-5631

Rouge Elite: 1762-2781-0852


sandwich: 0963-0218-3424

Scyth: 3308-5424-7211

Shadow Link: 2750-1139-0984

ShinyBibarel: 4339-2576-2495

Sil: 1032-1490-1609

SkyNintendo3DS: 0301-9821-0606

Sleepy Head: 1461-6218-8100

Snake: 5069-3924-2539

soloredd: 3754-7779-1602

Sonic Chao: 2191-7969-6414

Sonicfan: 1504-6193-5039

Sonic Rush: 1504-5790-8089

sonicshadowboy: 0001-3329-7478

Sophielol: 5456-0678-5248

starlight1208: 5043-2297-1457

Symphonic Abyss: 1590-4774-8469


TatsuBreeder: 4313-1183-5881

tendoboy1984: 4012-4288-6002

TheBrapman: 3695-0016- 4461

thenamesC: 4468-2127-4923

tracksprinter2013: 2105-8649-8009

Trepert: 2449-4610-7928

twistedvictor: 3780-9018-1089


vidfreak24: 5412-9945-7161

VonDoom: 1805-2173-3036


Warbuzz: 3652-1217-6529

Wolfwood: 4596-9464-6560

Wolfzer: 3995-7640-7549

wiithepeople: 0044-2904-0617

Wilhelm Ryan: 0989-2144-3705


xofnnelg: 2793-0728-6160

xxunowenxx: 1993-8089-3455


ykcp: 4914-3390-9741


Zookes: 2750-1185-6515

Zuidy: 2836-0108-9517


17tom3: 5026-4642-7253

Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Jul 24, 15 at 2:50pm

Hello, looking to build friend safari and other friend code featured games on my 3DS, please pm me if you add.
My code:4141-2988-8841

Jun 30, 15 at 1:34pm

Friend code is: 0963-2572-9870

Jun 27, 15 at 11:04pm

Hello, my friend code is 5429-8426-0392 and I want friends on animal crossing new leaf

Apr 30, 15 at 5:46pm

Hey, I'm new here & looking for friends.

My friend code is 3711-9261-4775. Please add me.

Apr 07, 15 at 4:50pm

Hi im bigjon357 i own a pokemon trainer website and have a directory for friend codes on it for trainers from google plus and twitter. if you want to be added to the directory pm me . or see my sig below thanks.
Visit my pokemon trainer directory:

Apr 07, 15 at 2:28pm

Friend Code: 3196-6259-0192

I play Animal Crossing New Leaf & Super Smash Brothers. PM me if you wanna play either ∕∕∕ ∕ ∕∕˛₍˴◅ˋ)੭✧∕∕∕ ∕∕

Apr 07, 15 at 1:59pm

Can I be added to the list. Please PM me if you add me. I only have 2 friends. My fc# is 4656-7481-1409. Thank you

Mar 09, 15 at 5:57pm

I tried to add you said it was an invalid code.

Mar 09, 15 at 5:36pm

My friend code is 3153-3576-7764. I would appreciate that if you are to add me, you would either send me a notification or PM me. Otherwise, I won't know you added me.

Mar 09, 15 at 4:23pm

Hey neongirl add my fc
And anyone else! I need some gamer friends!

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