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Mar 20, 11 at 9:18pmfall

I would love to see these implamented in AC:3DS, said to be released around june02-july time. (although it's only a placeholder.)

- If you eat fruit you become slightly faster
- A city
- Hotels in the city to stay overnight
- A large city the size of a town
- Industrialised beach
- Swimming
- Driving? (City only.. hire a bike?)
- A proper restraunt, the coffee guy owns it
- A mall

What I would NOT want to see in AC:3DS:

- Skinnyness/Fat
- Costomisable towns
- Able to make own recipe's
- Tortimer being my secratary
- Phyllis


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Dec 20, 12 at 3:23pm

quote Carole
In other AC games you can dress up like an animal, and buy a beak or whatever at the Able Sisters. Even though you can't be an animal, maybe that would be fun for you and help you to feel more in place.
I can't remember specifics, but I saw a video for this game where the character had a beak on. I just remember going "what the heck is on that kids face?". So yeah you can at least try (as weird as it looks). God only knows what else this game will offer. xP

Dec 20, 12 at 8:18am

I guess. My opinion changes quite a lot, and I don't really mind being a human so much come to think of it... the bunny headgear looks kawaii though des[/size]

Dec 19, 12 at 8:22pm

quote Takagi
I'd like to be an animal too! It would make me feel more in place...
In other AC games you can dress up like an animal, and buy a beak or whatever at the Able Sisters. Even though you can't be an animal, maybe that would be fun for you and help you to feel more in place.

Dec 19, 12 at 2:48pm

==i promise this the police station returns if you choose classic you get booker ;fancy=copper .Phineas gives badges for working hard.They included a mall wich includes Shampoodles,Shoe Shank[run by kicks] The able sis. sell pants and shirts while labelle (Label) and a photo booth your secretary is a yellow Shi can build community projects (E.g)park contraption photo can pick exterior of house.Tom nook and Lyle run a real estate building to watch translated walkthroughs on youtube search Linandko they do everything.

Dec 16, 12 at 10:15am

I'd like to be an animal too! It would make me feel more in place...

Nov 28, 12 at 1:06am

I would like to see these things added:

More fossils of less common dinosaurs.

More fish.

More insects.

I'd like to be able to catch reptiles and amphibians, birds and small mammals like mice.

I'd like to be able to play as an animal. I don't really approve of the humans.

I'd like to have a pet. Not like a bug in a container, but a bird that'd fly around and perch on things, a dog, cat or horse would be nice IMO.

Hopefully the release date which is getting pushed back further and further will give them time to implement some of these things.

Gawd I want to play as animal...

Nov 23, 12 at 8:13pm

Thanks Uvailable. I'm glad you enjoyed them.
Oh, so you like Luke, too?! Same here, but that's off topic.
Yes, YouTube is just bursting with all of these new videos showing a lot of the new features, all of which are getting all Animal Crossing players, especially those participating in this thread, even MORE psyched up for this game.
As far as matters of the release go, I did find out from numerous places over the Internet yesterday mentioning the first half of 2013. That'd better be correct, because I think if we get one more false release date/delay, I am going to turn into Resetti. :3

Also, if any of you are interested, I think you should read my past posts regarding my ideas (you can tell I put a LOOOOOOOOOOt of thought into them--they were already emailed to Nintendo!). They may be lengthy, but I think you'll like them! Plus, I'm always interested to know what people think.

Nov 23, 12 at 7:38pm

Wow, thanks for all of these videos. Such a great treat! Every video I see makes me want it more and more. I wish they'd give us a release date soon.

Fluidity Edit: As the header says, please do not quote the message directly above yours. If you want to notify the person, please use the "@username" notification system. Thanks. (:

Nov 22, 12 at 7:36pm

hey, guys! IT's me, ACLover72, and a very happy Thanksgiving to all of you out there!
Speaking of thankfulness, I have happy news, and it's related to this game:
Hopefully a lot of you read my previous ideas for this game, which included the grandiose return of the tropical island from the GCN animal crossing. Well, I have another video for you, which shows just that. See, our friendly YouTube contributor, WiiFolderJosh, has uploaded a number of trailers showing so many aspects of the game! And this one in particular showed the return of the island and Kapp'n's boat service. Yes, you read that right! The very island from GCN is BACK!!!!!!! I am excited in particular because I mentioned this in my list of ideas myself, on this very thread!
Check it out for yourself:
Here's one showing the amazing graphics--I like the graphics styles!--and my favorite concept of a Nintendo game: music.
Exploring the mall I've mentioned earlier:
Here's a newcomer: Designing your own furniture!
The capabilities and roles of the 3DS(XL)'s StreetPass features:
Exploring the neighborhood!
And, for the finishing touch, just a preview of all of the different attractions of the town! 0:23! What did I tell you? Brewster will have his own shop! It's unbelievable how I practically foretold everything that would be in this game! Haha, no actually I emailed them long before I joined Neo. Do you think it's a coincidence? Or did they actually bother to read fans' mail?!

Well, have fun! Also, maybe you guys have seen it, maybe not, but WiiFolderJosh is also doing something called a Video Journal of this game. I don't have the link, but if you're interested, take a look and let us know your thoughts!

So, once again, a happy Thanksgiving to all of you; I hope you're having a good time. And I hope I helped with these videos. Can't wait to see what you guys think, so don't be shy! Let us know your opinions and thoughts!


Oct 20, 12 at 12:00pm


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