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Mar 18, 11 at 12:58amshinikaze1

lvl 56 zoroark
flame thrower
nasty plot
shadow ball
night slash

lvl 64 hydreigon\
hyper beam
dragon pulse

lvl 60 bisharp
x scissor
night slash
aerial ace

lvl 56 tyranitar

lv 53 sharpedo

lvl 55 shiftry
dark pulse
energy ball
focus blast
double team

im wanting outrage on my hydreigon to beef up his attack gnarly like

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Apr 17, 13 at 8:44pm

quote Twilight

Get a Scrafty.

smartest thing today

Dec 26, 12 at 10:10pm

awwwww what the heck where is liepard?!?!

May 31, 12 at 8:18am

Bisharp lvl79
Sword Dance Iron Defense
Night Slash Iron Head
Mandibuzz lvl77
Nasty Plot Dark Pulse
Fly Brave Bird
Tyranitar lvl79
Earthquake Thunder Wave
.Dragon Claw Crunch
Weavile lvl77
Shadow Claw Hone Claws
X-Scissors Night Slash
Absol lvl77
X-Scissors Night Slash
Will-O-Wisp Psycho Cut
Hydreigon lvl79
Dragon Pulse Work Up
Flamethrower Dark Pulse


May 20, 12 at 6:46am

Go go dragonite

Nov 7, 11 at 12:40pm

Teach Surf To Your Hydreigon and Give It Flamethrower For Covorage Instead Of Hyper Beam

For Sharpedo Delete Surf and Give It Waterfall That's My Openion Also Delete Scald And Give It Ice Fang For Grass Types Also Instead Of Take Down Give It Swagger

Mar 20, 11 at 7:29am

quote H o r s E
Conkeldurr used Mach Punch!

Post od the year

Mar 20, 11 at 5:26am

Get a Scrafty.

Mar 19, 11 at 3:38pm

Well time to get my Escavalier out. Maybe a Focus Sash for that damned Flamethrower on your zoroark.

Mar 19, 11 at 12:48pm

^ This. Your team is incredibly weak to fighting type pokemon. If you're intent on a mono dark team then you might want to consider a pokemon whose second typing resists or nulls fighting, like Spiritomb, Mandibuzz or Skuntank.

Some of your mons seem a bit mixed on their attack choices. Like Zoroark doesn't want both Night Slash and Shadow Ball. You might want to firmly decided if you want a mixed attacker or if you want to focus pokemon on the physical or special side.

Mar 19, 11 at 7:19am

Conkeldurr used Mach Punch!

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