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Mar 12, 11 at 2:55pmTheInitialzation

i cant decide wich one to use?
Hydreigon or Haxorus?

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Feb 2, 15 at 5:42pm
dbvhadf bvoqervbqerv

i have both and depending on the situation i deice between them if i want a physical sweeper i use haxorus because he has a higher attack stat it is true he would get trolled in a 1 on 1 fight with a hydreigon but in most battles i get up a dragon dance way before hydregion even come out and after that haxorous has no problem shittin in a hydregion

i only do competitivebattling

Dec 16, 14 at 9:15pm

Hydreigon no discussion,
I have one and first off tri-attack over powered add dragon rush, dragon claw, and flamethrower and you have the perfect move pool. you are safe against ice types and dragon types now and you have a chance to do you see what I mean.

May 8, 14 at 4:58pm

Hydriegon is way better! His stats are better and he is way cooler looking. If you get a Samurott, Chandelure, Krookodile, Gothitelle, and Eelektross or Unfezant, Hydriegon works great for that team because of the types and that team could really use a dragon type with a great movepool.

Feb 27, 14 at 4:40pm

Hydreigon, for sure. Like somebody above said, Hydreigon just trolls Haxorus with that extra speed point, and has nice defenses to boot. Haxorus needs a dragon dance to outrun Hydreigon, and before he can even get a dragon dance up, Hyrdeigon has already knocked him out with a dragon pulse because Haxorus can't take a special hit.

Sep 19, 13 at 8:52pm

Both are very good in their own ways, and you can't really compare them because they serve completely different purposes (Haxorus: Strict attacker, Hydreigon: all-around special attacker) Haxorus has the second highest attack Stat of any unova pokemon, and is decently fast and can usually take a hit, and if properly EV trained for speed and attack, it can be quite the force. Also, it having access to swords dance, dragon dance (along with earthquake and dragon claw) allows it to easily ko the defending pokemon. Hydreigon is very all-around, and only having 4 weaknesses and levitate make it a great pokemon to use casually and competitively. It has access to a great deal of moves, including a deadly draco meteor and hyper voice, which can hit multiple defending pokemon.

IMO they are both great and both usable, you just need to know which you need more.

Aug 15, 13 at 9:17am

Well, if you're talking about in-game, Haxorus. It's fully- evolved by level 48, plus Mold Breaker-Earthquake is great against those pesky Elektross. Hydreigon you can't get until level 75, and I personally don't grind THAT much. Also, just yesterday in GTS negotiations, I showed a guy a normal, level 50 Haxorus and he went all crazy and traded me a competitive, level 100 dragonite with leftovers. Must have thought it was shiny.

Competitively, I think you should get a Hydreigon, but that b**** takes so much experience, I didn't want to train my Deino and it went straight in the Daycare. I'm a lazy trainer, so the only pokemon I ever got to level 100 was a Mewtwo in Firered (E4 grinding), but Hydreigon will pay off, I promise.

Aug 13, 13 at 4:33am

i think hydreigon is much better than haxorus cause he is cool,his stats are better than haxorus,his moves are superb,immune to 2 types and many moar..

but its up to you guys cause its a hard decision

Jul 20, 13 at 3:50pm


Jul 8, 13 at 2:17pm

I mostly make teams made of Special and neutral , all generations i pick 2 Physicals to complete my team and since Hydreigon is OH GOD STUPID in physical attack i picked Haxorus for white 2 and i didnt really care to complete my team after i beaten the elite 4 on White.

My team in pokemon white 2: Samurott, Lucario, Unfezant, Zoroark, Gotoritha, Haxorus. -, -, Physical, Special, Special, Physical

Zoroark was the piece to complete my team mostly but sometimes i woudnt win whintout Haxorus.

My team in pokemon white: Samurott, Stoutland, Scrafty, Krokorok, Emolga, Zekrom. -, Physical, Physical, -, Special, Special

Mar 9, 13 at 1:12pm

im having the same trouble but im probably gonna use haxorus ive also got a starmie which is a special attacker so itll fit in

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