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Jan 29, 11 at 6:23pmKingy

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Hey guys. Welcome to the dream journal of Kingx2! He has some of the most vivid and crazy dreams you can't even imagine. Oh how he wishes he could draw them professionally. Anyways, let me stop talking in third person so I can give you a run down on how this is going to work.


I may not show it on the outside, but I have a crazy imagination. When I hit the pillows, it runs wild like a gazelle through the savanna. I remember my dreams multiple times a week. Once in a while, I'll get one that stands out and I remember well for months. A select few I remember for years, just because it paints such a mental masterpiece I can't let go. Even more rare, I will have reoccurring or 'continuing' dreams. These dreams will have multiple posts, which I will signify with 'post two', 'post three', 'post four', and so on.

I've never kept a dream diary, but creating this thread, I can now say I have. I'll update it every time I have a dream I can remember enough to post, but there might be long periods of time between those times because such an instance doesn't always happen. I hope I don't freak you out too much! After all, I'm only subconsciously insane, right?

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Aug 7, 16 at 8:45am

View of the Sun

I had this dream a few nights ago, but I still remember important parts of it.

It started off with me and these two strangers, can't remember who they were or who they could have been representations of in real life, but all I know is we were a team and on a mission towards the Sun. I remember us messing around with a telescope camera, trying to take the best possible picture of the Sun as we approached it. After what seemed like only seconds, the Sun was right next to us, and our spacecraft was soaring over it. Of course, in real life we would have been incinerated instantly by the energy by flying that close, but being a dream, we sailed over it, gazing at its formidably hot, bubbly surface below.

It then came to my attention that we were approaching a planet, which floated so close to the Sun, it could have easily been hit by a casual solar flare and burned to a crisp. Eventually, we landed on the planet inside of a city, which, of course, resembled roughly the city that I currently live in. Although everything wasn't on fire like it would have been in reality, I do remember the temperature being extremely hot and humid, and absolutely everything was drenched in hot water for some reason. There were no cars or anything on the streets; just us.

There's a huge gap in my memory from what what happened until the next part of the dream, but I vaguely remember us exploring an abandoned city devoid of all life. In the last part of the dream, I was hiding from someone in a bathroom stall. Someone came into the bathroom and left, and I remember feeling intensely relieved.

Another story idea? Haha.

May 12, 16 at 7:23pm

Where are all these thread views coming from?

Jan 17, 16 at 7:32pm

I dunno if I believe in past lives exactly, but I've had really odd dreams that felt like they actually happened, even after I woke up. It's kind of hard to explain, but it's a really deep felt emotion and when I disagree with it, it's like I'm disagreeing with something I KNOW happened, but at the same time...part of me says it's not real. I dunno if that makes sense but that's just how it is.

Still thinking about that novel idea...

Nov 29, 15 at 3:03am

Definitely novel worthy.

I've always been a huge believer in past lives, I don't think the life we are experiencing now is the only life we've ever had. Yes I will say that some of us have lived more lives than others but most have lived at least one or more. Fresh souls are scarce. We have no explanation for how long time has existed, but only answers for what we think we know.

Have you ever read about past-life regression therapy?

Therapist have found a way to put you into a deep trance that allows you to relive your past lives. Studies show from many seeking the truth that they have lived more than multiple lives. Why would all of these people report these other existences if they couldn't possibly be real?

I believe they were.

Oct 18, 15 at 10:56am

It's that time again, folks!

382 B.C.

I don't remember exactly where this dream started, but it began with the explosion of an atomic bomb, and me being caught in its blast radius.

However, instead of the blast of the bomb waking me up, like what death-inducing dreams would normally do, instead I became very warm and all I saw before me was white. As I fell through what was something along the lines of limbo, I remember calling out for my God, to save me from whatever fate lay before me.

Soon after, I was laying in a dark street of an old city, with architecture that looked very old. I remember seeing a sign that read, "382 B.C.", so I assumed this was the time period I landed in. I got up, dusted myself off, and began walking.

Aaaand...that's it. Haha. I don't remember anything else other than that. The bit about me dying and going through limbo, through, really stands out to me. Wouldn't it be awesome if when we died, all we did was get transported to a different time in history? Sounds like a premise to a novel...

Jun 25, 15 at 5:49pm

Wow, can't believe it's been an entire year since I posted in this thing. I had a pretty bizarre sequence of dreams, so I felt it was worth posting so it wasn't lost.

One-Hundred to Zero

I call this dream "One-Hundred to Zero" because I went from having a great dream to what was pretty much an intense nightmare. Shook me pretty good.

Now, I can't remember a lot of how it all started, but the earliest part of the dream I can still remember is I was flying through this sort of jet stream, but only about twenty feet off the ground. All my friends were there up in the air with me, along with some various characters from TV shows I watch, and I think my family was too but I'm not too sure. All I know is me and my friends were traveling to our vacation destination and all the others up there with us just happened to be going to the same place at the same time. Lol, yes, we were literally 'flying' to our destination, haha. I always enjoy flying dreams, but this dream was pure ecstasy. Later on in the dream, when my friends and I arrived at this hotel room (which seemed rather messy), I recall raving about how amazing the 'flight' was.

Some time later, I became upset because I apparently left all my clothes and stuff back at home, so I was on the vacation with just the clothes on my back. Then my friends got all condescending and annoying all of a sudden and wouldn't stop insulting me about it. Shortly after this, the dream shifted.

Now, I walking along this road that resembled something similar to my grandpa's house in a nearby town. As we crossed the street this huge semi-truck passed by that was decorated with all sorts of designs and colors. Then before I knew it, I found myself in my Entity XF from GTA5 and I was cruising down this desolate dirt road.

Shortly after, I arrived at this gigantic white house that was situated in the middle of nowhere. Before I could get out to check it out, though, I was hijacked and two thugs drove off with my car. I remember seeing all of this in third person, too, like I was actually playing the game. When I got to the house, a few of my friends and most of my family were there, including some other people I didn't recognize.

This is where the dream really started going south. Out of nowhere, I start hearing these bullets rain down upon the front of the house and everyone started running out the back door. Before I could stop people from leaving the house, I heard screams and bodies fall. I don't remember who died exactly, but I remember feeling an intense feeling of rage and grief, which likely meant they were my family and/or close friends.

I was so angry that I wanted to run from the house, but then I saw one of the gunners, a kid that looked similar to my friend's brother (who I actually like and respect), and he nearly but a bullet in me as I dived back inside. I remember hating him with every inch on my body as I saw him stand outside the door, smiling back at us like he was totally amused with it all. However, when he tried to get inside, someone in the house pulled out a pistol and shot him dead. When the killer fell, I remember rushing to his body and chucking it clean off the porch of the house, furious, then running out into the desolate area around the house and mourning over the dead bodies.

It was some heavy all felt so real. If it were possible, to make matters worse, when I finally managed to bring myself back inside my grandpa, who was there and alive, had a heart attack and died. Just like that.

I don't remember much after that, but I vaguely remember other events happening and they were just as bad. I almost never have nightmares like this, so it was pretty disturbing to me as I thought about it after I woke up. The only explanation I can come up with why I was so affected by all these deaths is because I've had a grandma and uncle pass away recently, as well as found out one of my grandpas was diagnosed with lung cancer. We lost all three of our dogs since October as well, so that definitely hasn't helped matters either.

I guess all these deaths has really put life into perspective for me and I'm afraid of losing any more of them, so that's why I dream about my friends and my family. I can't stand the thought of losing them, especially my close friends or family members that are such large parts of my life. But life can change in an instant and even those in good health can be taken by death just like that.

But that's just the fear talking. So, in an effort to bring this post back to 100, let me share a couple videos with you all that always help me up when I'm feeling down:

Jun 12, 14 at 11:13am

You Can't See the Forest For the Trees - June 12, 2014

This entire dream, which felt like it was as long as a movie, took place within just one hour. The reason I know this is I went to bed around 3:30AM last night and I woke up at 4:30AM, immediately having this dream. But that doesn't even scratch the surface of how profound this dream was. It was like a vision for a movie or something. Get a load of this.

I begin the dream in a parking lot taking notice of this poor teenage girl who just came out of the store to find her truck had broke down. She was heavy set, unattractive and she dressed in raggedy clothes. She probably got crap from people a lot. While she sat there in her truck, I noticed she had a totally lost look on her face, wondering what she was going to do. I felt so bad for her, I decided to walk over to her and offer her some help. She didn't speak to me at all, but she smiled and I could tell she was a very kind person. I ended up giving her some money towards fixing her truck, and I gave her a ride home.

Her home was only one room and she lived with her parents. But what stood out in this room was the incredible artwork that lined the walls. I remember just standing there, in her one room house, staring up at the high walls, gazing up at this amazing artwork. I came to the realization that this teenage girl created this artwork.

Then something really weird happened. Walking up to me was this thinner, much prettier and richly dressed girl who tried to hit on me, and she wanted me to come with her. So I did. Then I noticed the surroundings had changed to a much nicer room, something similar to a fancy hotel. I then remember looking around for the artist girl, who had vanished, then feeling a sense of guilt. As me and the rich girl exited the building, I hesitated. She kept trying to persuade me to go with her, but I refused. Eventually, she gave up and walked way.

The dream shifted again and I was in this bar looking at this tall, pretty Latino woman who was operating the bar. She had long dark hair and she had a look of no bullsh** on her face. She kept giving me this dirty look like I had done something terrible. I remember this bothering me a whole lot, because I really liked her and seeing her look at me that way was like total rejection.

But instead of shooing me away, she came up to me, took me by the hand, and led me to the back of the restaurant to a jail cell! She sat me inside of it and closed the door, then the dream shifted again.

Now this is where it really starts getting strange. I was now younger, and I had just walked into a diner. On accident, I broke something in the diner and tried to blame it on somebody else, but the guys who ran the restaurant knew I did it and they kicked me out. As I was kicked out, I noticed that I was being filmed by a floating video camera. Ignoring the camera, I ran away. As the dream kept shifting, I kept finding myself in situations where I did the wrong thing. And every time I did those bad things, this same floating camera was staring down at me, filming it all, like I was a part of some sort of show. It was like it was trying to highlight all the dishonest things I did throughout my life.

The dream shifted again. Crowds of girls similar to the rich girl I met early on in the dream were chasing after me, but of course I wasn't able to run fast enough. They ended up trampling me in the middle of this buildings that had tons of round tables in it. I remember feeling so ashamed of myself that I just wanted to curl up there and cover my face. But as I did so, the dream shifted again.

Now, I was outside on this misty street. The artist girl was there again, but this time, floating above the ground. Her parents were there too, and they were treating her like she was some sort of goddess. The sky was yellow.

But then the dream shifted again and I was back in the bar, the same age as I was when I first saw it in my dream. I was staring back at the same tall Latino woman behind the counter. Then suddenly, she shifted into this much less attractive, heavier woman that I normally would have been disgusted by. Instead, though, I ran up to her to try and hug her. But the girl transformed again and she pushed me away as she became this tall, glowing man with stunning mint colored eyes. WTF! He then put a arm over my shoulder and led me through the restaurant.

What happened at the end of this dream still gives me chills. When we reached the back of the restaurant, we turned toward the same jail cell I had been imprisoned in earlier on in the dream. Sitting there was the younger version of me, staring up at me with a mixture of confusion and fear.

"I had no idea," the older me said out loud.
"Well now you know," said the glowing man next to me. He had a cool, soothing voice. He then put his hands on my head, covering my eyes.
"But would you believe that this is all just imaginary?"

Right when he said that, I am not kidding, I heard a woman's voice in my ear whisper, "wake up, Damon," and immediately after, I woke up.

Again, WTF?

And yes, this all happened. I remember in such awe by the dream, chills ran down my spine. I still can't believe such a thing transpired in my subconscious, but it did. Was it something paranormal? Did it all mean something, or was it just another clever concoction of my imagination? Whatever it was, it was an inspiring experience and I hope to experience something like it again.

May 19, 14 at 11:08am

The Strangest Laboratory - May 19, 2014

This was a dream just before I woke up this morning, which was about 10am. Keep in mind I normally wake up around 7-8. I don't sleep this late unless I go to bed really late, which wasn't true, because I fell asleep around midnight, my normal bedtime. This dream had the be the reason why I slept so late.

Anyways, so I start off in my old high school. For some reason, I really pissed off one of the gum teachers there, and all I remember here is leaving the building with him shouting at me. I pushed open two sets of double doors and the dream shifts. Now I'm standing in front of this round, glass building just one story high. I walk in, and it resembles something like my high school cafeteria.

This is where it starts getting weird. A bunch of people are sitting inside, but they're not in high school. Instead, I'm looking at a bunch of thugs, and I have the sensation that they're aggressive and they don't want me there. However, I somehow think it's a good idea to sit down and start talking to them, like they're my friends.
Instead of beating me up, all but one of them leaves the building. The one guy that stays looks like a former co-worker I had, who had the look of a thug, but was a really nice guy.

The dream shifts again, and this giant wall beside me opens up and reveals an area that looks like the lobby to a fancy skyscraper or something. The floor is polished, people in suits are walking around me and a set of doors leads off to the right of me. I decided to push through these doors and explore.

What I'm met with couldn't have been a higher contrast of what I saw before: a long line of jail cells. Creatures, some fictional and some not, as well as people, are behind bars. I walk past all of them until I reach the very last cell, where a group of what I assume to be my friends, await my presence. I can't remember if they were my real friends or not, but I had the knowledge that they were my friends.

Of course, I tried to get them out, but I'm unsuccessful. So then I decide to leave them there to find a way to break them free. I walk out a door behind me and into the sunlight.

All along this wall was a sight so disturbing, even as I'm conscious now I'm still spooked by it. A bunch of glass windows housing the most distorted, deformed, horrific looking creatures I've ever seen are before me along a long stone wall. What made it so disturbing was the fact all of these...things used to be humans. I don't want to go into detail what they all looked like, because it's too grotesque to be allowed on this site, but they made zombies look cute. And there was so much...blood. Ugh, it was gross. I went back inside to tell my friends that this was a lab and they were test subjects. They were going to end up like those monsters!

Because I was stupid, I thought it would be a great idea to just blow open the iron bars with a claymore. To my great misfortune, I found a pile of claymores inside the lobby (it was a dream; I don't get it either). But the second I picked one of them up, a siren went off and a countdown timer began to echo throughout the building. Horrified at what just happened, I ran back down the hallway, past my friends who were seemingly oblivious to the whole thing, and out the same door I went through to find those deformed humans. I get to safety just in time as a huge explosion sounds behind me.

When I turn around, though, the building is still there. A tall, stone and glass building looms above me, completely intact. Apparently the explosion did absolutely nothing to the exterior walls. Shrugging, I go back inside. My friends are still there, perfectly fine, as though nothing has happened.

Somehow, the explosion made it possible for me to open the door. I open the door and my friends escape to the outside. I'm now faced with an empty jail cell and a whole lot of other prisoners. Wanting to free the rest of them, I go back to the lobby and attempt to set off another explosion. Sure enough; as I pick up another claymore, it triggers the siren and the countdown starts again. I run from the building yet again.

However, this was a fatal mistake. I look back towards the building to see the entire lower level explode outward. Glass and rock flies out all around while flames and smoke begin to erupt from the windows. Horrified, I run back inside.

What. The. *bleep*. All the creatures behind the prison cells have suddenly turned into those creepy monsters and they're trying to break free and attack me. Down the hall, I hear shouts of men wanting to kill me for what I had done to their lab. I turn to look at the shouts to see the same thugs I saw earlier. I sprint from the building.

The dream ends with me looking back at this burning building and creatures filing out of it after me.

Yeah, talk about strange, right? This dream made no sense at all and I honestly wish I never had it. But it was odd enough to warrant a new post in this thread, so here you go!

Jan 27, 14 at 5:46pm

The Two Dragons
January 26, 2013

This was probably the coolest dream I've had in years, even though I only remember random snippets of it.

The earliest part in this dream was me in a very dimly lit kitchen, with two huge golden eggs sitting on the table. The room was almost dark, yet it felt extremely warm and friendly, like I was having a fun night with my friends.

Suddenly, the eggs shatter and reveal two small dragons, one male and one female, about the size of my three year old baby brother. I don't remember anything about the male, but the female had bright white eyes that glowed in the dark and it was a deep purple color.

The rest of the dream, though, was almost all about me and the male dragon. I recall one of the first 'scenes' after the hatching incident taking place in a great grassy field. The female dragon was bigger now, probably about my size, and doing somersaults up in the sky while me and the male stood there looking out towards some far off mountains. This is where I named him something in the color of "Valilero," a name that I think I was trying to relate to Valoo off Wind Waker.

Basically, to make a long story short, the rest of this dream is me growing up with this dragon, who gets progressively bigger, and the general public being astounded I owned something that supposedly didn't exist. I remember hitching a ride on his back and him launching fireballs over the heads of my friends, as well as flying breakneck speed over the top of a big city.

Eventually, I came to the realization that the male and female were siblings and the female was 'taken' away somewhere, and my last thought before the dream ending was going on a mission with Valilero to save her.

I'm a fan of the movie 'How to Train Your Dragon,' but I haven't seen or watched anything about the movie in weeks. I would totally consider this was a knockoff of the movie if I had, or if the dragon resembled anything like the dragons on the movie. These dragons resembled the forms of the formidable dragons I have on a poster in my room, but much friendlier looking.

So yeah, way odd but it was immensely satisfying. More of these please.

Jan 13, 14 at 2:08pm

GAH I had such a cool dream the other night but I neglected to post it.

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