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Jan 20, 11 at 12:40amCrystalLaser


So yeah, Dissidia 3. Final war. What characters do you think they'll include and change, after seeing Duodecim? I think this sounds good:

(Note: Characters with a * may be confusing, so I explained below)


Hero - Warrior of Light
Villain - Garland


Hero - Firion, Palamecia*
Villain - Leon*


Hero - Onion Knight
Villain - Cloud of Darkness, Xande*


Hero - Ceodore, Kain, Golbez
Villain - Maenad, Cecil*


Hero - Bartz, Gilgamesh*
Villain - Exdeath


Hero - Terra
Villain - Kefka, Shadow*


Hero - Cloud, Tifa
Villain - Sephiroth

Or, on the flipside:

Hero - Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth
Villain - Genesis


Hero - Squall, Laguna
Villain - Ultimecia


Hero - Zidane
Villain - Kuja


Hero - Tidus, Yuna
Villain - Jecht, LeBlanc*


Hero - Shantotto, Prishe
Villain - Shadow Lord, Eald'narche


Hero - Vaan, Penelo
Villain - Gabranth, Mydia


Hero - Lighting, Hope
Villain - Dysley, Yaag


Hero - Y'shtola
Villain - Zulvan

*Palamecia: In the Soul of Rebirth quest of FFII, Palamecia acts like his light self is a good person. Horse shit, yes, but I think if he had to, he'd act like a Cosmos Warrior to get what he wants.

*Leon: Leon wanted to be the new Emperor, and even though he joins the party and fights Palamecia, I'd have to say that he still wants powers. Plus, he's the best candidate to take the villain role without Palamecia.

*Xande: Xande was the villain for FFIII...I'm not really sure why CoD is there instead, but yeah, may as well throw him in.

*Cecil: Cecil was mind controlled in The After Years. He could be controlled by Maenad, or if not her Chaos, and Ceodore would take his place. Kain and Golbez don't necessarily have to be there, but for the sake of leaving everyone in...

*Gilgamesh: Gilgamesh was never really a bad guy, TBH. Now he just wanders the Void, helping people or trying to take their weapons. I can see why he is a villain in Duodecim, but he really doesn't need to be in any sequels.

*Shadow: A surprise, yeah, but during FFVI, he is hired by the Empire, not knowing what they were planning, and during that time, he has a pretty meaningful conversation with Terra, and later, tries to sacrifice himself. He could be a fine addition to Dissidia with that story.

*Leblance: I can hear you all gagging now. But honestly, Shuyin would be a Tidus clone. But, maybe Baralai would work...? I have to admit, I didn't like the game all that much, but he was the coolest.

*Y'shtola and Zulvan: I don't know FFXIV, TBH. I got to know XI by reading, but XIV has scarce info right now, and I hear no one really plays it due to major problems. All I know is Y'shtola has more info on her on the FFwiki, and Zulvan is the main antagonist and final boss of the first quest of XIV.

Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Aug 21, 15 at 4:17pm

FF1: Cosmo: warrior of light
chaos: garland
FF2: Cosmo: firion, maria, leon (later on he gonna join the Cosmo side)
Chaos: Emperor, Leon
FF3: Cosmo: Onion knight
Chaos: Cloud of darkness
FF4: Cosmo: Cecil, Kain, Rydia, Golbez, Edge
Chaos: Zemus, Kain(mind control) Golbez(mind control), maenad
FF5: Cosmo: Bartz, Galuf, krile,
chaos: exdeath, gligamesh
FF6: Cosmo: Terra, Cele, Locke,
Chaos, Kefka,
FF7: Cosmo: Cloud, Tifa,
Chaos: sephiroth,
FF8: Cosmo: Squall, Laguna, Rinoa
Chaos: Ultimecia
FF9: Cosmo: Zidane,Vivi
Chaos: kuja,beatrix
FF10: Cosmo: Tidus, Yuna, Jecht, Auron
Chaos: Seymour, yunalesca
FF12: Cosmo: Vaan, Ashe
Chaos: Vayne, gabranth
FF13: Cosmo: lighting, fang, serah, snow
Chaos: Jihl, Yaag, caius

Jan 17, 15 at 1:24am

There's quite a lot of talk about characters from Kingdom Hearts. Now I love this series but im unsure how said characters will fit...then again you've got zidane and squall teaming up huh.

FF1- Cosmos- Warrior of Light, Red Mage
Chaos- Garland,

FF2- Cosmos- Firion
Chaos- Emperor Mateus

FF3- Cosmos- Onion Knight
Chaos- C.O.D, Xande

FF4- Cosmos- Cecil, Kain,
Chaos- Golbez, either zemus or rubicante

FF5- Cosmos- Bartz
Chaos- Exdeath, Gilgamesh

FF6- Cosmos- Terra, Shadow
Chaos- Kefka

FF7- Cosmos- Cloud, Tifa, either Yuffie or Red XII
Chaos- Sephiroth

FF8- Cosmos- Squall, Laguna
Chaos- Ultimecia, Seifer

FF9- Cosmos- Zidane, Vivi
Chaos- Kuja

FF10- Cosmos- Tidus, Yuna, Auron
Chaos- Jecht, Seymour

FF11- Cosmos- Shantotto, Prische
Chaos- Shadow Lord

FF12- Cosmos- Vaan, Balthier
Chaos- Gabranth, either Vayne or Dr Cid

FF13- Cosmos- Lightning, Snow
Chaos- Garenth Dysley

Oct 1, 14 at 4:49pm

I would keep who they already have but add:

I Red Mage of Light
II Leon
III Xande
IV Rydia/Zemus
V Faris
VI Edgar/Gestahl
VII Hojo
VIII Seifer/Rinoa
IX Vivi
X Seymour
XI Shadow Lord
XII Vayne/Balthier
XIII Serah/Galenth Dysley
XIV Y'Shtola/Gaius van Baelsar
XV Noctis
Tactics Ramza

Jun 25, 14 at 10:52am

FFI (Red)Mage of Light
FFII Leon, Maria
FFIV Zemus, Rydia, Ceodore
FFV Galuf, Faris
FFVI Shadow, Locke
FFVII Zack, Vincent, Tseng, Genesis, Angeal, Aeris
FFVIII Rinoa, Seifer, Selphie, Edea
FFIX Princess Garnet, Vivi, Queen Brahne, Beatrix
FFX Seymour, Auron, Shyuin
FFXI Eald'Narche, Shadow Lord
FFXII Vayne, Balthier, Ashe, Bash
FFXIII Serah, Dysley, Snow, Sazh
FFXIV Y'Shtola
FFXV Noctis
FFT Ramza

Jan 10, 14 at 10:21pm

u should add

ff5: Warriors of Dawn (all 4)

ff13-2: noel

ff15: unknown main character

Oct 6, 13 at 9:22am

Hey hey hey : let me once :
FFX : Tidus , Yuna , Rikku (Cosmos)
Rikku : ? Why ? Well, I never see a combiner at Dissidia or other FF except rikku !!
Seymour , Sin , Braska
Braska : never see him in action XD
FFXII: Penelo , Ashe , Fran , Basch , Vayne(Cosmos)
Ashe : maybe healer ? Never see a healing unit XD its ok just 20 heal XD just want to try it
Vayne : Why Vayne ??? Are you lack in taste ??? Btw ! Look the last cutsceen , he don't really want it all, he just a bit stupid , btw he do protect Dalmasca // and on the lowtown? They just never want to come out, Vaan come out from lowtown often !! No imperials get crazy bout it XD
Cid , magister judgement all of em (chaos)
Cid : ovious // he even make balthier look like garbage ! Not even a care

FFIX : Zidane(cosmos)
Zidane : Its too ovious !!
Kuja (chaos)
Well don't know, but we need a protagonist XD
And antagonist !

Cosmos : Olivia (white mage)
Ramza has no special HP damage for me, maybe olivia can do holyga or something, if ramza wa added, what the Hp atk will be? Change job like lighting ? (Though she change parastigma)
Chaos : Delita
Delita maybe a protagonist , but an antagonist as well, he just want to fuffil his disire

FFXII revenant Wings
Cosmos : the hovering guy and girl (forgot their names)
Want to see a flying unit ! Not floatin //
Chaos : The last boss maybe ?

Thinking for a new boss for dissidia.. Anyone have any idea ?
My idea :
- no name XD
-level 250
-def : 3000
-bravery : 9999. - initial bravery : 0
-atk : 1500 per hit
-Luck : 10
-Hp: 9668300
-equip : none
-accecory :
- Haste act (+ time needed to ack)
- Ex Generator (+ ex gauge by 2% after a bravery damage)
- after 10-7200 seconds x 5 (x 3.5)
- after 60 seconds x 2 (x10)
- Ex gauge not empty x1 (x 15)

-Skill Bvr
On land :
-Method (flying ice, keep there for severals time , freeze enemies and - bravery)
-(branch) Electriccute : (Explode The Flying Ice to lighting , effect : chase
-De Velarusja : (make a fire hole at almost all map (near to her) in the land
-Brink : move to the enemies for 10 seconds after that reapear randomly at the map
-Hombed : ( normal attack , effect wall rush , quick strike )
-Delurious : make an fire wall near the character and ice wall near this unit and change both Ex gauge

On air
-banishja : empty space time , all damaged if enter (not move , trap type , slowed)
-Stop : stop the enemies but + their ex gauge
-Ex Fill : + ex gauge by 25%
-damage burst : + magic and phsycal damage
-Groam : + critical hit chance by 250%
-Gun Sling : shot a giant bullet that cause stop and - bravery , but + their Ex gauge
-(branch) Twins Gun : hit from low and high or right or left

Hp attack :
On land
-Ultima : Can't be dodge , unleash canceled by an Hp atk
-Conclusion : Make a beam that drain Ex gauge and -Hp from 10% of your Ex gauge and bravery
-Shuro : throw a ring based item from 30% Ex gauge to hit enemies and steal 50% of enemies max Ex gauge
-Utter Demise : can't be hitted (map outside)
-high hells : atk from sky to earth
-banishra : time space slowed
-Demise : Can't control the character
Hp damage at the end :
-Collapse : all shadowed place is destroyed and inflict Hp damage

- backward : back to the time before you hit, and it hit you

On air :
-Swallow : -99% of Hp

2% to be able to fly
Almost never use swallow

Skill :
Time compress : stop all except you and use all type of Hp and Bvr damage in all place scathered

Renew : Full the Hp to max but can't do anyrthing for 30 minutes

Aug 15, 13 at 12:02pm

Crono and Magus from Chrono Trigger.

Aug 11, 13 at 9:09am

If Square Enix is truly set on creating another Dissidia title, it needs to be on a home console, and not another handheld installment. In my honest opinion, They are truly limiting themselves and their fanbase by making such a stellar title available only on a handheld console. They are also selling themselves short by not considering online compatibility and PVP Combat; another aspect that is nearly essential in today's ever growing Fighting Game market.
Players, like myself, like to feel a sense of accomplishment after grinding nearly 90+ levels simply to kick the shit out of everything that stands in our paths, and then take our ass-kicking abilities Online to prove it to the world.

The Roster must include at least 40+ Characters as well. Anything less would be considered a travesty in the eyes of many. Considering there are alot of characters that people would love to play as; even the ones that aren't considered particularly important to the Franchise, this needs to be a core component they need to focus on in my opinion.

Aug 6, 13 at 9:15pm
Xeros the Slayer

Wouldn't there need to be a Dissidia 2 first? 012 was like their "Super" version, it was an expansion, not a sequel.

Also not getting why Genesis is getting so many votes, he was a pretty generic villain thrown in so the director could have another outlet for his Gakt man-crush and we already have Squall and Laguna taking up that role. Rude and Reno would make much better additions to the FF7 portion of the roster.

Anyway, don't see them making another one of these for a while but if they do I'd like to see Vivi in it,

Jul 8, 13 at 12:44am

If they put Snow,Zack,Genesis,Sora,Riku,MasterXehanort,Auron,Seifer,Yuffie,Rikku,
Rinoa,and Wakka it would be an epic game.

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