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Jan 13, 11 at 10:29pmmjw46368

The new generation of pokemon bothers me. I had not caught mew in leafgreen, but I had a handbook i got at a store which had its definition as the ancestor of all pokemon. Then I got a newer handbook, saying that Arceus was the creator of the universe. Now there's a debate in my head wondering which was the first. I mean, they can't just change that! They have research that proves that mew can learn any move from any pokemon in any generation of pokemon games. Now arceus shows up and they think he is the ultimate pokemon? He can change types, but thats about it. it can only learn TM moves of the type of its held plate, come on! Please help me.

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Oct 12, 15 at 7:43am

Also, arceus created the fairies, azelf, mesprit, and uxie, who then went on to create people

Oct 11, 15 at 3:05pm

Arceus created palkia to rule space, dialga to rule time, and giratina to rule antimatter. Arceus then created groudon to make land and kyogre to make the seas. Because of their feud, arceus created rayquaza to keep them away from each other. Then, arceus created mew to populate the planet. Mew then adapted, evolving into all current Pokemon, as well as humans.

Aug 11, 15 at 3:32pm

Arceus created the Universe, the definitions of time and space by creating Palkia and Dialga, anti-matter (in other words, chaos) by creating Giratina and the harmonic trio by creating Uxie, Mespirit and Azelf (the idea of the Trinity). Mew could be considered the first pokemon (non-deity) to exist, from which all other non-dimensional and non-definers of physical laws pokemon derive, hence why he "contains" DNA information from every pokemon. He's like the "Eva" of human race to Pokemon, the first creature to attain the features of its gods (alegorical to the bible and the idea of God creating the human race to its image). That's my theory, at least. x]

note: not really mine -> just found this, which is pretty much what I said about Mew.

Jul 14, 15 at 2:20am

Let me know what you guys think! I might've missed something important, so I'd love any input.

Jul 14, 15 at 2:19am

A little late with this, but I was just giving it some thought. Bear with me and keep an open mind:

What if Arceus and Mew came from that same "egg" in the story? In science, we all learned that it takes a single cell to first begin the development of any living organism. That cell contains all the DNA needed to make things happen. If that "god cell" was in "a place there was nothing" wouldn't that be considered an egg of sorts? Now moving on with that; let's say the aspect of Mew was the cytoplasm and Arceus could be considered the cell membrane. Mew and Arceus were just a blobby thing in the same mush and not even Pokemon yet. When cell division occurred, Arceus and Mew separated into their own cells. I would think that a sort of meiosis happened where Arceus received one half of the "god cell" genes giving it the ability to change element types and give form to nothingness, while Mew received the other half of it allowing it to learn all the Pokemon moves and possessing all Pokemon genetic makeup. Arceus then shapes the universe and makes them "official" Pokemon. I'd like to think of it metaphorically as Mew received all the sounds of language but Arceus gave the sounds shape i.e. the letters of the alphabets.

From there, things happened as the storyline states because Mew would still posses all the genetic material Arceus does when he creates Dialga, Palkia and Giratina. Mew still has the DNA of every Pokemon and Arceus still created the universe. Neither came FIRST because they both existed in the same genetic pudding until cell division occurred.

Jun 15, 15 at 3:55pm

Arceus was first. The fact that Arceus came from a single egg begs the question of what intelligent force created that egg. I digress. So Arceus then created Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina and the lake trio. I firmly believe that many legendaries are singular( I usually discredit much of the anime for obvious reasons) and that some were created by Arceus for the sole reason of creating the world. At some point Mew was made and man. Mew evolved into 18 distince pokemon and those 18 pokemon evolved into the plethora of pokemon today. Some of the first pokemon that evolved from the Mews went extinct, thus forming our fossil pokemon. Mews DNA is the mastercode to all Pokemon! But most legendaries were made separate from Mew thus Pokemon by category, not genetics(ex: Deoxys and Giratina.

Apr 08, 15 at 7:18am

Mew came first. Gradually she gave rise to arceus. Arceus created whole universe. Thats perfect.

Mar 28, 15 at 3:35pm

I believe that in the beginning there was the original mew. Then mew laid one almighty egg( don't ask how it got there) and when the egg hatched came arceus.

Feb 09, 15 at 11:17am

This again, eh?

What's the problem? Arceus created the Pokemon world, making it impossible for anything else to exist before it. It's Pokedex entry reads that it hatched from an egg where there was nothing, then shaped the world. (However, the people in the Pokemon world knew this...) Then created Mew to be the ancestor of all Pokemon, either before or after the creation trio and Uxie, Azelf and Mespirit, since they are basically on Arceus's level it doesn't matter that much to them.

Feb 09, 15 at 11:03am

I Think that Mew created Arceus.

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