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Jan 13, 11 at 10:29pmmjw46368

The new generation of pokemon bothers me. I had not caught mew in leafgreen, but I had a handbook i got at a store which had its definition as the ancestor of all pokemon. Then I got a newer handbook, saying that Arceus was the creator of the universe. Now there's a debate in my head wondering which was the first. I mean, they can't just change that! They have research that proves that mew can learn any move from any pokemon in any generation of pokemon games. Now arceus shows up and they think he is the ultimate pokemon? He can change types, but thats about it. it can only learn TM moves of the type of its held plate, come on! Please help me.

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Dec 14, 16 at 12:31pm

Arceus wouldn't create something as or more powerful than itself if it were a god. My idea is that when Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie were created and their powers released, they unknowingly created Mew (who has plenty of the powers). Mew then hid in the Pokemon population (which was created by Arceus) and waited to "appear". Humans then found an eyelash (which is a much more interesting question, Mew doesn't have eyelashes!) and created Mewtwo. That's my theory.

Oct 14, 16 at 5:05pm
Sean Thomas

Here's what happened:
arceus was made and made land by creating mew. mew creates all Pokemon with the help of arceus.
men inhabit the world and meet pokemon. after people figure out how to write, they register pikachu to the pokedex. mewtwo is created and tries to kill all pokemon. Ash finds mew and kills mewtwo. basically arceus is god who created mew and mew is(yes he is the ansestor) makes all the Pokemon.

Does that explain it?

Jun 30, 16 at 1:19am
Beach Farking Beach

Arceus = God
Mew = Adam & Eve.
The fossil pokemon,? are they older than Mew?
- Mew is like the ancestor of pokemon. maybe immortal.

Apr 1, 16 at 5:02pm

I don't know how I messed up my first line so much.
Wasn't supposed to be: "So Arceus didn't create everything, including Mew(s)."
but: "So what is Arceus created everything, including Mew(s)"

Apr 1, 16 at 10:23am

So Arceus didn't create everything, including Mew(s).
(In the anime we've seen what I beleave is 2 different Mews (3 if you include the digital Mew) as their personalities is compleatly different. One of them being much more child like and curious then the other.)
And then one of the older Mews in the distant future, as it has gotten old and matured, it travled back in time and laid the egg from wich arceus was born from. Creating a neverending sircle of events. Who says Mew can't do the same "move" Celebi and Dialgia does when they travel in time? Mew is capable of learning, every move. Why can't Mew also learn other types of "moves"?

Jan 10, 16 at 12:42pm

When there is no word, nothing, emptiness...
feel free to teel me
Sorry about that

Jan 10, 16 at 12:39pm

Mew is the ancestor of ALL Pokémon.
Here we start...
When there is no word, nothing, emptiness... there was Mew, floating in the whole darkness, surviving only for its bubble ... Mew was alone, so in its loneliness decided to create an egg. For that, it has to use something, that was its DNA, it puts its DNA in an egg created in another bubble to survive in the "nothing"...
Some time pass and then Arceus was born!
Arceus had the power to create the universe, as Mew as well, just that Arceus decides to do that. So, Arceus created the universe, it was disorderly but was a beginning. Arceus tried to create many Pokémon but Arceus couldn't, so Mew decided to help Arceus, the mind of Arceus wanted to create 3 Pokémon, one for rule the time, other for the space and the last one, but not less important, to dominate the antimatter. So Mew created 3 bubbles, Arceus talk to Mew for the plain of the Pokémon and the design of them, and Mew created 3 new eggs... they become as we know them now, the Dragon Trio... they did what their creation's purpose was...
The universe was becoming more ordered but there left more... Arceus and Mew complained together to create more Pokémon for the basic rules like Groudon, Kryogre, the Reggies and more... and when there was created the "Ruler Pokémon" and the world as well, Mew began to created Pokémon to full the Earth.
Mew tried a lot and the result was... at the begin, some Pokémon fought each other, so that was the extinction of Aerodactyl, and others, but in some time, there was peace between all Pokémon. Science could bring them back to life, but peace continued. Mew was almost satisfied, but something left, it doesn't know what was... until one day, Mew decided to created the humans...

(I don't know about the humans but who cares, it is my opinion)

What do you say people?

By the way, I don't speak english very well, I tried hard but maybe there are some errors, feel free to teel me

Dec 1, 15 at 6:50pm
sacred hero of wind

Sorry for budding in(im new) but id like take into account the show .some beleive that it is not technically bCanon but they are similar enough.According to the show arceus was created from an egg or something.the egg split in two ,one side being arceus, and the other side split into 3 pokemo azelf mesprit and uxie. So arceus couldnt create a pokemo He was born with

Oct 12, 15 at 7:43am

Also, arceus created the fairies, azelf, mesprit, and uxie, who then went on to create people

Oct 11, 15 at 3:05pm

Arceus created palkia to rule space, dialga to rule time, and giratina to rule antimatter. Arceus then created groudon to make land and kyogre to make the seas. Because of their feud, arceus created rayquaza to keep them away from each other. Then, arceus created mew to populate the planet. Mew then adapted, evolving into all current Pokemon, as well as humans.

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