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Jan 9, 11 at 3:25amMachienzo

Use this thread to post up general need-to-know survival tips for newer players, which this game most surely will procure.

  • Look for openings to attack a monster, and don't be afraid to retreat and wait again for another opening. The game does not compliment spamming an attack.
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    Jan 9, 15 at 12:24am

    Anyone here still play on adhoc?

    Jan 5, 15 at 5:16pm

    how come I don't see anyone talking about switchaxes. I'm a switch axe but I mostly use the blade for cause it doesn't bounce and use the charge attack every time I KOed the monster. It's simple you just need timing.

    Apr 11, 14 at 10:02pm

    I was surprised that nobody says anything about Switch Axe.

    Jul 1, 13 at 3:38pm
    Karasu Kane

    1) Always bring potions/mega potions/max potion/ancient potions. If you are going in a group bring life powder as well since you can heal the rest of your teammates with it.

    2) Bring dung bombs on multiple monster quests and when you are hunting the Qurupeco.

    3) If you are doing dual monster quests, like hunting 2 Aoashiras at the same time, paint only one of them and use a dung bomb to get the other Aoashira to another area. Always focus on one monster at a time.

    4) Always use the hot spring bath and drink. They are located in the guild hall on the right as you enter. As you progress further into the game, the water quality will improve giving you more health and stamina, and the drinks will get better as well. So when you see a new hot spring quest or a new drink quest, take the time to do those. Also, the hot spring and drink quests have a higher chance of getting the rarer items that you need.

    5) Use the weapon you are MOST comfortable with. Don't use a weapon you are not used to just because it has higher/better stats. Although it is a good idea to take the time to practice some of the other weapons, but make sure you practice them on the weaker boss monsters.

    6) For those that are moving onto High Rank. Always get into the habit of bring well-done steaks with you because you will be placed randomly on the map, and the supplies are not delivered at the beginning of the quest, so get into the habit of bringing them.

    Note: I believe there was another post that was talking about what weapon was better. But the answer is that it depends. Each weapon is unique in its own way. The great sword and hammer has amazing attack damage, but the trade off is that it is slow. The sword and shield and dual sword is really low on attack damage, but is really fast. The long sword, switch axe, lance and gun lance can be classified as middle weapons. they have decent attack power and decent speed. So it really depends on what you are looking for.

    Dec 9, 12 at 12:53am

    i have something here a little advice

    if ur using HBG, you be dodging all time and if ur not good at dodging, craft an armor set that has evade+ like ranguro gunner armor set

    if ur looking for a powerful HBG in the beginning and ur looking for weapons that easy to craft, i suggest that you create aoashira HBG

    for beginners using HBG, you should put shield in your weapon instead of power barrel if u want some protection but if u are getting used to it, i suggested using power barrel it kill monsters faster

    i use HBG in the entire game and im amazed how freakinly fast how monsters like jinouga and doburo been easily killed

    me using HBG killed deviljho for about 15 mins and gold rathian and silver rathalos for 10 mins using queen mortar a low rank HBG with 185 raw power and a low rank armor rango

    just like machi said the secret of heavy bowgun is targeting a monsters weakspot not just attack anywhere

    in my observation, most monsters i hunt that i just hit and focus at the same spot where the weakpoint of the monster actually being killed faster or made it limp faster than other quests of mine that i didn't focus on one spot

    May 13, 12 at 6:16pm

    New players, don't be discouraged by MH elitists. Some may solely try to brag about their kill times and/or shame any new players or even veterans that make mistakes. Playing Monster Hunter is supposed to be about having fun, so don't let anything get in the way of that. Play the way you want to play, and use the weapons you want because all are completely viable. Always try to improve, but don't set unrealistic goals. Monster Hunter is a skill-based game and you will get better at it.

    As for more technical tips, don't get reckless. It'll end up biting you back. Take the time to wait and strike at the opportune time, and don't try and get that extra hit in if it'll cost you some health or maybe even a life. Be patient when fighting.

    May 10, 12 at 3:07pm

    1. Find a favorite weapon you feel most comfortable with. Its not too smart to learn to use only 1 weapon, and it doesn't hurt to learn how to use multiple weapons. But find a weapon you're good at or one you like, and get good at it. This'll help you enjoy the game a bit more and maybe even help you progress further into the game.

    2. Don't rush in a quest. What i mean is, be sure to check your supplies to see if you brought anything for the quest, or if you're brought enough or what you need. Entered the quest with only 100 HP/Stamina? You forgot to step into the hot spring. It sucks to go into a mining quest to find that you ran out of pick axes, or to take on a quest in the desert or volcano and those supply hot/cool drinks in the box isn't enough for your adventure. In other word, being unprepared for a quest is very noob-like and laughed at and/or frowned upon.

    3. Felyne cats. They're either hated or loved, but one things for sure, they were there in that moment when you needed them most... more or less. They have infinite lives, meaning, even if they get KO and rush underground, they'll always come back no matter what. Sure they may be weak in attack and low in defense, but they're there to help you fight and distract monsters in hope to help make fights easier. Of course, there are those who don't get very good results with a felyne cat, or better results without them at all. They're there for the fun of the game, especially if you're playing alone. Bring one, don't bring one, its up to you.

    4. Try not to go for the front of the monster, unless you're after their precious fangs, jaws, horns or eyes. Even then, its quite dangerous, so move in with caution, and move in when the monster gives you an opening to strike. Yes, this game isn't very fun at all if you and the monster are both swapping blows at each other, and its definitely not fun when it takes 100 blows to kill them, but only 3 or 4 for you. So try not to stand there like an idiot and just lay hell, unless of course you know what you're doing. If other case, if you dont know what you're doing, run at them from behind. Or run around them, confuse them. Ninja them!

    5. Last advice. This one will take some time, but once you've gotten the hang of it, you'll definitely have easier fights on the long run. Learn to use the "dodge roll" maneuver. Yes, there is a quick moment when you're rolling on the ground and EVERYTHING misses you. There is a skill you can use to enhance this technique if you're not too good at it, but its a very strong technique nonetheless. So try your best and roll through attacks. If you're not too strong at this, then you can always run out of close range combat and run back in when its safe.
    (I believe the moment when you are invincible during your dodge roll is the split second you roll at the split second moment the monster is going to hit you)

    I'm not great myself, so my tips would probably be:
    a. helpful, or
    b. not helpful
    But seeing as this is "important tips for new players", i feel it'd be best you/we new players give our opinions and tips on what actually helped us in the game, and dont forget to take in those pro's advice. Of course, play with your own style. This is a game, and dont sweat it, have some fun, and not everyone is a "i-must-be-master-of-this-game".

    Apr 20, 12 at 10:10am

    many monsters have a hard time climbing, so if you are using a ranged weapon, do what i always did to the Khezu in MHFU. climb a ledge and just wail on it. less moving for you. beware however, i have seen angry monsters leap onto a ledge and totally rape me

    Mar 26, 12 at 8:28pm

    Don't rely too much on one monsters equipment. Like get full Ludroth armor and just Ludroth weapons, you'll soon encounter a monster that is strong to whatever element you've equipped yourself with. Elements play a big part in the MH series. Pay attention to monster/armor/weapon strengths and weaknesses

    Mar 24, 12 at 4:47am

    If you are used to cutting tails use greatsword or longsword... if you like fast and easy to handle use dual sword.... if you are used to ko's use hammer.... if you want to use items without putting back your weapon use sword and shield.... and if you are used to charging use lance or gunlance

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