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Dec 3, 10 at 8:07amAvalith

For anyone that might be further than I am (currently in Kolima doing the Dream Tree sequence), where are Felix and Sheba mentioned? I'm yet to notice anything relevant to either one of them, yet so far I've come across:

Yet still no sign of Sheba or Felix...

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Mar 4, 15 at 5:26pm
Matthew Terra, son o

Oct 13, 14 at 10:43pm
Albert Pennyworth

quote AgatioGanon
They are in my signature, together forever as part of my perfect team.

Anyway, I hope Felix and Sheba's son is the main character in Golden Sun 4.
Hell yes that's what im thinking thast the Mourning moon we see at the end of dark dawn and it's obvious nowell is our water adept felix's and shebas son earth adept and hopefully we can start with JUST 2 characters and let the story go on from there I don't really know where they could get a fire adept and a wind adept maybe sheba and felix could have a 2 sons and older amd younger or a sister who is a wind but that's just uuhg and a fire adept well we know Mathew doesn't have a sibling so Jenna is out and tyrell is already a fire adept soooo and they should've left that spot for eoleo but I think that's where they are stuck at they already used up more then half of the old characters kids so it would have to have fresh new characters to fill a fire adepts spot (the prox apprentices sounds pretty cool) and a wind adept but definitely make the main character felix's son

Mar 10, 14 at 3:41pm

They are in my signature, together forever as part of my perfect team.

Anyway, I hope Felix and Sheba's son is the main character in Golden Sun 4.

Feb 15, 14 at 9:08am

Felix was never seen after leaving his home town. . .I've got this idea that somehow, he accompanied Sheba in search for her roots. Where, if they succeeded, it is logical to think Sheba would want to stay THERE(wherever it was) and Felix couldn't bring himself to leave her due to his own reasons so he decided to stay with her even if it means leaving his family forever. (one of his sad fates in life)

or maybe he died protecting Sheba. Doing it all for her sake.

Dec 6, 12 at 6:31pm

quote GaTheZakk
I'm wondering, is Tyrell the result of Garet + Isaac?
Did your parents ever give you "the talk", Zakk?

Oct 2, 12 at 3:04pm

At least Felix is probrably with Sheba.

Isaac goes with Jenna and what does he do, he goes and lives in a cabin with Garet.

I'm wondering, is Tyrell the result of Garet + Isaac?

I could imagine how angry Jenna would be if so.

Jul 29, 12 at 8:05pm

I have a feeling Felix went back to Prox.

It would make sense if you think about it because

He probrobly started to think of Prox as a second home considering the time he spent there and he became the strongest warrior in Prox since he defeated Karst and Agatio and conpleted the mission they failed to complete.

Sheba could be in Prox with Felix since she really has no home to return to and she seems to trust Felix alot.

I think there might be Lighthouse Shipping with Felix and Sheba

Felix also might have a young Proxian apprentice, whom he has been training all this time (a clue for this is in The Lost Age in the area in Prox where Puelle is, there are six young Proxian warriors who look like they could use a master) I think this is a clue that Felix takes a few Proxian warriors and trains them as his apprentices.

Felix staying in Prox opens alot of possibilities for future sequels of Golden Sun.

Jan 21, 11 at 12:55am

Actually, I'm pretty disappointed at how many of the old characters are in the game.

Jan 20, 11 at 1:08pm

quote Avalith
Shoot. And I thought

Sheba would've had to shag a werewolf for that to happen lol

Jan 19, 11 at 12:33am

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