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Nov 02, 10 at 2:32amharvestmoonlovah

Hi! If you ever wanted to create your own Naruto character, here is your chance! I actually do it all the time...In my mind of course.You can make up you're own Secret Techniques, Jutsu etc. etc. You can also add your categories whtev... Please use the format, you can add some categories.





Secret Technique:



Bio (opt.):


Rank (anything but Hokage, please):

Job (opt.):


Picture (as in image or graphic):

Description (of looks as in in words):

Catchphrase (opt.):

Best Friend (opt.):

Crush (opt.):

Rival (not enemy, just friendly rivals):

Enemy (as in 'I really really wanna beat you up, you really piss me off'):


-Call me Jam

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Aug 14, 15 at 12:23pm

quote AmayaHoshinightrain
Name: Amato Yoshikage

Age: 15

Gender: BOY



STORY;Amato was born into a rich family but then he found a curse mark that coverd his whole ever sence then hes been avoiding cops and scientist beacuse they would take him expierement on him
Personality: Kind, funny, calm, social, spunky

Rank: Hokage

Village: konohagakure

Description: long beautiful hair Dark, hazel eyes. Tanned skin. Opal, black pants). Black ninja shoes. Bandage around ankles and royal purple gloves.

Catchphrase:Ill never let down my peers even if i am cursed

Best friend: Sasuke

Crush: Tamari

Rival: Naruto beacuse he wants to master all his jutsu and people could look up to him and have a beautiful wife.

Enemy:Rock lee beacuse he thinks he better than everyone.

Pet: A hawk named Soren( a boy)

Yeah! That was fun. Thanks for posting this!

Jun 25, 15 at 4:29am
drake boroslav

Hattori kazzamorii


Age 20

Rank merc

Secret technique Summoning a large wolf name karnoo and does fire style sapling fire wave were covers 5kil area in sap like fire that spreads all over seeping into cracks and gaps while not harming the caster uses the time to cut down the enemy with his no dachti katana

Bio Hattori was a long standing combat vet taking contracts where ever he can and raking up any bounty on his bingo book his village is unknown he won't tell in combat he's out for blood he isn't much for greed just the only thing he's good at Mos of his money goes to booze and spoiling pretty wemon the land of fire taking jobs he can rarely he stand against the leaf he fought in the 4th great ninja war as a volunteer he lives in the leaf still on his contracts and marked out bingo book . He's often seen in either the hokages office a local bar or dropping bye the local park watching out for no bullying . Hattori value naruto as a one of a kind man and will duh as much as I can to protect his kin from harm. He often take boruto out of the village for some one on one talks while treating him on snacks and food he often trains with him so boruto can know how to counter some traps if found in the battle field
boruto often complains about his dad and Hattori often says a dad who ruins the ninja world I don't even Remember my last conflict he keeps the peace IL be out of business at one point they were attacked bye 3 unknown ninja Hattori used his sapling flame move to bog them down while cutting them dow one begs for his life pledging to surrender but Hattori slowly drives the blade into the man's chest as he cries out for mommy. After that time Hattori was became more distant for boruto hoping that day wasn't so hard on him boruto didn't watch it but heard the plee for help.

Personality Kind stubborn unreasonable calm anger when comrades are harmed always scanning people on who they are will not take prisoners

He wears a combat vest blue in color black jeans a short sleeve shirt maid of heavy chain mail he bare 5 scares on his face has bandages over his arms duh to bad burns that never healed he's 6 f t 5 grey eyes short back hair.

Catch phrase your my friend not my enemy

Best freinds karnoo

Crush admires Karin

Rival None

Enemy kinn

Jun 17, 15 at 11:57pm

Name: Yaru Aburishi

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Secret Technique: Yarungan-special visual jutsu awokened by only one other member of the Aburishi Clan. Granted to those who are masters of water (kinda like gaara with his sand) making it possible to read opposing enemies blood since it consists of water and copy their special techniques such as kekegenkie (butchered that spelling haha)

Jutsu/s: lightning and ice (water+wind)

Attacks: manipulates water and turns it into ice to create weapons

Bio (opt.): Special born child of the small now extinct Aburishi clan, clan born when a senju and uchiha fell in love during the warring states. Clan fled to hidden mist when rejected by the uchihas, hidden mist tried to manipulate yaru and make him a jinchuriki but his dad wouldnt allow it, mist had the 7 swordsman of mist murder entire clan when yaru was young because of defiance, he had no clue mist was behind his clans extinction. Grew in the ranks as an anbu and eventually became jonin in charge of genin at young age (15ish). Because of young age and inexperience as a team captain he witnesses his students murder at the hands of a rogue swordsman of the mist who then informs Yaru of the Mists involvement of his clans extinction. yaru loses it awakening his yarungun and ripping the swordsman from the inside manipulating the water in the swordsmans body to make him implode. Yaru goes rogue and befriends a kuinoichi (kyru) from the leaf falling in love with her. Returns to leaf with her and lives happily in village yet has a plot to destroy the 7 swordsman. All changes when obito gains hede of the new visual jutsu yarungun and kills Kyru to show Yaru what the world is and its pain, he goes ape shi killing obitos henchlings as obito flees. Yaru drops Kyrus body off on a raft and pushes her into the ocean because they loved the ocean. Many years later he returns to that ocean because his new assembled team to find the 7 swordsman know of a majestic witch healer who lives on an island off the coast. They go to her house and there is Kyru, the witch healer saw her body floating on a raft and brought her back to life. She has no memory before she was brought back to life though. Yaru endured so much pain tho that after his initial shock of seeing her he keeps quiet not saying a word of their relationship and leaving after the healer heals his teammate leaving Kyru on the island.

Personality: highly intelligent, Very secluded, dark history, quiet, cool personality, but was a heartwarming person before his misery, is now as cold as the ice he weilds and sharp as lightning.

Rank (anything but Hokage, please): jonin

Job (opt.):

Village: Hidden in The Mist

Picture (as in image or graphic):

Description (of looks as in in words): White hair, up in a ponytail with strands hanging from the side kinda like a mixture of kimimaro and shikamarus hairstyles. Cyan light blue eyes with intricate pattern (yarungun)

Catchphrase (opt.): "(gives a cold ass stare)"

Best Friend (opt.):

Crush (opt.): girl from hidden leaf kyru

Rival (not enemy, just friendly rivals): Sasuke (on and off hatred)

Enemy (as in 'I really really wanna beat you up, you really piss me off'): 7 swordsman and obito

Pet(opt.): a polor bear named Chara

-Hahahah i know i went hard on the bio but Im always thinking about my character

May 23, 15 at 10:25am




Secret Technique:Dragon Release

Jutsu/s:Fire Teleportation, and Lightning

Attacks:Quick an swift attacks

Bio (opt.):Was born on Naruto's birthday when he was born due to medical problems he had a Sharingan implanted in his right eye his parents sealed the Dragon spirit of the Kami realm into him because there was a threat that was sealed every 100 years so to destroy it they entrusted their son finish that threat

Personality:Happy, Funny, Smart Sarcastic, and always up for a challenge

Rank (anything but Hokage, please):Kage level but a Chunin no one will register him

Job (opt.):Hokage's Secret Protectors/ part-time baker

Village: Hidden Leaf

Description (of looks as in in words):A short African American kid with Black Sasuke hair with a Saringan in his right eye

Catchphrase (opt.): Eh Heh... No

Best Friend (opt.):Boruto Uzumaki Naruto's Son

Crush (opt.):Sadara Uchiha (Sasuke's Daughter)

Rival (not enemy, just friendly rivals):Boruto Uzumaki (For Sadara and to be Hokage

Enemy (as in 'I really really wanna beat you up, you really piss me off'): Pain's Reincarnation- if there was one

Pet(opt.): N/A

Apr 21, 15 at 2:26pm

Name: Han (Hangyakusha Inuzuka)

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Special Technique's: Cooperation Ninjutsu (w/ Shinju), Four Leg Technique, & Ink Drawing Technique.

Jutsu/s: Earth, Water, & Yang Release

Main Attacks: Ink binds his opponents with Ink Drawing, and summons a Human Beast Combination: Five-Headed Wolf. & Lets just say Shinju always hungry for another meal. Only times he uses his sword is when fighting someone else with a sword.

Tools: Nuibari (Needlesword), drawing pad, ink, and a paint brush.

Bio: His parents were killed by an unknown swordsman at a young age. At the age of 14 Han accidentally murders his older brother during training. He then left Kohan and became a missing- nin. Leaving his crush behind with another man Sai. He stole an aubu mask to hid his identity because he dosent want to return to his village knowing he murdered his brother. He moves from village to village collecting swords. Specifically the seven swordsman's swords. He already collected the Naibari (Needlesword) from Kushimaru. Han has two weaknesses. His crush Ino & his ally Shinju the only things he cares about anymore. Besides his sword collection of course.

Personality: Han is very quiet man of few words. He is a very strategic, and naturally goes by his 3 C's. Calm, cool, and collective he always stays this way unless his chakra starts draining to much he becomes blood thirsty.

Rank: Chunin

Job: Survivalist

Village: Missing- nin of the Hidden Leaf

Description: Han has long jet black hair, is extremely muscular being a swordsman, and doesn't wear marking like the rest of his tribe. He wears a stolen aubu black ops mask from the Hidden Leaf. He does this so he wouldn't get recognized. He doesn't wear a shirt he has wraps around his wrists, hands, and neck.With black pants and ankle weights underneath to improves his agility and strengthen Shinju. Also straps his sword to his back.

Catchphrase: "Sick em girl"

Bestfriend: Shinju

Crush: Ino

Rivals: Anyone of higher position or more battle experence to become stronger.

Enemies: Sai & all of them seven swordsmen.

Per: A pearl white female wolf named Shinju.

Apr 09, 15 at 12:01am





Secret Technique/s:Rinnegan in his left eye,Sharingan in his right eye,Fire Dragon Technique,Lightning Shadow Technique,Earth Wall Technique,Wind Blade Technique,Water Dragon Technique and Kekkei Genkai-gives him the ability to use the red chakra and control the Nine Tailed-beasts

Jutsu/s:The Five Elements

Attack:Five Elements Katana with uchiha logo on it his goal is to avenge his clan


Rank:6th Mizukage

Village:Hidden Leaf Village

Description:Cool hair,Dark Blue eyes,Elite body

Catchphrase:Fight someone your own size

Rival:Zakiya Senju

Pet:Blue Hawk

Mar 07, 15 at 4:48pm

Name: Angela Tisufe
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Secret technique: Marjoleigan (kekkei genkai), demon dragon spirit
Jutsu: Demon Dragon blood coffin, Talekilo, almighty push
Attacks: Samurai and Chain
Bio: Mother died night i she was born, girlfriend of kakashi Hatake , former anbu squad leader, and sensei of squad 5
Personality: Very nosey, quiet , kind but mean at same time time, fiercely protective and also has a positive attitide.
Rank: Jonin
Village: Hidden Leaf Village
Description: White long sleeve shirt with the jade green jonin vest , black jeans, light brown hair with dark brown ends. Hazel eyes, wears a mask like kakashi,shows her belly button, curse mark by her brother.
Catchphrase: " You should never underestimate your opponent "
Crush: Dating Kakashi Hatake
Best friend: Obito Uchiha
Rival: Anko
Enemy: Tasuku Aiyachi

Feb 01, 15 at 11:12am
Hikari Hatsune


Feb 01, 15 at 11:08am
Hikari Hatsune

Name: Hikari Hatsune


Gender: Femenine

Secret Technique: Byakugan

Jutsu/s: Sexy no Jutsu, snow dance and fire tornado

Attacks: Kendo, Katana and sword kind of things

Bio (opt.): She was a very shy person, his father told her she had not the personality to be a ninja

Personality: Naivy, kind, clumsy and a Little shy

Rank (anything but Hokage, please): Kunoichi

Job (opt.): Cooking ramen in Ichiraku

Village: Fire and Secret Leave villages

Picture (as in image or graphic):

Description (of looks as in in words): Medium hair, her dress up was a little bit sexier when she was 11, it was a pair of shorts an a top with her chunnin shirt, her hair was bluelish blach in two pig tails, now she is 15 and her dress up is like Ino Yamanaka but with leggins and her hair is now blue
Catchphrase (opt.): Let your past make you better, not bitter

Best Friend (opt.): Hinata Hyuuga

Crush (opt.): Neji Hyuuga

Rival (not enemy, just friendly rivals): Ino Yamanaka

Enemy (as in 'I really really wanna beat you up, you really piss me off'): Sasuke Uchiha

Pet(opt.): A black pig with a yellow scarf, kind of P-chan from Ranma 1/2

Jan 29, 15 at 1:18pm

Name: knight uchiha

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Secret Technique: gensand mastery jutsu iron sand

Jutsu/s: lightning,fire,water,wood,sand

Attacks: Attacks with sand. like garra

Bio (opt.): born in the village hidden in the sand. he has the one tails in him both his parents were killed by itachi uchiha when he was 11.

Personality:never backs down. dose not speak much

Rank (anything but Hokage, please): Jounin

Job (opt.): part time cook.

Village: Hidden Village in the sand.

Description (of looks as in words): short black hair. always has a trench coat on.

Catchphrase (opt.): what done all ready

Crush (opt.): Hinata Hyuuga

Rival (not enemy, just friendly rivals): rock lee

Enemy (as in 'I really really wanna beat you up, you really piss me off'): itachi

Pet(opt.): giant snake (chidori)

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