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Nov 02, 10 at 2:32amharvestmoonlovah

Hi! If you ever wanted to create your own Naruto character, here is your chance! I actually do it all the time...In my mind of course.You can make up you're own Secret Techniques, Jutsu etc. etc. You can also add your categories whtev... Please use the format, you can add some categories.





Secret Technique:



Bio (opt.):


Rank (anything but Hokage, please):

Job (opt.):


Picture (as in image or graphic):

Description (of looks as in in words):

Catchphrase (opt.):

Best Friend (opt.):

Crush (opt.):

Rival (not enemy, just friendly rivals):

Enemy (as in 'I really really wanna beat you up, you really piss me off'):


-Call me Jam

Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Mar 07, 15 at 4:48pm

Name: Angela Tisufe
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Secret technique: Marjoleigan (kekkei genkai), demon dragon spirit
Jutsu: Demon Dragon blood coffin, Talekilo, almighty push
Attacks: Samurai and Chain
Bio: Mother died night i she was born, girlfriend of kakashi Hatake , former anbu squad leader, and sensei of squad 5
Personality: Very nosey, quiet , kind but mean at same time time, fiercely protective and also has a positive attitide.
Rank: Jonin
Village: Hidden Leaf Village
Description: White long sleeve shirt with the jade green jonin vest , black jeans, light brown hair with dark brown ends. Hazel eyes, wears a mask like kakashi,shows her belly button, curse mark by her brother.
Catchphrase: " You should never underestimate your opponent "
Crush: Dating Kakashi Hatake
Best friend: Obito Uchiha
Rival: Anko
Enemy: Tasuku Aiyachi

Feb 01, 15 at 11:12am
Hikari Hatsune


Feb 01, 15 at 11:08am
Hikari Hatsune

Name: Hikari Hatsune


Gender: Femenine

Secret Technique: Byakugan

Jutsu/s: Sexy no Jutsu, snow dance and fire tornado

Attacks: Kendo, Katana and sword kind of things

Bio (opt.): She was a very shy person, his father told her she had not the personality to be a ninja

Personality: Naivy, kind, clumsy and a Little shy

Rank (anything but Hokage, please): Kunoichi

Job (opt.): Cooking ramen in Ichiraku

Village: Fire and Secret Leave villages

Picture (as in image or graphic):

Description (of looks as in in words): Medium hair, her dress up was a little bit sexier when she was 11, it was a pair of shorts an a top with her chunnin shirt, her hair was bluelish blach in two pig tails, now she is 15 and her dress up is like Ino Yamanaka but with leggins and her hair is now blue
Catchphrase (opt.): Let your past make you better, not bitter

Best Friend (opt.): Hinata Hyuuga

Crush (opt.): Neji Hyuuga

Rival (not enemy, just friendly rivals): Ino Yamanaka

Enemy (as in 'I really really wanna beat you up, you really piss me off'): Sasuke Uchiha

Pet(opt.): A black pig with a yellow scarf, kind of P-chan from Ranma 1/2

Jan 29, 15 at 1:18pm

Name: knight uchiha

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Secret Technique: gensand mastery jutsu iron sand

Jutsu/s: lightning,fire,water,wood,sand

Attacks: Attacks with sand. like garra

Bio (opt.): born in the village hidden in the sand. he has the one tails in him both his parents were killed by itachi uchiha when he was 11.

Personality:never backs down. dose not speak much

Rank (anything but Hokage, please): Jounin

Job (opt.): part time cook.

Village: Hidden Village in the sand.

Description (of looks as in words): short black hair. always has a trench coat on.

Catchphrase (opt.): what done all ready

Crush (opt.): Hinata Hyuuga

Rival (not enemy, just friendly rivals): rock lee

Enemy (as in 'I really really wanna beat you up, you really piss me off'): itachi

Pet(opt.): giant snake (chidori)

Sep 13, 14 at 3:03am

Name: Leona Kulark

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Secret Technique: Munipulates Shadows

Jutsu/s: Forbbdian Jutsu's

Attacks: Absorbs attacks

Bio (opt.): Because of her split personality the outcome of everything she does is different. She is
unpredictable but will do anything to protect her village.

Personality: 3 split personality, hate, neutral and love ( Neutral is the dominate one )

Rank (anything but Hokage, please): unknown

Job (opt.): Gaurdian

Village: N/A

Description (of looks as in in words): Long black plated hair, dark brown eyes, light toned.

Catchphrase (opt.): Come and have a go!

Best Friend (opt.): None

Crush (opt.): Kiba Inuzuka

Rival (not enemy, just friendly rivals): None

Enemy (as in 'I really really wanna beat you up, you really piss me off'): None

Pet(opt.): Wolf

Sep 04, 14 at 1:31pm

Name: Kebuki

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Secret Technique: Sage Jutsu(taught by goats)

Jutsu/s: Gyuki-Ken(Earth Fists)

Attacks: He fights like Asuma. He mainly uses boxing.

Bio (opt.): Kebuki was found on the front of the Cave of Koyagi. There he lived and trained with the goat sages, and mastered Sage Mode. From the goats he learned how to manipulate the earth into almost any shape. At the age of twelve he left the goats to find his own path. He later made it to the Village Hidden in the Shadows, where he joined a ninja team, and further enhanced his ninja skills. There he mainly improved his skills in Taijutsu, and Nature Transformation. He has been targeted by the Korosusutā for being on of the 12 sages of prophecy. Kebuki's main mission is to gather all 12 sages and take them down. Each sage has learned sage jutsu from one of the 12 animals, Rat, Snake, Monkey, Goat, Dragon, Rooster, Dog, Rabbit, Horse, Pig, Ox, and Tiger.

Personality: Loud, cocky, and persistent. He can also be wise at times, but always finds a way to lose his cool. He is also very academically gifted, and uses his intelligence to think of strategies to get out of narrow situations. He is also very stubborn.

Rank (anything but Hokage, please): Chunnin

Village: Village Hidden in the Shadows

Picture (as in image or graphic): Cant draw

Description (of looks as in in words): A very tan skin color. He wheres a Navy blue hoodie, and a navy blue beanie with a metal plate with the village symbol on it. He has long bangs almost entirely covering up his forehead, which is huge by the way. He has navy blue eyes. He also has long, baggy, black cargos. he wears sneakers that are all black. when he is in sage mode, he grows small goat horns, and gain goat like pupils. These goat ears are so sharp the pierce threw his beanie.

Catchphrase (opt.): There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.

Best Friend (opt.): His summoning goat, Yagibosu.

Crush (opt.): A girl on his two man squad named Sona. She has short black hair, and a sash with the village symbol on it. He has had a crush on her since he saw her. She secretly has the same feelings for him.

Rival (not enemy, just friendly rivals): He wishes to fight his sensei one day.

Enemy (as in 'I really really wanna beat you up, you really piss me off'): His main enemy is the terrorist organization, Korosusutā. Whose main purpose is to kill the 12 sages of prophecy, whom Kebuki is one of.

Aug 30, 14 at 8:28am

Name: Yumi Hatashi

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Secret Technique: Hidden Blade (chakura forms a blade around her hand)

Jutsu/s: Shadow and Fire


Bio (opt.): Was harass by other children in her village cause she can kill anyone in a instant and mother killed right in front of her

Personality: Is very cheerful (even tho she was beaten by children from her village) and snow makes her cry because it snowed on the day that her mother died and the snow reminds her of that day

Rank (anything but Hokage, please):Chuunin

Job (opt.): She helps people being bulled (because of her past)

Village:Hidden in the leaf

Picture (as in image or graphic): You determent what she looks like and send it to me(if you do create her then make her pet to) and make sure she is cute.

Description (of looks as in in words): Long peach hair, black eyes, a really cute face and you decide what clothes she has

Catchphrase (opt.): Leave them alone or DIE!!!!!!

Best Friend (opt.): Sakura

boyfriend (opt.): Sasuke

Rival (not enemy, just friendly rivals): Ino

Enemy (as in 'I really really wanna beat you up, you really piss me off'): anybody who abuses children

Pet(opt.): A female kitten, Narico

Jul 01, 14 at 10:42pm

Name: Seiker Uchiha

Age: 16

Clan: Uchiha

Ninja Class: Anbu (Despite being ranked S in the bingo book)

Elements: Fire, Wind

Kekkai Genkai: Sharingan and Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan

Spec Jutsu: Great Fireball Jutsu

Concentrated Attack: Five Element Seal: Prevents enemy from using any elemental jutsu, though this can be broken with a sudden outburst of chakra, similar to breaking genjutsu

Master of Genjutsu: (Said to be strong enough to rival Itachi's)

Physical Traits: Muscular, Short Height: 5"5 Weight: 122 lbs

Personality: Cocky, Friendly, Loyal

Bio: When he was 5 years old his parents where killed in front of his very own eyes during the 3rd world Shinobi world, and from then own swore to himself that he would never let his loved ones die because of his own powerlessness. Later when he turned 12 he aced every test in the academy proving himself a prodigy. Later on, he was placed in a squad with Raven Jeagar and Aisha Ackerman. With his Sensei being Kirito Hyuga. During this time he awakened and mastered his Sharingan and even awakened the mangekyo sharingan. Also after the death of the 3rd hokage, he, despite his young age was recommended for the 5th hokage although he decided to stay in his position as an Anbu. Sometime later along this line, seeing Aisha fatally wounded awakened his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

Jutsu : Genjutsu: Sharingan
Susanoo (Black with 2 blades a bow and a shield)
Fireball Jutsu
Phoenix flower jutsu
Dragon Flame Caterwaul
Dragon Flame Jutsu
Demon Wind Shuriken
Shadow Clone Jutsu
Clone Great Explosion
Wind Style: Wind Blade
Wind Style: Wind Wave
Wind Style: Wind bullets
Fire Style: Rapid Fireballs
Genjutsu: Shackling Stakes
Genjutsu: Shattered Heaven
Genjutsu: Nightmare Illusion
Genjutsu: Revolving Heaven and Hell
Genjutsu: Hell View
Genjutsu: Beloved Destroyer
Wind Style: Tornado
Fire Style: Hellfire
Wind and Fire Style: Hellish Tornado (combination of Tornado and Hellfire)
Summoning: 2-Headed Dog
Summoning: Dragon
Genjutsu: Step From Death

Total missions completed: 42 D rank, 97 C rank, 562 B rank, 1012 A rank, and 121 S rank.
Favorite food: Fried Chicken, Least favorite:Green Beans
Favorite Quote: "Never live life in fear of death, and if you do... You might as well be dead.

P.S everything under my jutsu was because i was bored.

Jun 07, 14 at 7:50am


May 19, 14 at 7:45pm




Secret Technique:



Bio (opt.):


Rank (anything but Hokage, please):

Job (opt.):


Picture (as in image or graphic):

Description (of looks as in in words):

Catchphrase (opt.):

Best Friend (opt.):

Crush (opt.):

Rival (not enemy, just friendly rivals):

Enemy (as in 'I really really wanna beat you up, you really piss me off'):


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