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Oct 10, 10 at 5:45amJass

What is your favorate/most powerful comman deck?
Make sure to include:
(1)The character it's used for.
(2)Why you chose that deck.

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Aug 7, 16 at 3:32am
Amir Aiman 67

My basic command
1 ars arcanum
2 time splicer
3 faith
4 Curaga
5 mega flare
Shotlock ragnarok/photon charge
For the boss fight

1 ars arcanum
2 Time splicer
3 mine square
5 curaga
6 curaga

Villains vendetta,mysterious figure and ma freaking vanitas
1 ars arcanum

2 time square

3 tornado
4 curaga
5 curaga
6 curaga

Dec 26, 14 at 4:23pm


Ars Arcanam
Mine Square
Time Splicer
^ for bossing

Mega Flare
Finisher: Surprise! 2
^ Munny Grind/ Deck leveling

Shotlock: Multivortex

Chaos Blade
Ars Solum
Mine Square

Shotlock: Ultima Cannon

(Just started)

Mar 5, 14 at 12:00pm

For Aqua I use this:

Zero Graviga
Mine Square
Wishing Edge

Shotlock is Prism Rain. Changing to Photon Charge when obtained.
Finish command is Teleport Spike.
Instant crowd control and gives super quick access to Ghost Drive. I call it Ethereal Dream!

Jan 3, 13 at 4:59pm
Hell Fire

I can't remember what I've done with Terra, but here's my current Ven deck:

  • Ars Arcanum
  • Salvation
  • Mega Flare
  • Curaga
  • Curaga

    Shotlock: Bio Barrage

    Works well for me.

  • Jul 19, 12 at 9:00pm


    Ars Arcandum
    Time Splicer

    Maybe it was because I was at Lv.46, but the final boss barely touched me. Just spammed Ars Arcandum, Time Splicer, and Faith.

    Jul 15, 12 at 9:13pm

    My Ven/Aqua decks were made by me but my Terra deck was made by jhaden on gamefaqs
    For Aqua
    Triple firaga-Triple Blizzaga(both boss moves)-thundaga shot(enemy clearer)-seeker mine(both boss and enemy moves)-raging storm(enemy clearer NOT a boss move)-aeroga( like seeker mine)- and curaga
    Finish-teleport spike
    Shot lock-lightning ray
    Keyblade- No Name or storm fell

    For Ven
    Tornado strike-Ariel slam-aeroga-faith(do not have a deck without this one)-sonic blade-curaga
    Shot lock-muilti vortex
    Keyblade- ultima weopen or lost memory

    For Terra (once again I do not take credit for this one)
    Dark haze-chaos blade-dark firaga-magnega(use this to bring enemies in for...)-meteor crash-curaga
    Finish-explosion(demolition is too long and boring)
    Shot lock- sonic shadow
    Keyblade- void gear or ends of the earth( u deserve to be slapped hard in the face if u want chaos riper I don't care if it has 10 strength it takes away 2 of ur magic putting it at very low position when void gear brings it up by 6)

    Oct 13, 10 at 5:14pm
    soul calibur king

    my favorite moves for Terra are:
    1 Ultima Cannon
    2 Ars Solum
    3 Sonic Rave
    4 Chaos Rave
    5 Dark Haze
    6 Curaga
    7 Mine Square
    8 Mine Square

    I repeated Mine Square twice because it helps me out a lot in the battle with Vanitas Sentiment

    Oct 11, 10 at 2:31pm
    King of Ice

    Do take note that I'm playing the Japanese Version of the Game,so some names will be different

    Ventus:Last Arcanum,Tornado Strike,Sonic Rave,Mega Flare,Curaga.
    Reason:I use this all the time,because I'm too lazy to change decks,and it works well for both bosses and normal enemies

    Terra:Final Break,Freeze Raid,Aerial Slam,Sonic Rave,Dark Firaga,Atomos Break,Curaga
    Reason:Read Above Reason

    Reason:Just started using Aqua

    Oct 11, 10 at 3:00am

    I forgot to put my decks...

    Terra: I haven't found one.

    Ventus:Ars Arcanum, Salvation, Tornado Strike, Faith, and Absolute Zero for the Shot Lock. (I use this deck for everything.)

    Aqua: Magnega, Raging Storm, Firaga Burst, Triple Firaga, Triple Blizzaga, Curaga, and Absolute Zero. (I use this for arena and normal enemies)

    Oct 11, 10 at 2:11am

    Terra: Don't care enough to remember.

    Ventus: Ars Arcanum, Faith, Salvation and 2 curagas. Just to plow through everything. Shotlock: Multivortex

    Aqua: Triple Firaga, Triple Blizzaga, Curaga, Firaga Burst Seeker Mine, Seeker Mine. Same for Ventus. Shotlock: Lightbloom

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