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Sep 30, 10 at 4:48amShadow of Death

Hey, say 'hello', if you will.

Got this game less than a week ago myself, and I've already played it for hours XD I can certainly see the attraction of it, and I'm hoping future updates drastically expand the crafting element, and improve the graphics.

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Dec 15, 14 at 9:01pm

Hey. Just switched to the one. Need craft friends. No immature kids plz. I play a lot. Im 38. Need help let me know. Add me Miss Ayla Rae Thanks guys. On 360 Im That Girl Rae.

Dec 15, 14 at 8:54pm

HI. Looking for xbox one minecrafters. Please no immature kids. I play all the time. JUst switched from 360 today. Need friends lol. Its just way more fun. Add Miss Ayla Rae and send a message saying u saw this. Thanks guys!???

Sep 27, 14 at 3:58pm

hey, what up? im new in neoseeker, but iv been playing mc for about 4 years now. i consider myself a pro, and i want a place where i can post untill death (hypthethicly).
so, nice to meet you all and you can bet you will here from me a lot.

Sep 14, 14 at 9:34am

quote Asianz
Asianz here, love games that stimulates your imagination! Mine craft for the win!! :]
Are you playing the game on pc or Ps3 or ect...

Sep 14, 14 at 9:27am

Hey does anyone play the minecraft on the ps3 or all of you guys and gals are playing it on the pc? lordofpokemonandff10 and shadow of death

Sep 06, 14 at 9:19am
colton creater

Colt creater here. I may not be that popular, but I have some great knolage for anyone who needs it. I've also been working on a skyblock map as well.

Sep 06, 14 at 6:42am

I'm on PS4 and love Minecraft, add me and let us build our epic landscape


Sep 06, 14 at 1:58am

My psn is best-lemming. I'm looking for people to play survival with and to help making things. Currently working on a pirate ship a underground rail network then an airport. Would prefer English speakers but can speak a little German and would like to work on getting more fluent. Please send let me know you're from here.

Jul 02, 14 at 12:27am

Welp, I'm going to make a better introductory post, even though mine is two pages back, because I feel I could say a lot more.

My username is Adrilidexus, as stated. I am notorious for being found on servers like Wynncraft and Hypixel, and just recently have gotten into liking mlgHwnt's style of videos. I heard about Minecraft from some friends at school, but at the time, I thought it was just a bunch of blocks and legos and crap. I even watched them play it and asked them "So what's the meaning behind it all?" They soon managed to snag a copy of cracked 1.5.2, and passed it to every single person at school via email. So I decided to give it a go, ran it, tried survival.

I failed so terribly there is no definition for the terrible I failed. It was that bad. Still confused about the purpose of the game, but feeling challenged for having lost, I tried again. I didn't know that Hardcore would delete your world at the time, so I played Hardcore for...probably well over a month? Eventually I got tired and went on servers. It was then I learned it wasn't just blocks, it was creativity. It was imagination at its finest. The world at your fingertips...and all you had to do was place down a block after block, one by one...

I played with some friends on a 1.6.2 server, and started to love it. I built a home on my own without help, learned how to raid without getting caught and still only taking what I needed, and eventually wandered far enough to bring back a pack of wolves. And by pack, I mean a PACK. I led 50 wolves home, that would pounce the first chance they got when someone hit me.

However, this was played via the cracked 1.6.2 launcher, which soon became defective with the new launcher update. At a loss, I decided it was time to actually play the game everyone had tried to tell me about. I bought Minecraft. I went back, played my first modpack, learned about redstone, and made my very first hardcore world, where I survived for a real-time week. playing day in and day out after school.

I'm 18, I'm graduated from high school. I run my own server now, small, but quite homely and popular to an extent. I learned how to use commandblocks to the best of their power, and the tricks I could do with redstone. I learned how bugs and glitches could be used to a benefit, and have been working at studying Java in my free time, so I can develop my own version of Minecraft for my server.

And that's pretty much it. I'm addicted.

Jun 30, 14 at 11:15pm

quote w00tageseven
That's right, I'm playing this game now. I bought it on the very day a friend introduced it to me, about two weeks before the Halloween update. And now I shall build a big *bleep*ing thing. Not sure what it's going to be yet, but I know that it'll be big, and it'll be a *bleep*ing thing.

I'm "WannaRocks". And yeah, it's a pun.

Hey I'm newcomboy if u wonna playstaion3 minecraft just friend request me

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