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Sep 16, 10 at 12:47pmDantess26

It's true there is a new Devil May Cry in the making. Ninja Theory (the ones behind Heavenly Sowrd) are at the helm, and are not interested in making a sequel.

The new logo- DmC instead of DMC- is the least of the changes seen. Dantes is younger and has black hair. So... it seems that this is a re-hash of the series.

Are we seeing the end of Devil May Cry as we know it? Or are Ninja Theory onto a winner?

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Sep 12, 11 at 3:54am

So far not much being said about DMC like the fact that it can never be tied to the devil may cry series. NT DMC Dante aka little Nicky Like Dante's inferno are both different games with their own Dante so their stories can't be link together with devil may cry series. Ninja Theory interviews say it's not a prequel and Their Dante is half ANGEL and the order Half is devil so no human in there at all.The story of this game is not from the devil cry novels & manga at all. The last time I check no do really need to go on any devil may cry fan knew what he is and will always be a half devil half human devil hunter.So no matter how many fans NT DMC gets it will never be a to notch hack and slash like Bayonetta & DMC 3&4. Ninja Theory DMC want even stand a chance against Asura's Wrath witch is more more over the top than Bayonetta . I just wanted to make that clear. No one has to respond to this just putting it out there for fan to read but if you wish to reply to this that just fine.

Oct 18, 10 at 6:14pm

They could have made this awesome, nostalgic for us old fans yet fresh and powerful for everyone else.

Instead we get Dante slapping a fag in a marionette's face- it's like something from the 90's!

Please, Ninja Theory prove all of us haters of this new look (that includes me- and i liked DMC2!) wrong! The worst thing that can happen is that we get crappy generic gameplay to accompany the emo look!

Oct 18, 10 at 5:51am

I would laugh if the character turned out to be a teenager version of Virgil.

Oct 1, 10 at 2:19pm

A Sparda story would have been redeeming in my eyes... or as i said previously- making a SEQUEL to a game, any game, in the DMC series. Instead we get a spin off (although some are saying it is a prequel- is it? Tell me if DmC has been confirmed as a prequel to DMC4 before i carry on speaking as though it's not! ... where's Vergil then?)

I just don't like the whole vibe of the trailer- It's like having the first 3 DMC games as a Heavy Metal kick in the face, and then DmC being punk-pop. I'm not going to all out declare my sudden hatred for the game (perhaps it'll be mindblowing, although i very much doubt it)- after all it's only one video and not even gameplay.

I don't feel that it's pushing the boat out much though- Marionettes still? Jeez weren't we shooting/slashing those in DMC1??? It feels a little boring in concept. Nelo Angelo anyone?

Sep 27, 10 at 3:38am
devil jin

anyone think they should`ve made a devil may cry game when you play as sparda to witness his story in the series?

Sep 26, 10 at 10:41am

Without sounding repetitive, I think that Dante looks awful. The DMC series IMO hasn't been any good since the first. The 3rd was alright, but nowhere near as great as the original.

Sep 24, 10 at 11:33pm
Tiger of Wu

I never said the change didn't make sense (well the number 3 change made sense, 4 was just them playing it safe; 2 was way over the top though) but I was just further elaborating the point Hideaki made about Dante constantly changing anyway.

Sep 24, 10 at 10:33pm
Xeros the Slayer

But Cuh-razy Dante had his brother as a foil to balance it all out. Losing him made him grow up a bit(1, even though he was a little narmy with the whole LIIIIIIIIGHT part) to be a little more serious though in 2 he was way too quiet, he had one good quip in the whole game at the very end.

4 balanced him out a little but at that point he was bored and doing it all for lulz and Yamato.

If there is indeed one timeline to go by, then this Dante is young enough to still be quite traumatized by the whole family killed in front of him thing.

I have to say though I kinda hope they keep Reuben Langdon as the voice actor.

Sep 24, 10 at 10:09pm
Tiger of Wu

Exactly. The simple fact is most people are screaming for Dante who loves pizza and makes jokes every five seconds and loves parties getting cuh-razy and that Dante has only existed in two games. I think I've said it before but if someone thinks the series is dead because the main character might not be as over-the-top as they know him as, even though in the original he was much more tame and in number two he was a complete emo, then said person needs to rethink their outlook on it.

The hair and the fact he's completely skinny does kill the look for me though, I mean how can someone who has that much of a workout everytime he has a fight, which is all the time, still look like a twig? And the hair's just stupid imo (wild, uneven fringe be damned). And the hair being his hair is way too self-indulgent, along with the flag on his jacket. But for most people his looks are the only reason they hate it, which is ridiculous. I wouldd say the Cowboy look was quite manly though but in a possibly homosexual steel worker kind of way. It's also ironic considering Capcom told NT to westernise him yet the Cowboy look was about as Western as Japanese game protagonists got with possible exceptions of RE (MGS doesn't count for one reason; the ass... dear lord the ass ).

But yeah, I think we've established we agree on the general point

I just hope more people calm down from the initial annoyance and wait until there's some gameplay or at least more than a two minute trailer and some screens before writing it off completely

Sep 24, 10 at 9:54pm
Xeros the Slayer

The original creator has stated that the character is different each iteration of the series, and he's right. There's actually rather broad expectations as long as he was that guy with the white hair and red jacket.

Something just hit me with people saying the new one looks like a fag. The man has a penchant for leather and silver mostly in the form of necklaces, and at one point goes around in cowboy boots. He's an over the top person but nothing about him ever screamed "Rated M for Manly" like it does with a lot of characters in the genre, namely Kratos, and its part of what made him different.

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