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Sep 16, 10 at 7:13amCharraze111

YAY! I KILLED BARBARUS! He deserves it after what he did 2 greygnarl...
Anyway, Corvus is so hard. I always use Kabuff but he still kills them. He always does 60-70 damage aswell :@ My team is:
Me: Level 43 Palidin (Fire Blade)
Hugo: Level 42 Gladiator (Falcon Blade)
Isabella: Level 44 Priest (Driller Pillar)
Lucia: Level 45 Martial Artist (Fire Claws)

Any tips? Plus anyone know his EXACT health?

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Feb 26, 13 at 10:05am

A winning team for any battle is Ranger, Sage, Priest and Martial Artist. The Ranger is a strong attacker especially with Wolf Whistle. The Sage focuses on debuffing and buffing and occasionally healing. The Priest is the healer. And the Martial artist is the attacker as well. I've won every time.

Feb 23, 13 at 9:04am

i did it with :
hero level 41 gladiator falcon blade
100 skill in sword sheild virtue courage and guts?
tank level 43 demon spear
100 skill in spear guts virtue and martial artist skill
supporter level 43 ranger headsman axe (from secret shop)
100 skill in fource axe ranger skill and guts also had armentalists album (from the lv 40 quest) and minstrels manuel (from the level 40 minstrel quest)
healer sage lv 45 so learnt kazing purblind bow
100 in spell craft faith enlightenment bow and wand

how to get so many points level up all vocations to 25ish and see the points stack up

3-4 turns
glad allways use falcon slash
paly always use multi thrust
ranger gritty ditty x2 then life fource every time he uses disruptive wave repeat then use an attack
sage uses rain of pain or if needed multi-heal or even kazing if needs more mp use hallowed arrow

hope it helps:·)

Oct 23, 12 at 12:01pm

Believe me, this will help. I've played the game through 8 times, and I know which team can successfully take down corvus.
Your team should have
A physical attacker, warrior better defence than gladiator but gladiators have higher attack.
A tank. The best role for this is unquestionably the paladin. If you first take the path 'virtue', then your defence goes through the roof. Attack isn't half bad either.
A main attacker. I chose a martial artist and took the fisticuffs path. It's your best bet. You could also use a paladin or warrior for this role.
And finally, a healer. For gods sake, my priestess saved my life against the final boss. At 32 multiheal is learnt which restores around 110 hp to all players for 16mp. If you get cocky and go with another vocation, a good choice is a Mage. They learn powerful attack spells, and can drain mp when attacking with a wand. However, their defence is lower than my butt, so make sure your up to date with his/her armour and shield.
Hope this helps guys.
remember that no vocation is the best, and that each have ups and downs. Stupid laws of life...

Feb 23, 12 at 3:38am

I still haven't beaten Corvus in his final (mortal) form. I have given up long ago. All lvl 50's with one lvl 63. Just cannot beat him. I still think the games brilliant, but it would have been nice to see the end.

Feb 22, 12 at 4:02pm

Anyone stuck on barbarous cuz I am

Vegeta minstrel lv.37
Trunks warrior lv.38
Jack priest lv.36
Percy mage lv.35

My minstrel and warrior both have a stardust sword and my priest has a poker and my maye has some strong dragon wand.


Jul 6, 11 at 6:30pm

I am really high leveled but I can't beat him! Any tips?
Me - lvl 53, dragonsbane
Martial artist - lvl 53, ballistick
Mage - lvl 50
Thief - lvl 45, fire sword

Dec 2, 10 at 8:38pm

quote Charraze111
Uhh.. The first post you did was off topic.
Also dont double post
yea i relised that after i sent the second one

Dec 2, 10 at 7:56pm

Uhh.. The first post you did was off topic.
Also dont double post

Dec 2, 10 at 7:47pm

quote Charraze111
I thought in stead of making a new thread just post on thsi one.
Heres my new party!
Me: Level 48 Paladin-
Dragon Slayer as my weapon
My priest Buffs me. I always use forbearance.
Bernie: Level 42 Gladiator
Falcon Blade (in progress of making Uber. Just need 2 more lucida shards and im good to go!)
He psyches up to 100. Falcon slash. Deals 2000-2500 damage
Erinn (Looks like Erinn too xD): Level 44 Priest
Sceptre of Gitt.
She heals. And buffs me.
Jayne: Level 40 Ranger
Blowy Bow
Uses Rain of Pain. Then hallowed arrow. E.t.c. Heals if Priest dies and zings her back.

I do fine. Then he magic bursts and murders everyone excpet my priest. My priest then falls asleep with his eerie eyes. And he kills her.

Any different strategies?
what i did was use right as rain and let my prist use multi heal the entier time while my brother and my marcal artest used there attacks to pound on him then i used vanish he didnt kill any of us once

Dec 2, 10 at 7:43pm

i beat him a few days again and i dont know where to get my Sterlings Whistle im having the hardest time trying to find out i have a team of 3 people becuase i play with my brother and hes a gladator lvl-52
but my team is

Me:Niku-Lvl50 sage boomerange

Split:Lvl51 marcal artest staff

Lita:lvl50 prist lance

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