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Sep 3, 10 at 10:47amkluck

Well.... I didn't see that comming.


Thanks to photobucket user 'Cyberman65' for the scans.

Also for anyone interested, Cyber also has a stream of the NA Birth by sleep release going Justin.TV

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Jun 5, 12 at 8:42pm

Hmmm... If I recall,Square announced that it was young Xehanort,from "present" KH time period,who now can Time-Travel.

]But...Since Xehanort possessed Terra,doesn't that mean that Terra's beating himself up,or at least his body? And Aqua/Ventus is beating Terra up too,technically?

May 7, 12 at 9:53am

Vanitas lingering spirit was easier than master xehanort to me. I beat him in 2 minutes on first try. if u need help lemme know its quite simple. And i wanna fight sora lol that wood be awesome.

Oct 20, 10 at 2:28am

True. And if it is the light side of MX, it'll be on the good side right?

Oct 20, 10 at 1:53am

If it was his light side then i'm pretty sure he could've just fought himself for the x-blade. At least if I understand how it works.

Oct 18, 10 at 10:10pm

Light side theory is good. Can work. And I'd like it more than the below theory.

But there are more chances that MF is Xemnas, Xehanort's nobody. It should be a perfect time to appear after Xehanort rid himself of his body and heart.

Plus, the MF's weapon is similar to Xemnas. And Xemnas has previously fought in a similar fight (with the hooded cloak on) in KH2FM. We didn't get to play that game sadly -.-

A neat theory here -

Sep 30, 10 at 8:11pm
SPARTAN Keyblade

We do know when it happened.
The battle is fought as Ven, Terra or Aqua so we know it's when those three are still alive and complete. I doubt we're supposed to believe the game jumps ahead 11 or 12 years for one extra boss fight. If Land of Departure is restored in the future then why would this battle be fought in the half-ruined version of the world?
It's definitely being fought between Land of Departure's fall to darkness and the final battle at the Keyblade Graveyard.

Also that means that MF is defeated before the battle with Xehanort, and before Blank Points. Xehanort has shown that he can telepathically connect to others (notably Terra), so if MF was his back-up he would probably be aware of his/her/its defeat. He's probably referencing a different plan in Blank Points.

I like your 'light side' theory. It's like what he did to Ven's dark side. He must have learned to do that from somewhere.

Sep 29, 10 at 10:04pm

That DOES work. I saw the boots right when he jumps and floats down and his cloak goes up. they're an exact match. And he's the younger version, thats why he stands up straight. I wonder where he got the cool sabers. I wants dem too.

Sep 29, 10 at 9:24pm

Dude, I figured out who this guy pretty much is by one minor detail: His boots. It's some form of Xehanort.

Look at Master Xehanort's boots:

Then look at a video of The Unknown's battle like this:

They're the same. A minor detail that can go a long way. Here are my theories:

1) This is Xehanort's "back up plan". In "Blank Points", the secret ending, Xehanort mentions he has a back up plan should the complete possession of Terra fail. You may say this is the creation of the Heartless and Nobodies, but is it EVER that simple with Square Enix?

2) This is Xehanort's body that faded when he possessed Terra. The Unknown look more mobile than Xehanort, but he's really just teleporting (which, BTW, Xehanort can do). The fact that he stands up straight is one counter.

3) This is Xehanort's light side. I know it sounds strange, but it could have happened. Xehanort soaked his heart in darkness, maybe his light side ended up be separated somewhere down the line.

In terms of this guy being a time traveller, I highly doubt it. Note that though this battle is canon, it was never specified WHEN it happened. For all we know, the Land of Departure could have been restored after KHII and this happens after KHIII, when everyone is restored. We don't know when this happened.

I might have another theory, but I can't remember it (them).

Sep 28, 10 at 2:22am

Well, with Vanitas, you can lay your mines and just keep dodging around them. You don't even have to attack him. All his attacks can be avoided by dodging. Plus Tornado hits him too, right? You can also hide behind the rocks and just Strike Raid him till he dies lol.

But with MF, the clone attack can kill you even if you are mashing square with a turbo controller. You just have to Thunder Surge him when clones are out, ideal case being just as he starts that attack.

MF has four bars of health and you do more damage to him. VLS has one bar but you do less damage. I liked both the battles, different sort of challenges. I might make a vid sometime, after I get the Ultima Weapon and when I have a few hours to kill

Sep 28, 10 at 1:24am

Vanitas's Spirit is more of a cheap battle. It's nearly impossible to win by just keyblade attacking without any special commands as he heals the moment you use a healing magic. He's horribly strong and fast, and Nomura himself said that you needed a special command list to beat him. It was meant as the big final secret boss, but then the MF appeared in the English version. This is actually a fair battle even when you think it isn't. Think of how much health he has, and think of how much health you have, bar size I mean. One good attack at level 69 with Thunder Surge takes about half of one of his bars. You're attacks are equal to his, the only difference is he has cooler ones. I really like battling him.

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