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Aug 17, 10 at 2:33amMichael Molina

Honestly I am totally excited that we're going to see another new Ace Combat for both the 360 and this time for the PS3 people. I realize that the trailer is just a short teaser, but it still looks like a winner so far.

I am however a slight disappointed that we're departing the Strangereal World and bringing the series now in to the real one. Personally I feel there are still more places to cover yet and/or even revisit. I would seriously like revisit Usea one last time. Still I am willing to give this a chance. If it all works out then it's a win-win for us fans.

I seriously hope though the namdai will make this Ace Combat a game that will be people interested as well as enthusiasm going long after it's released. I can't wait until we get more info on what we can expect.

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Oct 19, 10 at 5:15pm
Black Bee 1

The rocket explosion effect looks magnificent. I think I will use RCL more frequently in the game. I want one of F-22 SP paint is Starscream paint from Transformers 2.

Oct 11, 10 at 11:58am
RGZ Archer

Depending on how they do it, they could use Lost Planet 2 as a frame work to build on. Limit the number of people for co-op campagn, then use less complicated/smaller maps for multiplayer head to head.

Oct 9, 10 at 2:20am

Too many reviewers are going batshit crazy over the trailer (which I'm going to say is a false trailer, features no actual-in game or real hud design, and is all 100% scripted to appeal to western audiences).

First of all, they're going to want to throw a coop campaign in there, and the kind of 'gameplay' we say in the 'trailer' will not work for online purposes. Would need low latency and a reduced player count, tri count, etc just to keep the game from stuttering like Hawx 2. Ace Combat's framerate up to this point has been smooooooth. I expect a similar green hud to return like in past games, not anything like the fugly turd in the trailer. But about these on-rails moments and such, it's always a possibility, and not one i'm ever going to look forward to. If I wanted that i'd just play Afterburner. :\

Sep 21, 10 at 5:25pm
Michael Molina

Well I wanted the Ace Combat series to stay a Sony exclusive myself. But when the series made the jump to the 360 I went with the 360 instead of the PS3. The problem isn't the game being on both consoles, it's the high ups at namdai that are making the calls.

I felt bad for those who invested in their PS3's with the anticipation of having a new AC game on a next gen system;only to be given the biggest let down and yes! it was a stab to the heart for you guys.

I for one am glad however that not only will us 360 owners get another AC game, but you guys on the PS3 will have a chance this time around. The thing that troubles me though is this need to bring the series into the real world, and all of the Michael Bay explosion porn and catchy buzz word garbage that is CLOSE RANGE ASSAULT and STEEL CARNAGE.

Sep 21, 10 at 3:35pm
RGZ Archer

I didnt think Zero was that bad, it actually had some of the most difficult missions of the series, at least for me.

And I cant tell you how many times I played the Zero mission itself over and over just to see that final scene with the two fighters pass each other at super slow motion (used the black paint sceme for the Morrigan, the reversing mirror image it made was my background for months)

Still to the point, my thoughts are they better not screw this up like that did 'that' game, only releasing it on the 360, I swear it felt like a knife to the back, its still annoying that it will be multi platform, dont the 360 people have their Halo to keep occupied? Let us have some exclusive titles Sony, or do a better job making Microsoft level things and get ME1.

Hopes? Wow, lets see if I can narrow them down a bit lol. I am saddened that the game is going to be in our world and not Strangereal, I loved that place and have many fond memories from her skies.

I guess for starters, an online multiplayer aside from story missions would be nice, like the Factional matches on Lost Planet 2, five (or in this case more) groups compeating for control, the winners get something for their effort and the boards get reset for the next week and it starts over again. It would give incentive to draw fans back after the whole AC6 feasco and make it more challanging.

There are a few aircraft I would like to see come back that have been absent since AC4, but I'll leave that for now, as long as the keep the Wyvern, Folken and Morrigan I'll be happy (Folken and Morrigan not for use online!)

One thing I've always wished they would do is allow some customization of aircraft. They might be government property, but I've been around a few bases in the past so I know pilots are allowed a certian amount of freedom with their aircraft as long as its nothing major or that could cause problems.

Lets wee was there anything else...oh yeah, almost forgot, COUNTERMEASURES! Where the heck are they? NONE of the AC series have chaft, or flares, and only THREE aircraft in the ENTIRE series have ECM, something thats pretty standard on most modern aircraft.

AC4's unique weapons loadout was also something they should bring back, aircraft had SPECIAL weapons, weapons that made them UNIQUE and actually COULD make missions easier, like the holy of most holy Phoenix missile of the F-14, you remember those right? The big honking missiles that fly at mach 5 and will turn anything they hit into a burning crater?

The only other thing that comes to mind is my hopes and prayers that they fix the wingmen command system, 5 was alright but Zero's was useless, Wingman commands only have use when, you know, the wingman ACTUALLY LISTENS TO THEM.

Thats all for now.

Sep 21, 10 at 5:23am

And now I have cringed as well.
Thanks for the link Mike.

What a load of bullcrap. Some 'mysterious fan' appears and says they aren't offering any challenges anymore? This is coming from the same guys that said an unknown player base was 'angry' that there was such a long delay in between the Ace games, and that they had decided to instead break down the time between releases and start spewing out titles (leading, imo, to a drop in quality from 5 to Zero).

Imo, what this is really about is Hawx. Hawx was multiplatform, managed to bring four player campaign coop, and featured a story branded with the support of "Tom Clancy". (ooh, a challenger appears) Ace 6 was panned for its crappy story, few coop missions, and oddball exclusivity on the 360. Then came Hawx, and though a veteran air combat gamer wouldn't call Hawx a top shelf product, it sold well enough to kick Namco in the balls. Now Hawx 2 is out (and imo, worse than the first game), and Ace is still nowhere to be seen. The Aces team isn't calling the shots here, just the suits. As usual, that means poor planning and judgment calls that will result in further butchering of a good IP. Comparing Ace to a TPS or FPS game is *bleep*ing insulting. The king of arcade flight games is looking to *bleep*ing Call of Duty (and the sales figures of that series) and are willing to destroy their own property in a bid to make it marketable for the drones out there who can't tell quality from shovelware.

Damnit, I didn't endure the backhanded slap that was Ace Combat 6 for this crap.

Imo, the way I would have liked the series to go was bring the universe online - and similar to MMOs, let players choose a side of one of two or several factions during a 'great war'. This would give players the opportunity to join squadrons and gain notoriety online, using elements such as newspapers and similar narratives to go over the successes of each in-game country and its aces for varied exploits. Ultimately there could be a resolution every so often depending on victories/losses, and then it'll restart from square one, letting you change allegiances and use craft from different nationalities, etc. (Or hell, play as a merc and switch sides to your hearts content).

Must bang head on wall.

If this game doesn't sell very well I hope Namco doesn't just kill off the series in retaliation.

Sep 20, 10 at 5:41pm
Michael Molina

Mr Gray thank you for your thoughts here as they are appreciated. To be honest I and number of other fans loyal to this series do not like the direction Project Aces and namdai are going. I don't know if you have seen any of the interviews with Mr Kono, but it sounds like they're trying to appeal to the FPS gamers.

To put things in a nutshell I am not at all thrilled with this new ace combat.I know those who own PS3 will be excited no matter what because they got ripped off the last time with AC6;and now they're finally getting an ace combat game. But it's 'NOT' the same game many of us have enjoyed for so many years now. I think the formula that was created was perfect. Sure there's nothing wrong with making some changes and spicing things up a notch. But not turn a game that revolved around fighters and fast attack aircraft and turn it into a flying FPS.

As for the whole real world thing! I still prefer leaving the series in the Strangereal World as there were more countries and stories that could be told there.

However, no matter how much kicking and screaming I do at the end of the day I will more likely be keeping with my pre-order of the game. Maybe once we have the ability to play the demo can we really get a better feel for how it will be.

And this interview made me cringe.;title;2

Sep 20, 10 at 8:06am

I'm thinking the copter sequences are going to be mostly gunner stuff. Hawx 2 is riddled with these 'minigames', and honestly it detracts from the gameplay formula. Just a bunch of gimmicks. Call of Duty can do whatever the hell it wants with their 'bring the rain' missions, Ace Combat to me is all about flying fighters and attacker jets; Navy, Marines, Airforce, or some Merc group or another.

Given the setup between switching from a jet pilot to gunner, i'm thinking they're gearing up for the player character(s) to be as faceless as possible.

As for the latest Ace on the PSP - absolutely NO point in it being real world. Very first few missions you go head to head with a massive unrealistic flying super weapon which makes like Godzilla on Tokyo. It's not a more realistic game by any means (and they heavily dumbed down the flight physics and craft speeds). I don't know if the two games will have any tie-in at all, but it really makes me miss Ace Combat 4. :\

There's also a pilotable 747 in Ace X2, as well as a Hellcat and a Zero. Somebody over there is playing mad scientist.

Sep 16, 10 at 4:43pm
Michael Molina

Well though I haven't played Joint Assault as I don't have my PSP any more. There were flying fortress in that game, and it too is set in the real world. So my guess is there will be some kind of Super Weapon, what that might be is anyone's guess. I guess we'll see probably soon enough.

Sep 16, 10 at 7:09am
Coi Cki

Seeing as this is the real world this time, if they'll include superweapons and the fictional aircrafts, they'll need to explain those somehow. Imo, the superweapons are what sets Ace Combat games apart from the rest. On the Strangereal, they had some advanced tech, unlike we on the real world.

Though, from what I see in the trailer, there will be tons of new things to do, so maybe we won't miss the superweapons, if they're not included.

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