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Aug 08, 10 at 7:21pmeevee2umbreon

best pokemon team

garitina lv100
arceus lv100
lugia lv100
deoxes lv100
darkrai lv100
shamin lv100

ps.this list are going to my pokemon in a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jun 25, 15 at 4:55pm
Xlayton xixon


Jun 20, 15 at 3:29pm
Latias Ruler

My team:

Latias lvl 100
Latios lvl 100
Arceus lvl 100
Lugia lvl 100
Verizon lvl 100
Articuno lvl 100

May 21, 15 at 11:11am

in my opinion this is the best to use in competitive battling.
foretress-sturdy-earth plate-rapid spin, stealth rock, earthquake, selfdestruct
-> 1 delete your opponents traps 2 set trap 3 earthquake until your almost down 4 selfdestruct
rhyperior-solid rock-stone plate- rock wrecker, earthquake, megahorn, avalanche
garchomp-sand veil-draco plate- draco meteor, dragon rush, crunch, shadow claw
poliwrath-damp-muscle band- hypnosis, focus punch, hydro cannon, mist
metagross(MEGA)-clear body-metal coat-psychic, metal claw, meteor mash, iron defense
spiritomb-pressure-ghost plate-hypnosis, dream eater, dark pulse, shadow ball
rayquaza will be owned bij avalanche
arceus will be owned bij poliwrath thanks to hypnosis
darkrai has no chance against poliwrath
foretress is a bully
giratina will be owned by spiritomb
deoxys can be owned by garchomp and spiritomb and so will lugia
it doesn't matter that your pokemon are level 100, all of the competitive battlers pokemon are... --'

Dec 18, 14 at 7:49pm

I hope this is a joke

Dec 01, 14 at 5:51pm

Okay guys; I have no idea in the newest gens. what pokemon are good.
I would like to know what pokemons in X/Y are the new bests. (If a pokemon from an older gen is better, give me the old one.)
No legendaries.

Are good attack sweepers. Huge attack made to 1HKO all the things.
Are good special sweepers. Huge special attack, to 1HKO all the things.
Tanks. Huge defense/special defense/health
Stalling pokemon, that inflict status effects.

Dec 01, 14 at 5:46pm

quote Weilai
... What about
Charizard lv 100 (mega) leftovers
Mewtwo lv 100(mega) leftovers
Arceus lv 100( Draco plate) leftovers
Requaza lv 100 leftovers
Kyurem (sheer cold required) leftovers
Blazeiken (mega) leftovers

Anyone think leftovers are good? It works really well.
Too many leftovers -.-

If you want to use highly offensive pokemons (sweepers), you'll need attack boosting items.
Mewtwo, in this case, would need a Choice specs, as well as special attack EV training;
will 1HKO all the things.

Dec 01, 14 at 12:29am

... What about
Charizard lv 100 (mega) leftovers
Mewtwo lv 100(mega) leftovers
Arceus lv 100( Draco plate) leftovers
Requaza lv 100 leftovers
Kyurem (sheer cold required) leftovers
Blazeiken (mega) leftovers

Anyone think leftovers are good? It works really well.

Nov 30, 14 at 4:02pm

I think this is the best team.

Charizard-Flamethrower, Fly, Blast Burn, Defensive move
Sylveon- Moonblast, Toxic, Quick Attack, Calm Mind.
Salamence-Dragon Breath, Draco Meteor, Defensive Move
Metagross- Psychic, Harden, Flash Cannon, Rock Smash
Mew or Celebi- Calm Mind, Psychic, Grass Knot, Moonblast
Mewtwo- Psystrike, Calm Mind, Ice Beam, Close Combat

Nov 08, 14 at 8:04am
Sunny Pandey

my best pokemon team that I bet no one of u can defeat-
blast burn
over heat
fire blast

2- Samurott-
hydro cannon
hydro pump

3- Electivire-
zap cannon
thunder bolt
bolt strike

aura sphere

stone edge

fire blast

friends by this excellent team I killed every trainer,every pokemon in pokemon victory fire ...
I have played almost 15 hacks ,from firered
omega to dark rising2 and have finished each of them ...
but victory fire is The most difficult one
and finally now I have completed It........

Every pokemon is lvl 100 and is kickass.....................

Sep 30, 14 at 12:23pm

hmm okay; best team should have:
-Full Defense pokemon(tank) ex snorlax
-Full attack pokemon+ speed(sweeper) ex alakazam
- Utility pokemon (bruiser/status) ex tyrannitar
- Balanced pokemon (Balanced) ex charizard

You should find these and then complete your team
with whatever works well. You can argue my examples, I just wrote whatever feels good.
Oh yeah, EV train them. Or you are just another noob.

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