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Aug 05, 10 at 10:05pmDuncan Idaho

from the brazilian team of the mod, that allows players to get the UCC (unconfirmed cards) is now working on a unofficial sequel, any news should be posted here

what i have confirmed that will be on:

new cards.

some fake fusions will be gone.

the opponents will have better decks!

not only that but you will get decent decks

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Mar 04, 15 at 2:43am

ForceOfWill Goblin Fan reflects non-battle damage, meaning effect damage, such as Ookazi, Tremendous Fire and Just Desserts. So yeah, those things trigger it.

Mar 04, 15 at 2:30am
Amaris Mingan

Mikopo i dropped him in 25 Duels (23 wins 2 loses)

Mar 04, 15 at 12:52am

I have some doubts about some secret effects.

For example Ancient Gear Golem seems to be immune to destructive Traps. But if i remember well he isn't immune to Torrential Tribute or Mirror Force Destruction effect if was Triggered by other Monster card. Someone can reconfirm it?

By other hand Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem isn't immune to destructive traps... so is a shame jajajaja.

Slifer and Obelisk are immune to destructive Traps too. BUT they are also immune to Torrential Tribute or Mirror Force Destruction effect if was Triggered by other Monster card (i'm totally sure about this). Pyramid of Light is the only destructive trap than work against them.

Don't know if The Winged Dragon of Ra had some secret effect, but im so glad than "normal over powered traps" works against him hahaha.

Someone know if the card Goblin Fan works? Try it with monster on my field, without them, against low attack monsters, big attack monsters... nothing seems to trigger it...

Mar 03, 15 at 8:34pm

is there a fusion to make cyber dragon? also, does making cyber end dragon via cyber + cyber twin count as summoning it? or do i legit have to polymerisation it... i cbf fighting bandit Keith 1k times lol.

Mar 03, 15 at 4:42pm

Weevil mates with Insect Queen and the Cocoon is carrying their kid that's why he never gives those two cards. I finally figured it out. . .man I should be a detective.

But seriously though, you're having trouble with Dokurorider?! xD

Amaris Mingan That's one sweet drop. How many duels did it take you?

metallicamilo311 Also nice drops!

Mar 03, 15 at 2:32pm
Don Krieg

Chaosrider Gustaph + Zombie (less then 1900 ATK) = Dakurorider, thats the only one from your list that i know.

Dakurorider from Rex is maybe in B-D Ranks better then A/S, i have 4 of them in ~300 Duels, all in B-D.

Mar 03, 15 at 12:05pm

So, ladies and gents, I'm like 8 cards away from having all of them (in library ofc), which is goal #2 on the list, goal #1 obviously having all of them in the Chest. Since game developers finally introduced all Passwords to the game (on facebook), I can easily buy some of them, which I did, like Exodia Leg, and those little things like Spear Cretin, Kiseitai and Wodan, but there are some things I just cannot f'in drop !!

Insect Queen - Weevil beaing a bitch
Frostosaurus - Ocean mage being a whore
Dakurorider - Rex
The Creator of Light - Yeah...
Horakhtry - Also, yeah
Torrential Tribute - Double yeah
Kunai with Chain - Wheeler whore
Horn of Heaven - Yeah

So, if anyone knows some of these card's fusion, that would be extremely awesome. I can buy them, yeah, but I wanna win some of them first, then I'll go hunt all of them for chest. Any help is welcome about fusions and stuff, or if you know some other duelist that gives some of these. Thank ya'all.

Mar 03, 15 at 9:11am

just a few won.

Mar 03, 15 at 4:30am
Amaris Mingan

Hey guys, i playing this game since 1 week and got my first treasure

Mar 02, 15 at 9:10pm
shadow walker

Woahh Skull Servant + Skull Servant = KotSS.I didn't even know that.This game deffinately has some clever fusions especially Gilfords fusion = Topaz + Flame Swordsman.And if this ritual card could have a fusion,I'm sure all the other ritual monsters would have fusions.

This idea of a Guide is really impressive becasue YFM original had a 'comfirmation thread and Japenese Guide'.So I think YFM II deserves to have a guide since there's lot to discuss about xD

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