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Jul 30, 10 at 1:20amnnn1110

This is simple, say the name, say the body parts and attacks and ablity

you have to grant the one pokemon in front of you, and then make your own pokemon.

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Aug 17, 13 at 10:14pm
Ethan Dao

Evolves from Arceus at Lv. 100 if it holds the Soothe Bell.
Ability: Slow Start: Halves Attack and Speed for 5 turns.
Secret Ability: Awakened Rage: Triples Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, Speed, and Accuracy for 2 turns
Moves: Moon Crash: Type: God 100 power, special attack. 90 accuracy 100% lowers foe's defense.
Sun Heat: Type: Fire 80 power, special attack. 100 accuracy
Aquabomb Type: Water 80 power, physical attack. 100 accuracy
Treerage Type: Grass 150 power, physical attack. 80 accuracy This attack does more damage the less HP.
(At level 100) God Bell Type: God 300 power physical/special attack. 300 accuracy. Steals HP.
Looks like Arceus body and face, Dialga colored arceus body with dialga spikes, palkia arms along with four Regigigas arms, Ho oh wings, cresselia rings, darkrai's wisp, Latios's jet wings, and four Heatran legs with water, fire, ice, and electric bolts coming out.

Apr 7, 12 at 8:26am

pokhfgfc. moves roar of time, m16(shoots at other pokemon)moo(make other pokemon do not obey it's trainer).abilty stun (if opponent touch it it will not move evole at level 57 to kjfrgafawrw{color}{size}
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Apr 1, 12 at 4:45pm
Oh yeah im cool

Name: Arcore
Ability: Ark Shot (Opponent cannot dodge attacks with Evasion and Arcore's attacks are always the same Accuracy, all this for Special Attacks)
Secret Ability: Legendary Cross (Catching Legendaries with Arcore out becomes easier)
Type: Fire/Arcane
How to get: Trade Arcanine with my item, Glowing Icicle. You'll get Magcargo with Lagging Tail. Catch another Arcanine and level it up to level 49. Then put Arcanine out first in a trainer battle and win with Magcargo. Arcanine, if leveled up, will become Arcore. Congratulation!
Attacks: Flame Pulse---shoots a thin bolt of fire at the enemy. When it hits something, it lets off a small pulse. Fire/Arcane
Ark Bolt---shoots a bolt that goes in a shape of a rainbow. Is mainly Electric, but also shoots below, and if a dual type, on top, of the users type. [Example: Shoots a electric bolt in a rainbow shape. Arcore is Fire/Arcane, so it would shoot a flame bolt below the electric bolt and a dark purple arcane bolt on top.] Does more damage if Arcore's ability is Ark Shot. Electric/Users type(s)
Cave Circle: Users Evasion rises. Next turn, users Speed rises. Last turn, covers user in rocks and blasts out of them. They shoot at the enemy. Normal damage is 10 points, but the added effect is damage also depends on users Attack, but plus, enemies Evasion. Copies enemies Attack if it hits before it hits.
Steely Eyes: Increases Accuracy. User gains extra turn if the user has more Speed, but on the extra turn, user cannot use Steely Eyes or any stat-raising attack.

Looks not much like Arcanine, where the fur was for Arcanine is only the same. The fur is coloured Purple and it glows. Has 3 stripes on it's back coloured dark Gray, and has 2 small spikes sand-coloured on each stripe, Face is furious-looking, and the tail is really hot fire blue.

Jul 3, 11 at 5:23pm

a pokemon whif wings like ho-oh fire rone it neck like tyflshon and eys like hoothoot and is called blob its wild holding item is muster ball:cool:

Jun 29, 11 at 11:43pm

I got one!
Evolves from onix at Lvl 27 and into steelix through trade with metal coat
It looks like a brown steelix without those wierd spikes and an onixlike head with steelix teeth.
Ability is Rock Head and Steel Armor.
Steel Armor raises evasion if thepokemon is paralyzed.
It can learn Double edge Rock Slide Dig and Iron defense through level up
Its a rock ground type like onix though

Nov 24, 10 at 2:30pm

If i could make a pokemon it would be a fire type dog. His name would be Arcnine and he would evolve from arcanine at lv 50. He knows eruption, overheat, flame wheel, and fire spin. His ability is flame body.

Nov 23, 10 at 3:45am
Pokemon cheater

Wow this is an old thread!

Anyways, let's make a Kirby Pokemon!

Vaccuum(holds opponent in mouth for 1 turn)
Swallow(copies 1 move from opponent while in mouth filling the swallow slot)
Spit(Spits out opponent doing damage while opponent is in mouth)
shake off(gets rid of the copied move)

Ability:Shapeshift Helm
makes a helm of the swallowed pokemon's head also raising it's stolen attack.

Wild Hold Item:Green Greens
Same effect as leftovers.

Kirby is a Normal type and has all Normal Type moves.

I would love some other nintendo character to make an appearance as an actual pokemon!(or maybe kirby!)

Jul 30, 10 at 3:38am

PorygonΩ (Omega)
Obtained by trading Porygon2 w/ Hold item "Fire Wall"
Type: Normal
Abilities: Download or Flame Body
Attacks: Same as Porygon2 except it has Giga Impact instead of Hyper Beam (if evolved before level 67), plus TM 26 EQ and TM 64 Explosion.
Base Stats: HP-95 Atk-75 Def-95 SpA-70 SpD-135 S-70. This would make it 5 points higher than Z, but much more defensive. It has the same colors and basic shape as 2, but more boxy, a little shorter, and bearing some resemblance to a tank.
quote Wiki
Omega (the last letter of the Greek alphabet) is often used to denote the last, the end, or the ultimate limit of a set.
The name is derived from Ω, which like Z, is the last of its alphabet and last of the Porygon line. Its defense is lower than SpD, but a physical attack risks a 30% chance of burn from the fire wall (If it obtains the Flame Body ability upon evolving).

Jul 30, 10 at 1:20am

This is simple, say the name, say the body parts and attacks and ablity

you have to grant the one pokemon in front of you, and then make your own pokemon.

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