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Oct 4, 12 at 8:21am

I know this is an epic necro, but I discovered something interesting:
If you use magic mirror against Margaret phase 4 in Hard Mode, she will exclusively cast Megidolaon (thankfully the non-instakill one). Then, "between" phases 4 and 5, she pulls out Thor and uses the reflect to heal herself to the tune of 10,000 HP total (4*~2500).

Also in this "between" period, she pulled out Pixie and Diarahan.

Moral of the story: Count your damage.

Jun 15, 12 at 9:58pm
raike sevain

You also left out how the resistance door guardians use poison and if you use amirta water to heal it they will still use megidolan

Aug 14, 11 at 1:48am

There are two mistakes in the strategies listed, two errors and one use of wasted party members.

First off, the Luck door can be averted by merely blocking. Blocking will prevent you from dying if hit by an instant death spell. On top of that, you have a 40% chance of being hit; not 50%. On top of that, you failed to mention what the 1 and 2 mean when they come up. When 1 comes up, you are supposed to switch to Pyro Jack and use Mudoon. When 2 comes up, you are supposed to switch to Jack Frost and use Hamaon.

As for the Resistance door, along with nullifying the enemys' stat boosts or your stat decreases, curing any ally inflicted with Poison will also result in being Megidola'd.

As for the Power door, the correct immunities are:
Weak to Strike, absorb Slash, and immune to Pierce.
On top of that, calling it a cycle would be an error, due to the three "atmospheres" appearing at random, but never repeating the same one twice.

As for the first and spare turns that appear in between "atmospheres" that aren't weak to Strike, I personally find it to be better spent by having Shinji use Power Charge and Mitsuru use Mind Charge. That way, when you discover an enemy that absorbs Slash, Shinji can use God's Hand and deal x2 the regular damage he would normally. Mitsuru and Yukari should then use Ice and Wind Break, respectively, and attack the dizzy enemy with their Dyne spells while you and Shinji use God's Hand on it again. However, upon changing atmospheres, Ice and Wind Break will wear off, so do not attempt to use a Dyne spell after the atmosphere changes!

Use Yukari to heal when you can damage an enemy with Slash, or have Mitsuru heal (remember: only attacks against the enemy remove the boost from Mind and Power Charge!) when Slash attacks do not work on the enemy. This is very important, as the atmosphere will not change if no damage is inflicted upon on the enemy.

As for the Full Moon rematches, it is possible to get the items Infinity and Armageddon (two items that are very, very, very vital against fighting Elizabeth/Theodore, due to the removal of Fusion Spells.)

I am unable to find a reliable source on how to obtain Infinity from the Full Moon boss rematch, but it is given out through the Fortune and Strength rematch. In order to finish this fight as quickly as possible, obtain a Persona with Ghastly Wail and have everyone guard or heal until the status ailment wheel appears. When it starts spinning, after the wheel has gone around at least once, press X when the needle is on the RED Panic (the multiple stars) to make the wheel stop on blue Fear, giving the Shadow you can attack the Fear status for one turn, which will allow you to kill it with Ghastly Wail.

As for Armageddon, you must fight the Hanged Man rematch and have him detonate one of the Mayas he spawns. Using Infinity to block all damage from this attack will not allow you to obtain Armageddon. You must take damage from the attack. In order to have the Hanged Man detonate one of the Mayas, he must have already spawned two of them while still hanging in the air and they must both be alive. Being unable to spawn another Maya, he makes the one on your left (his right) appear to go crazy and sparks fly out of its mask. Fukka will state that it appears to be attacking one of its own.
That is a sign the Maya will detonate.
The explosion will deal heavy Almighty damage, but is survivable. If you are afraid you will not survive the attack, at least block.

As for Margaret herself, she has four conditions and four phases when you fight her. Every ten turns she moves to a new phase. The conditions are:
You cannot equip the Omnipotent Orb when you fight her.
You must deal at least 5,000 damage each ten turns. In other words, around 500 damage per turn.
You must kill her in 50 turns or less.
Unless it kills her, you may not use Armageddon.
If you fail to meet any of these conditions, she uses Diarahan and Megidolan with Pixie. It will always deal 9999 damage, and you have no chance of surviving due to her having two moves each turn and you being unable to deal 30,000 damage in one turn.

Margaret's four phases are as such:

1: She uses only physical attacks and Power Charge. Due to having two turns, a healer should be used every turn in anticipation of the inevitable criticals she will be dealing. The last attack she uses will be the type of attack she will absorb. If Power Charge is the last move used, then the style of attack of the move before that is her absorbed type. As an example, if she uses Vorpal Blade, Slash attacks are then absorbed. If she uses Akasha Arts, Strike attacks are then absorbed. Reflecting attacks will do nothing but make her absorb it, so it is advised to not use a Persona with High Counter. It is also unadvised to use Junpei or Koromaru, but due to High Counter's 20% activation rate, you are not doomed if you use them.

2: She now uses status moves and MaDyne spells! The best solution to this is to have a Persona that has the skills Unshaken Will and Amrita. Unshaken Will makes you immune to status and Amrita cures any status ailments your party has. The ones you should watch out for the most would be Charm and Fear, as Charm can potentially fully heal her or kill you by the hands of your allies, whereas Fear makes you a nice target for Ghastly Wail, which will always be a one hit kill against anyone with the Fear ailment. Margaret is not immune to anything aside from Light and Darkness in this phase.

3: This is by far the most annoying phase. Margaret now MaDyne spells again, but is now immune to everything but the opposite element from her most recent spell! If Margaret used Maragidyne last, you and your party members must use Bufu spells and gems if you wish to hurt her and vice versa. If Margaret used Maziodyne last, you must use Garu spells and gems on her and vice versa. However, Margaret is not immune to Almighty, so feel free to toss some Almighty gems her way when some party members are unable to hurt her.

4: Easiest phase of them all. Margaret now absorbs and is immune to nothing outside of Light and Darkness! The easiest way to defeat her is to use any mirrors you have in your inventory, or use Tetra/Martakarn each turn, as it both protects you and hurts her.

5: This is a repeat of her first phase, but deserves a spot that can be called the Armageddon Phase. This is because Margaret has been hurt enough that, no matter what, Armageddon will kill her.

I hope this guide has been helpful to you all!

Aug 11, 10 at 11:13am

    What about a strategy for margaret herself?

    I was surprised when I tried to fight her, 10 turns go by smoothly (I assume she's still in phase 1 since she still used physicals) and on the 11th turn she whips out the pixie! (and you can guess what happened.)

    I didn't change personas or anything, what happened?

Jul 22, 10 at 4:46pm
Xeros the Slayer

So, in January 2010 you receive a call from Elizabeth stating the usual "Tartarus has changed" things but then she goes on. She says that her sister has taken an interest in you and that she wishes to test you.

Once you arrive you find yourself in a desert of doors which Margaret claims are memories of the previous shadows you faced as well as some other things, each shadow possesses a question you must answer. I've yet to really figure out what that means but I figured I'll write up a guide/discussion of sorts as I make my way through this.

First thing, the back row lets you re-fight full moon shadows but I think the more important one is the front row which serves to test your combat abilities.

I'll write up some strategies for them as I've fought some of them.
A bit of general information, you're stats and Personae are pre-set and your damage does NOT carry over in and out of these battles.

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