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Jun 27, 10 at 4:00pmJeron Land Master

Fable the Lost Chapters was beyond Epic.

Fable 2 might have been okay if Peter Molyneux didn't fail to meet the hype quota.

Fable 3 has about a snowball's chance in hell.

FFS, It's not even Fable anymore!

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Mar 29, 12 at 6:54pm
The Ginger Dude

TLC is still the best in the series( Even with that gutpulling voice of Jack of Blades), It had a great plot with very impactful decisions for alignment, The world itself truly felt like a fable when i first experienced the Temple of Light, Dat music was so good, Solid gameplay with great weapons to choose from, The only cons were the JOB voice, Ageing felt a bit too quick and the final fight with JOB was a bit too easy.

2, It's Peter so he going to hype it up big time,The entirety of the game was too easy excluding that crystal on the shore, Having the dog was very enjoyable and it was a pretty game but the characters i didn't find memorable enough except for Lucien who had great potential to be a damn powerful villian but we all knows what happened there, Also the lack of spells and nice clothing didn't enjoy and what about that online co-op with buds and seeing their own worlds with your character...Nope sry doug your going to be my Henchman.

3....pshhh....need i say more on that filth.

Jun 6, 11 at 2:53pm

I agree with the initial topic, but someone implied that the original Fable was difficult or required skill; that is pretty hilarious.

May 26, 11 at 8:08pm

quote TheTwilight
Tell me why you didn't like Fable II.
Because it's so face-roll and designed with bright colours, For 6 year-olds, no? Even the cartoony Fable TLC had a dark gloomy atmosphere, and at the same time have a happy and joyful atmosphere. It had little immersion compared with Fable 2/3, Dont even try to argue with me on that. The fact is that Fable 2 had no similarities to fable, which is weird because its called Fable "2" and if it had more similarities it would of appealed to more people, and might of been a half decent. If you would like to find out more reasons, Just ask. Im packing with reasons.

May 26, 11 at 7:52pm

quote Heretic
Dude you are so wrong, just because the layouts and leveling are differe does not mean it is not a rpg or fable. There are many things that still tie into the game with the title.
...!!! Fable was an epic rpg with combines of a brilliant story and a tolerable combat (), But fable 3 is just like a game based on the royal family, boring and easy. The combat in fable 3 is rushed, and the game is designed for 5 year-olds, it requires no skill. As for fable 2, Fable 2 is just as bad as the fail Fable 3. Those are only a minimal amount of reasons i can give without writing a 2,000 word essay.

Peter Molyneux ended what could have been a good line of games at the first one.

Oct 29, 10 at 3:30pm
Elven Johnson

If I'm wrong about Fable 3 not being an RPG, then so is Peter Molyneax.

Oct 29, 10 at 2:40pm

Dude you are so wrong, just because the layouts and leveling are differe does not mean it is not a rpg or fable. There are many things that still tie into the game with the title.

Oct 29, 10 at 1:10pm
Elven Johnson

The only way I can explain Fable 3 is like this.

Fable 3 is to the Fable series what Simcity Societies was to the Simcity series of games.

Fable 1 was a revolutionary type of RPG that allowed players to have their cake and eat it too. They could actually choose to be evil and watch the story change around that. This was the first game that succeeded in doing this. No longer were RPG players stuck playing a boring uber-hero that only got penalized for doing bad things. Now you could get rewarded.

Fable 2 was very much like Fable 1, but with a graphical upgrade, and muh easier game play. It really felt like a dumbed-down version of Fable 1 because it was so easy to master. I believe people tolerated it because it looked so much better, and still had the RPG feel to it.

Fable 3 is a blatant dumbed-down version of Fable 2, and to the extreme. It's no longer an RPG and has shed all of the RPG elements of the game. Honestly, Fable 3 is a tutorial on how to press and hold the A button, then release. As an interactive story, Fable 3 is a "yawn" at best. As a video game, Fable 3 can be easily mastered by a comotose accident victim who is paralyzed.

I really think Peter Molyneax should modify the name of this game to Fable 3: The Barbie Dressup Game.

Jul 7, 10 at 5:31pm

sometimes i feel i am the only one who enjoyed every fable more than the last.......fable <lost chapters <fable 2......fable 2 looks so much more realistic than 1......about the only thing i miss is the hand to hand combat......i wish they would have expanded oppon it and make it usable in fighting (the fistfighters club does not count) it was you only seemed to be able to knock someone down with it......i remember taking over 1000 hit points from one villager in bowerstone and they still would not die

i have my $$ ready and will be preordering 3 this week....

Jul 7, 10 at 2:15am
Rocket Bob

Hopefully Fable3 wont be chock full of glitches when it's released unlike Fable2. More than one save slot would be good, then when one corrupts you dont have to start again, 4 re-starts from over half way through Fable2 and I was over it! Also might I suggest that no one reads anything that PM or Lionhead come out with between now and release date.
Then there wont be the disappointment when you find that half the things they said were going to be in it missing and its nowhere near as good as they said it would be.

Jul 5, 10 at 8:18pm

I prefer The Lost Chapters, but hate what they did to Jack's voice, but from your complaints Queer I'll have to give my own individual preferences...

The expressions seem less imaginitave but even with the lack of creativity in which ones made the cut, there is creativity in how most of them are activated, with a chance to fail and look ridiculous it almost makes it worth playing the same damn minigame everytime you talk to someone.

I miss the unarmed combat and I'm surprised you didn't mention the rather limited selection of spells in Fable 2, yeah I know there are 8, but all but two do the exact same things, 6 of the spells made their way from The Lost Chapters, despite appearances.

I don't ave much of a problem with the weight gain issue, it's that losing it and becomming "Good" is a total pain in the arse.

The game which is supposed to be a ridiculous and funny version of a Fantasy RPG, is by far the most ridiculous and funny in The Lost Chapters, though Fable 2 has it's own gems, such as Cornelius Grimm welcoming you to the Temple of Shadows, Fridays are Poker Night and the Instructions are right next to it anyone?

No Armour, yeah I loved being able to dress up and the Dark Knight and wipe out the entire village of Oakvale when the shopkeeper falsely accused me of trespassing and the guards instantly assaulted me, 20 seconds before I was accused of trespassing I heard the shout "Shops are now opening!" nowadays I get fined for attempting to seduce a guard with my muscular and obese female, naked.

I miss being able to get others to do my dirtywork for me, wether by money or spell, so The Lost Chapters get that point.

I like the Temple of Shadow's Temple, but it's worshippers leave something to be desired, Chapel of Skorm has a deep voiced evil Yoda and it's easier to get the necessary evil points for that grand prize.

I also prefer the upgraded Temple of Light, but I miss the poncey preists at the Temple of Avo.

I never really like Pub Games anyway.

It's always looked cartoony to me, I thought Fable 2 looked less cartoony and is trying to be serious, which is why Fable 3 getting even more serious is so unrecognisable to you Queer.

There are Cutscenes in Fable 2, there are lots of Cutscenes, thing is, you're forced to play through all of them, which makes them unskippable, in the original Fable and The Lost Chapters you could simply enter a Cutscene and press "Y" to skip it, but this one you have to play through at least half of each one before being allowed to skip it and after seeing each one for the first time not being able to skip them makes me want to hunt down Molyneux and slap his bald head pink to see how he likes to be pissed off, again and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again...

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