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Jun 17, 10 at 1:45amSGD


This thread is for general tips and guides on how to find, recruit, and manage the best soldiers in Peace Walker.
A lot of people will finish the game, and they'll still have Mess Halls, or Medical Teams, or even Intel teams, full of C-Grade soldiers and lower. To get the most out of Mother Base, and indeed the game, you want all of your support teams to eventually reach level 99. Remember that the higher your Support teams are, the more weapons and items will be unlocked for developing! This isn't limited to RnD either, most of the suppressed (Silenced) weapons are 'discovered' by raising your Intel team. Likewise, better Rations and food items are uncovered by improving the Mess Hall team.

However, it's no easy task to assemble all these soldiers, and many missions won't even have soldiers over B-rank. I have discovered a few missions that feature high-ranking soldiers, here:

Quick Reference of best missions for each soldier type:
RnD: Extra Ops 49
Mess Hall: Extra Ops 46
Medical: Extra Ops 26
Intel: Main Ops 08


[Main Ops] 05 - Rescue Chico (1 S-Rank Intel troop)
In Camino de Lava: Junction, Miller tells you to watch out for snipers. The sniper is our target, he's the S-rank soldier, tranq the two mooks at ground level, then sneak around the left-hand side and place a Fulton Mine under the sniper and shoot it, or if you have the Carl Gustav (Fulton Recovery), you may as well just take him like that. Those are your only two options for recovering this soldier.

[Main Ops] 08 - Destroy the Barricade (2 S-Rank Intel troops)
In this one, make your way back to Camino de Lava: Junction, there are two snipers in the same area as the sniper from Main Ops 05. One in front of you and to the right and behind. Use the Carl Gustav (Fulton Recovery) on them, or place Fulton Mines at the base of the cliff directly underneath each sniper, then shoot the mine to trigger it. After this, complete the mission normally.

[Extra Ops] 26 - Eliminate Enemy Soldiers (1 S-Rank Medical P.O.W.)
Make your way to the other end of the map. After going down the narrow alley with a sniper at the other end, the prisoner should be against the wall to your left between two pillars. Fulton recovery her, then finish the mission. The soldiers you have to eliminate are nothing special, not worth recruiting.

[Extra Ops] 46 - Perfect Stealth (1 S-Rank Mess Hall, 1 A-Rank RnD, 1 A-Rank Mess Hall soldier, numerous B-Ranking soldiers of various units)
In the first map, the second soldier you come across has an S-Rank in Cooking skill.
In the next area, Camino de Lava: Junction, there's our old mate the Sniper, who incidentally is either an A- or S-Ranked Intel trooper. Remove the regular mooks on the ground from the equation, then C.Gustav (FR) or Fulton Mine him.

Instead of going to the objective, head to Cafetal Aroma Encatado: Entrance. The first two soldiers are nothing special, put them down. The third guy, who patrols behind the truck up the hill, is an A-Rank RnD trooper. The soldier patrolling the unreachable catwalk a little further on is a B-Rank Mess Hall trooper, if you want that. You'll need to Fulton Gustav or Fulton Mine him though. The next soldier along, near the end of the map, is an A-Rank Medical Unit trooper, again you'll need to Gustav or Fulton Mine him as you can't reach him to place a Fulton balloon in person. There's nothing special inside the Mill, so you can backtrack to the target.

In Los Cantos: Canyon, the furthest soldier from your entrance, on the bottom level, has an A-Rank in Medical. There's nothing special in Los Cantos: Ridge, but in Fuerte La Ladera, the soldier on the right on top of the battlements has an A-Rank in Mess hall.

[Extra Ops] 47 - Perfect Stealth (1 A-Rank Intel, numerous B-Ranking Intel soldiers)
There are many B-Ranking Intel soldiers in this mission, almost every second soldier. However, the lone A-Rank Intel soldier we want is at Selvade la Muerte: Bottom of Cliff. There are two Ghillie-suited snipers hiding at the far end of the map: the one on the right (from where you start) is a D-Rank, but the other one who is slighlty closer but on the far left side, has the A-Rank in Intel.

In Ruinas de Xochiquetzal, the first soldier you encounter on the right has a B-Rank in RnD. Further along, the soldier directly in the middle of the courtyard has a B-Rank in Combat, and the soldier directly behind him has a B-Rank in Medical. Up to you whether you want to recruit them or not.

[Extra Ops] 48 - Perfect Stealth (1 A-Rank RnD, 1 A-Rank Combat Unit soldier, some B-Ranking soldiers of various units)
In the second map, Small Maintenance Dock, the first soldier on the right as you enter is an A-Rank RnD soldier.

In the next area, Rooftop, the first soldier you encounter is an A-Rank Combat Unit soldier. This mission is fairly short if you don't screw it up, so it's possible to farm A-Rank Combat solders from it.

[Extra Ops] 49 - Perfect Stealth (2 A-Rank RnD, 1 B-Rank Medical soldier)
As you start, there is a walkway that goes across you from left to right, about 30 metres in front of you. there is a P.O.W. (A-Rank RnD) in a nook on the catwalk.
In the next area, Underground Passage A, near the end of this map there is a P.O.W. (A-Rank RnD) being guarded by two soldiers (Both B-Rank Combat). Recover them all if you need some Combat Unit soldiers, then head into the next area.
In this area, Underground Passage B, there is a P.O.W. (B-Rank Medical). Recover her, then finish the mission. The RnD P.O.W.'s almost always morale-up into S-Ranks, and they often have awesome skills like Metamaterials Technology, Anti-Tank Rifle Design, etc. This is the mission you want to farm for RnD recruits.

[Extra Ops] 50 - Perfect Stealth (1 S-Rank Medical, 1 A-Rank RnD, various B-Rank soldiers)
There are quite a few B-Rank soldiers in this mission that scrub up very nicely into A- and S-Ranked soldiers, but for brevity's sake I'll focus on the higher ranked soldiers.
Once you've made your way to El Cenagal: Ravine, and are at the bridge, you should notice two soldiers on it. The soldier on the left has an S-Rank in Medical, as well as some Med Unit skills.

All the way in the last map, Bananal Fruta de Oro: Sorting Shed, there is a soldier inside the shed who patrols the back wall. He has an A-Rank in RnD, and some useful skills occasionally.

[Extra Ops] 55 - U.S. Soldier Retrieval (1 A-Rank RnD soldier)
The A-Rank soldier in this mission is the target P.O.W., just recover him and complete the mission.

[Extra Ops] 75 - Armoured Vehicle Battle: LAV-Type C Custom (Numerous A-Rank soldiers of various units, most common Combat Unit)
There's no hard and fast rule for A-Rankers here, but the first four soldiers that accompany the LAV are A-Ranked. Just try to recruit as many as you can.

[Extra Ops] 79 - Tank Battle: T-72 A Custom (Numerous A-Rank soldiers of various units, most common Combat Unit)
The same goes for this mission as the one before. All the first escorts are A-ranked.

[Extra Ops] 83 - Tank Battle: MBTk-70 Custom (Numerous A-Rank soldiers of various units, most common Combat Unit)
The same goes for this mission as the one before. All the first escorts are A-ranked.

[Extra Ops] 98 - Tank Battle: MBTk-70 Custom (Numerous A-Rank soldiers of various units, most common Combat Unit)
The same goes for this mission as the one before. All the first escorts are A-ranked.

[Extra Ops] 100 - Armoured Vehicle Battle: BTR-60 PA Custom (Numerous A-Rank soldiers of various units, most common Combat Unit)
The same goes for this mission as the one before. All the first escorts are A-ranked.

As a general rule of thumb, if the vehicle Op has five RED skulls, chances are the vehicle escorts are going to have some good skills. Many high-level Combat, Intel and Medical soldiers can be found in these missions. The best thing to do is find a mission you're comfortable with and farm recruits from it.

<Note: If you find any other missions with many high-ranked soldiers, let me know and I will add them to the list.>

Thanks to Twin_Master for bringing Main Ops 05 to my attention!


You can check the number of soldiers with certain ranks by hovering over a mission and pressing Triangle. Sometimes, the ranks can have a ? next to them
(eg. S:?? A:?? B:04 C:08 D:00 E:00). If your Intel Team is high enough, these ?'s will be removed (the level for removing the ?'s over S Ranks is Intel Level 99).

Some of these missions require you to make it to the goal without being spotted or killing a single enemy. But there's no time limit, and in Extra Op 46 especially there's some really good soldiers just waiting to be recruited.
In the first area alone, there is an S-ranked Chef, the second soldier you encounter. If you go into every area, use your Analyser, knock out and fulton every soldier who's any good, you'll soon find your Combat, R&D, Mess Hall and Medical Teams growing quickly.
The trick is, don't take any soldier under B rank - that is, take only S, A, and B-ranked soldiers. This saves your Fultons for later soldiers who are more powerful, and prevents your base from being clogged up with essentially useless soldiers.

Of course, an Analyser is a must-have tool for... well, analysing soldiers. It's worth the time and Gross Military Profit (GMP) to develop this item to its 5th and final rank. The fifth rank will show all relevant stats of a soldier, as well as what items they have in their inventory. It will scan almost immediately.

*Note that even if you have a full Mother Base, you can still perform Fulton Recoveries on soldiers. Kazuhira will object, saying things like 'Mother Base is jam-packed. until some of these people leave...." etc. However, you can keep recruiting. If you have more than 350 soldiers at the end of the mission, you will be taken to a screen and asked to dismiss excess soldiers. So don't worry about seeing an A- or S-ranked soldier and having no more room, just recover him anyway.

When you've gotten your high-ranking soldiers, it's fairly easy to tell where they're supposed to go - you ALWAYS put the soldier in the unit that they have the highest stat in. You don't put a soldier in R&D when he only has a D in R&D, but an A in Intel. The only thing is, if the soldier has multiple stats of the same rank, eg. if they have C's across the board, then it's up to you to decide where to put them. If your Medical Unit's looking a little sparse, throw them in there until you get some decent doctors.

When it comes to Research and Development, ALWAYS check the R&D section after every mission. You may have missed something that you've unlocked, or maybe now you'll have enough GMP for that must-have upgrade. You're going to be spending millions, maybe even billions of GMP over the course of the game. The soldiers in your Combat Unit have a GMP+ Stat, this means that the total combined GMP of all your soldiers in the Combat Unit will be the maximum GMP you can have.

So don't be afraid to splash out on that new sniper rifle, or those Tank Boxes (Just note, that the tank boxes are essentially useless if you're never going to play Co-Ops. If you're definitely never going to play co-operatively, save your GMP for something else).

When it comes to determining how a soldier actually gets that S-rank, it's mostly pretty simple. Your soldier will have a base skill, in say, RnD, of A. When he hangs out with you some more, and you get more food by getting high-level chefs, his Morale will go up (That's the small orange bar over the main, red bar). This means his A Rank in RnD can be boosted to an S rank because he's feeling good.

It's a little different for Combat ability though. The Combat stat is calculated by the average level of the Battle Stats - Shooting, Reloading, Throwing, Placing, Run Speed, Walk Speed, CQC ability, and Defense skill. Unless you have a soldier that goes something like:

A A A A S S S S, and has incredible morale boosts, you won't be seeing an S-ranked Combat soldier. S-ranking any Battle Stat means having either the red bar, or the red and orange bars together, reaching the top of the column. And having a soldier with an S-rank in Combat means every single one of those bars needs to be at the very top. Even one point off and you'd still have an A-rank soldier.

To reach level 99 for each of your support units, you want every single soldier to be at least A in their respective skill. It's possible to have a load of S's and A's and several B's, but you 'll have to keep doing missions and recruiting if you want the best of the best.

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Mar 8, 15 at 1:31am
Kumo Hisame

Figured I'd put this here. For the console HD versions, the way to get more random recruits to knock out and claim is to do more online missions and such. It's the console version of access point scanning. So go clear some missions on Co op, then return to base and recruit.

Dec 20, 13 at 8:45am

Hello fellow people I need some help on recruiting new people. My mother base is rank 6 and the others are rank 3. OK. My combat level is 78, my R&D level is 65, my mess hall level is 80, my medical team is level 81, my Intel level is 65. I can't use the above levels on this page because I don't have then unlocked. I've done all the missions and killed Ai peace walker. But now I am working on Ai peace walker 2 and that is were I need help at. I need better weapons but I can't find the guys. On a side note u don't have internet for my Xbox 360 because where I live it is slow. My email is thank you guys

Aug 16, 13 at 9:50am

EO.16 usually nets you B-Rank R&D and Main Ops: Head to Control Tower always nets you two POWs one with B-Rank R&D another with B-Rank Medic. However too long a mission for farming R&D so I just try my hand at EO16, which may sometime net a C-Rank R&D.
I'm still a long way from unlocking the later Ops. Need to first finish Zeke Part 2 and the new Zeke battle after Zadornov death.

May 7, 13 at 4:34pm

don't know if this has been posted yet but i find this trick helpfull for those hard to reach soldiers, such as snipers and the guards at the coffee plant. you can knock them out easy enough with the MK22 but to fulton them out place a fulton sleep gas mine under them (as close as possible) and shoot the mine with your MK22 to detonate it.. just be out of the blast range yourself or you will be knocked out. not really a danger, just irritating. these hard to reach soldiers are usualy A or S rank of various types. this method is also surprisingly discreet as i did it to a sniper while a guard patrolled nearby and did not even catch his notice.

Apr 28, 13 at 7:42am

I found pretty good guys that fits intel/medic/combat unit in extra ops 17..10 of them were perfect for intel unit but sadly i didn't checked their rank...sorry :S
but still...i just 10 excellent unit soldiers!!!

Dec 24, 12 at 6:47pm

quote Krughal
Hasn't anyone put in Main Ops 09: Infiltrate the Crater Base?

In the cutscene select the truck with license plate 65824. You won't find the nukes, but you'll get a new recruit: Hideo Kojima, with S-rank in both Medical and Intel. Only recruitable once though.
I'd put him in, but he's not a farm-able soldier that you can keep getting over and over, so I don't think it fits with the goal of this guide.

Sep 28, 12 at 4:48pm

Hasn't anyone put in Main Ops 09: Infiltrate the Crater Base?

In the cutscene select the truck with license plate 65824. You won't find the nukes, but you'll get a new recruit: Hideo Kojima, with S-rank in both Medical and Intel. Only recruitable once though.

Jul 29, 12 at 9:31pm

quote bmaurer3
I am curious in the HD version is there a way to use the passwords to get the "special recruits"?
Just try it...?

Jul 28, 12 at 12:46am

I am curious in the HD version is there a way to use the passwords to get the "special recruits"?

Jul 11, 12 at 12:01pm
S rank RnD

Finally i got one. I found out that once morale is high, the stats will go up a little i guess it's already known(i didn't knew about it )

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