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Jun 10, 10 at 2:23pm

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Rules and Guidelines

By participating in this forum, you agree to abide by three things.
  1. The "Forumwide" Rules of Conduct, Etiquette, and Acceptable Behavior
  2. Neoseeker 's "TOS
  3. The" Code of Conduct for this forum as outlined below.
    This is the act of deviating from topic, or posting a message that has no relevance to the topic at hand. Spamming can also be in the form of 1 worded posts (Or posts of few words that have no relevance) and/or unnecessary smilies (also mentined below). This is not allowed, and you are expected to stay on topic. Spamming is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated. One warning and then you can go on a short vacation from this forum. No Exceptions.
-->[Replying to Spam Threads]<--
    If someone makes a Spam Thread which will blatantly get closed down, DO NOT POST IN THE THREAD. Even if its to tell them to stop spamming, It would be preferable if you were to just report them using the report feature. Replying to spam threads makes you guilty of spamming as well, and WILL result in getting a ban for yourself, even if your intentions were honest. So if you see a spam thread, avoid at all costs, just report the thread and it will be closed/deleted
-->[Off Topic Posts]<--
    You should try to stay as on-topic as you possibly can. Mods are fairly lenient, and they won't be handing out bans for people that go off-topic, unless they make a habit of it. If you see a thread going off-topic, try and bring it back onto topic or the topic may be closed. If you go off-topic with spam, then you will be banned.
-->[Reserved Posts]<--
    Reserved posts remain the privilege of Moderators only. There is n need for members to reserve posts, regardless of the thread. All reserved posts created by members will be deleted immediately, and repeat offenders will be banned or given a PPD Ban.
-->[Forum Flooding]<--
    This is completely unacceptable. Flooding the forum is the act of posting in every thread on the first page without adding anything to of value to the discussion. This is usually done with the intention of getting higher on the forum Top Posters list or for raising post counts. This will not be tolerated, and Post restrictions will be given. This is your only warning for this offence. Most people trying this are caught out by their one line responses to the threads which hold little very meaning.
-->[One Worded Posts]<--
    One worded posts is practically spamming, and will just lead to the post being deleted. Even if you believe that you are answering another member's questions, it should not be within a one worded post. If you cannot expand on it, then refrain from posting.
    This is completely unacceptable, if two members (or guests) are found flaming each other, they will both be banned, even if you did not start it. If you participate in a flame war, you will face the consequences. If you see someone flame you or someone else, then report their post and the moderator will deal with it.
    This is the act on taking on the role of a moderator, and taking matters into your own hands, although you hold no real power over the given forum. Moderating is not your job, its the job of the current forum moderator, section mods and the super mods. Memberating is not tolerated anywhere in this forum, and should be avoided at all costs. If you see someone post an off-topic post, you should report them and the forum moderator will deal with them. As well as this, telling a Moderator how to do their job, or arguing constantly with their decisions or opinions on a matter will not be accepted. As of recently, disrespect toward Moderators, concerning how they perform their tasks around the forum will also not be tolerated, and infringement will result in a ban.
-->[Thread Titles]<--
    Thread titles must always be informative and related to the topic. I've noticed a lot of topics named "Help me" or "Need Help". Make the title relate to what you need help with. This will help us index it, and help others to come up with an answer.
    • "Help me?!" is NOT descriptive
    • "Favorite...?" is NOT descriptive
    • "I can't find a *Insert soldier name here*" IS descriptive
    • "I need a *Insert item name here*" IS descriptive
    Thread titles should also be relevant to the topic, so false or joke titles are not allowed!
-->[Duplicate Threads]<--
    Please do not create duplicate threads. If there are only a few pages in the forum then please check back rather than creating duplicate threads. The Thread Index is there for a reason, please use it.
-->[Double Posting]<--
    Please do not double post in threads, make use of the edit button under each of your messages. Regular offenders may find themselves given a warning and if they still continue to double post, it may result in a ban.
    Discussion of ROMS is allowed as long as no discussion of illegal activities take place (e.g. warez downloading and piracy).
    Advertising another site on Neoseeker isn't allowed anywhere other than in your signature, your profile, your custom title, and your Neohome. If you are found guilty of advertising through any other method, you won't like the punishment.
-->[Reporting & Moderation Queue]<--
    You can all see the report feature on the bottom right hand side of every post. If you find someone breaking the rules then use this feature to report them.

    Remember that abuse of this feature will also lead to bans being issued. If there is a thread full of spam/flaming, it is a good idea to just report the first post and the whole thread will be looked at by a Moderator.
-->[Game Threads]<--
    If you wish to make a game thread of some sort, please be sure to ask the Forum Moderator before doing so, as this will increase your chances of your thread staying open instead of being closed.
    Spoilers should not be posted unless they are written in the following way:

    [spoiler=Spoiler Name]Spoiler Contents[/spoiler]

    This will appear as follows:

    As you can see the spoilers are now marked, and people will not be spoiled as to what happens in the game. All spoilers should be marked like this (or in a similar fasion). If you post spoilers without warning, the message will be deleted/edited and you will be banned for 7 days, no exceptions! Members are here to seek help, not to be spoiled.

    If you are creating a thread which contains spoilers, prefix [ Spoiler ] in the thread title to warn users about the possibility of spoilers in the thread. In these cases try to keep the thread title as un-spoiling as possible. For example, go for something like:
    [ Spoiler ] Special Appearance rather than [ Spoiler ] Tidus makes an appearance in the game!!! (~ isn't true FYI)

    In these threads you can get away with not using the Quotes + White font as mentioned above but only as long as you stay to the topic without spoiling futher parts of the game.

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