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May 29, 10 at 8:26pmlucario333

Ok i hope its not just me thinking red is r the reasons lives rite next to "red"
2.he lives in pallet town
3.has the same pokemon as ash

i know what ur thinking.....Red came b4 ash rite?
ur half rite
when they made the anime would u name the main char red? instead they named him ash

im not asking for a fight this is just my opinion, and urs is well come too.

so plz if u think red is red give me some reasons:D

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Dec 31, 14 at 11:10am

Dear Peoples,
I have no idea what you guys are trying to get at, but I only have a few things to say:

A1: Ash is a TOTAL LOSER compared to everyone else in Indigo League and B/W.
A2 : Ash`s hopes to win the Unova League in B/W is a total BUST, because Trip wins, but fails to beat Alder.

B1: Red and Blue and Green (look it up if you don`t know who they are) are SO much better than Ash.
B2: Ash is all crazy and weird, but Red is calm, and can actually win a pokemon battle.

Therefore, I declare two things:

Ash Ketchum, is a TOTAL IDIOT THAT IS CLUELESS, while
Red is THE TOTALLY AWESOME GUY who has NO relation to Ash WHAT-SO-EVER.

- Anyonoumous

Mar 14, 14 at 8:02am
Theory Fan

I think that ash and red are two seperate people but ash came FIRST. While not a realible source but holding evedince look at the animr. In a hoenn region episode ash andvthe crewvare having a pinic with misty. Misty recieves a call in which we find out she has become the CERUALEN GYM LEADER! Seem famialer? So we know this is when misty is gym leader but what about brock? While I have no evedince it is reasonable to infer that he became a gym leader during thebevents of unova.

Dec 1, 13 at 11:24pm

Ok so Red is NOT Ash ok?! My pikachu knows volt tackle does that make me Ash? God I hope not Ash is a loser.

Oct 22, 13 at 4:53pm
I know, right?

Ok this is simple.. Ash Ketchum is to pokemon what Alice is to resident evil. They dont exist! in the original versions of each franchise. Ash doesn't appear in the manga nor games.. same with alice and RE games... they are just a "main" character for the movie and anime ALONE and kinda makes the franchises have a principal character figure since both pokemon and RE have changing main character roles.

Sep 27, 13 at 7:30am

Ash is based off of Red, like most people are saying. They are two different characters.

Now with that said, how about this: Would the writers ever put the two in the same game or anime episode? Would that cause too much confusion to the average fan?

Sep 7, 13 at 6:28am

Ok I dunno how old this post is but after everything I've read no one has said the correct information. And the guy who said you can choose ash as a name in red/blue, you are incorrect. Pokemon yellow is the only game you can have the pre set name of ash.

Ok so for who you are in pokemon yellow: the correct answer is neither red nor ash. You play a mix of both of their stories but not their complete story. Red never gets a charmander or squirtle (ill explain that in a minute) and ash never takes down team rocket or becomes champion. With that said pokemon yellow was made so the player could feel as if they were playing as ash, while using the red model.

Ok so this is reds story taken from the manga. His first pokemon is a poliwag. His first starter is a bulbasaur. He catches a pikachu in pewter city. Here are the reasons why he has an espeon, blastoise, and charizard at mt. Silver when you face him in g/s/c. In the manga he rescues an eevee that has the ability to evolve into jolteon, flareon, and vaporeon and change back into eevee. It has this ability because team rocket altered it. Once it evolves into espeon it looses that ability. Thus the reason why he has an espeon at mt. Silver. As for the charizard he has, it is not his. He gets blues charizard from a trade. Blue lends him his charizard so he can fly to mt. Silver to recover. He trades green her blastoise and that is why he has those 2 pokemon. With that being said the red you face in s/g/c isn't completely based off the manga as he does not have his pikachu at that point in time. Though overall it is based off his pokemon he had at that moment at mt. Silver.

To set the record straight red is originally what satoshi wanted the main character of pokemon to be, while ash was created for the anime to appeal more to children.

Jun 24, 13 at 3:47pm

Red since he's Pokémon Trainer in Brawl.

Not sure why he bred his Blastoise and Venusaur for Brawl though.

Jun 3, 13 at 6:16pm

i simply think red or ash is just both the same person just Nintendo decided to keep a name besides the other just like charizards wings r blue in the game but green ish in the anime? It's just an example

May 24, 13 at 2:45pm

Red and Ash are actually the same the real difference is you cant see reds eye but u can se ash's and all of red Pokémon's are fully evolved and ash's aren't.

May 7, 13 at 7:04am
Jeremy Lin

Red is not ash he doesn't even look like him . Yes he have a pikachu like ash but does that make him ash? actually have an aerodactyll a poliwharth snorlax gyrados and a venusaur no he do not have a charizard and a blastiose he borrowed them from blue and green.ash is a useless pokemon trainer that can't even defeat a two person cell from team rocket ps how red got an Lapras ? I am still finding out

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