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May 20, 10 at 1:19amMraznboy1

ATTENTION: This guide is assuming you have gotten all 16 badges.

Section 1: What is EV Training?
Section 2: How do you get stats from EV Training?
Section 3: Where do you get EV points?
Section 4: EV Training Hotspots.
Section 5: EV Point Gain Enhancing
Section 6: Un-EVing your Pokemon.
Section 7: Common misconceptions, extra info, ect.
Section 8: FAQ

So you went into the battling forum after IV breeding your pokemon (Guide in my sig), and started facing off a gengar, and led off with a gengar. You have 31 Speed IVs, and you're sure he'll go second. Surprisingly, he goes first and uses hypnosis. You try to wake up second turn and you go second again and he gets up a substitute. You think you'll win the "speed tie", but little known to you, there will be no speed tie. He EVs his pokemon and you don't. The simple truth.

Section 1: What is EV training?
EV training is, quite simply, raising your pokemon's stats with a few different methods (also known as cheating to sore losers and idiots). The difference in stats between an EV trained pokemon and a regular pokemon is astounding. You all know Scizor, and how its attack stat is superb. Here's some comparisons of attack stats (assuming 31 IVs and a neutral nature):

NO EVs: 296 ATK

Max EVs: 359 ATK

Motivated now?

If YES, continue on. If NO, courteously GTFO.

Section 2: How do you get stat points from EVs?
As stated before, you get EVs for defeating other pokemon. But how can you tell what EVs you get? Normally a pokemon only gives out one type of stat EV (stat as in HP, ATK, DEF, ect.), and that is always its highest stat. There are also pokemon will give out two different stats, but I don't really know if one gives out three. Almost always a pokemon gives only one EV point, but some higher evolutions give out more. Now I bet you're thinking "Wow, 1 point per pokemon, maybe more! I can get my pokemon to 999 in no time!". Sorry, but you're doubly wrong. For one, you have to get FOUR EV points in a stat to get one stat point. Secondly, a pokemon's EV stat gain caps at 510. So NOW you're thinking "So, I'll just put 510 in 1 stat! Wrong. Once. More. A pokemon's stat EV gain caps at 255. In other words, you can put as many EVs into one stat-as long as it is less than 255. NOW you're thinking "Wth? 4 doesn't divide into 255 evenly!" Well, neither does 4 into 510. In other words, a stat's true EV cap stops at 252, and the total caps at 508.

Section 3: Where do you get EV points?
You can get EV points, as stated before, from a variety of sources. They are:
1) Battling pokemon
-All info about getting EV from Pokemon is in the above sections.
2) Vitamins (All the $9800 items, HP UP, Calcium, ect.)
-Each Vitamin gives 10 EVs for its stat.
HP Up-HP (ololololo durr)
Calcium-SP ATK
3) Pokesav-a form of hacking, I'm not gonna explain it here.

Section 4: EV Training Hotspots
Now you know how to gain EVs, you'll be wanting to EV train right away. But it'll take forever to EV train, because you might not even meet the correct pokemon to defeat. This is where this section comes in.
% for encountering, Pokemon name(EV points given)-location

90% Grimer(1 HP)-Pond in Celadon City
10% Muk(1 HP, 1 ATK)-Pond in Celadon City

90% Goldeen(1 ATK)-River in Cerulean City
10% Seaking(2 ATK)-River in Cerulean City

90-95% (depends on time of day) Tangela(1 DEF)-Route 21(Route below Pallet Town, grass patch below fence)

90% Psyduck(1 SP ATK)-Route 6(Route above Vermilion City)
10% Golduck(2 SP ATK)-Route 6(Route above Vermilion City)

90% Tentacool(1 SP DEF)-Pallet Town(Surf in the water)
10% Tentacruel(2 SP DEF)-Pallet Town(Surf in the water)

90% Diglett(1 SPE)-Diglett's Cave
10% Dugtrio(2 SPE)-Diglett's Cave

Section 5: EV Point Gain Enhancing
As you can see from the hotspots, many of the pokemon give only 1 point, unless you're lucky and encounter a higher evolution (bar Muk). While this might discourage you from EV training, you should know there are methods to increase you EV point gain.

-Macho Brace (HOLD ITEM)-
A great way to increase your EV point gain, it doubles any EV gain you receive.

-Power Items (HOLD ITEM)-
These items add 4 EVs to their respective stat. So if you fought something that gives out 1 Speed EV, wear the speed enhancing Power item to gain a total of 5 Speed EVs.

Power Weight: HP

Power Bracer: ATK

Power Belt: DEF

Power Lens: SP ATK

Power Band: SP DEF

Power Anklet: SPE

-PokeRus (STATUS)-
The Pokerus is an "infection" that doubles all EVs that you gain from a battle. You can find it randomly by defeating/catching a wild pokemon that has it. There is no outward indication that the pokemon has PokeRus on the battle screen, and the rate of meeting a pokemon with it is rarer than finding a shiny pokemon. It is incredibly rare, and is a prize worth showing off. You can spread Pokerus as long as there are uninfected pokemon next to the infected pokemon, and entering any battle. The pokemon adjacent to the infected pokemon will now have he PokeRus. A pokemon that has the PokeRus and can infect other pokemon has POKERUS in a purple box on its status on its Pokemon page. Apokemon that has Pokerus but cannot spread it has a in place of the purple PokeRus sign. It will become this way in about two days. However, keeping it in a PC will prevent the spreadability from going away and changing into the .

While it might not give extra EVs to the pokemon battling, if a pokemon is holding the EXP Share and gains EXP from a battle by holding it, it gains the the correct amount of EVs it should. Easier to show than explain.

EXAMPLES: Luxray is battling, Abra is holding the EXP Share

Luxray faints a Diglett, Luxray gains 1 Speed EV, and so does Abra

Luxray is holding a Macho Brace and faints a Diglett, Luxray gains 2 Speed EV, and Abra gains 1.

Luxray faints a Diglett, Luxray gains 1 Speed EV, Abra has PokeRus and gains 2 Speed EV.

As you can see, it is as if they were separately battling the Diglett.

Section 6: Un-EVing your Pokemon
Just found out how to EV, but your favorite starter is already trained? No worries! Just use the correct berry to un-EV your Pokemon. Berries reduce your pokemon's EVs two ways.

1) If your Pokemon's EV in the stat you're reducing is over 100, it automatically gets shot down to 100 when you use the specific EV reducing berry.

2) If the Pokemon's EV in a certain stat is 100 and under, the berry will reduce the EV by 10.

HP: Pomeg Berry

ATK: Keplsey Berry

DEF: Qualot Berry

SP ATK: Hondew Berry

SP DEF: Grepa Berry

SPE: Tamato Berry

Section 7: Common Misconceptions, extra info, ect.

-There is no true way to check how many EVs you have in your Pokemon, minus an Action Replay. You should keep record of how many EVs your Pokemon has, unless you have the best memory in history.

-Even if a pokemon is at level 100, it can be EV trained. Just remove it's EVs (if needed) and EV it like normal. Then place it in a PC box. Ta-daaaa.

-Im willing to bet you've heard "Rare candies make your pokemon WEAK! This is NOT true. People believe this because they have never heard of EVs and their Pokemon's levels increase without the help of EVs. It is generally easiest to rare candy your pokemon up to 99, then EV train them from there.

Section 8: FAQ
Q-"I put 252 EVs into SPE, but when I leveled up it only showed +2, the normal amount!"
A- This is what you'll hear from a wide majority of new "EVers". The stat boosts show gradually, and won't begin to increase drastically until near lvl 100.

Q-"I put 252 EVs into ATK using 10 vitamins, but its when I leveled it up, its +[insert something here] is like I only put 152 EVs!!!"
A-Whenever you use any Vitamin on a Pokemon, including a Rare Candy, it automatically registers the EVs into your stat. Therefore, it doesn't show up on the boost. It might not show up for certain low levels, but will show up gradually.

More Questions? I've got answers! Put them on this thread!

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Feb 18, 15 at 11:34pm
Brute Root

Would You say these would work with Leaf Green and Fire Red as well? Seeing as they are based in the Kanto Region.

Mar 18, 13 at 4:05am

Holy shit I understand everything now. Does anyone know where to ev in defense and hp for white version? Going for a good shuckle so i can power trick my pokemon "genius" friend.

Jun 5, 10 at 12:51am

yea, i also forgot to mention all of the pokemon in the hotspots are (for the most part) low leveled.

Jun 5, 10 at 12:28am
Chaos Team

quote Mraznboy1
oh btw gastly also only gives out 1 SP ATK EV, and there's a chance of meeting Rattata. The hotspots are given where there is a 100% chance to almost always get at least 1 EV (barring DEF occasional tangela) and you also have a chance to meet a golduck where psyduck is.
I did my training in the Golduck/Psyduck area. It is easiest because of the 100% sp. atk EV ratio, and the max level is 10

Jun 5, 10 at 12:21am

oh btw gastly also only gives out 1 SP ATK EV, and there's a chance of meeting Rattata. The hotspots are given where there is a 100% chance to almost always get at least 1 EV (barring DEF occasional tangela) and you also have a chance to meet a golduck where psyduck is.

Jun 1, 10 at 11:07pm

I would say that the name makes me feel stupid, but i already know abot evs

Jun 1, 10 at 10:25pm

This is extreamly helpful, The most helpful guide in my opinion.

Jun 1, 10 at 10:00pm

quote lucario333
i goin to start calling him red calling him ash just gets me in to much trouble
His name is Red... It isnt Ash.

You can believe he is Ash, but his name is Red in this game.

Jun 1, 10 at 9:28pm

i goin to start calling him red calling him ash just gets me in to much trouble

Jun 1, 10 at 9:20pm
Chaos Team

quote lucario333
ok im goin to be taking on ash( plz dont tell that im wrong ive heard it 1000 times) soon and i have a team of lvl 60s should i ev train now or wait till there like lvl 80s?( u said it dosent go into effect till higher lvls)

The EV training effects don't appear until the later levels, but you should EV train a pokemon as soon as you get it.

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