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May 12, 10 at 12:05amReady Start L_Arc

First off I want to say that ANYONE can do this. All you need is...
  • Link no longer exist. Megaupload taken down. If you still have the file upload it please.
  • A computer
  • WiFi
  • Common Sense


Making your Pokémon [PKM1]
  • Making it with Pokémon Generator (recommended) [PKM1-1]
  • Making it with Pokésav [PKM1-2]
Sending Your Pokemon to your Nintendo DS [PKM2]

Everything (not really) Pokesav [PKM3]
  • Misc. Stuff [PKM3-0]
  • IVs (individual values) [PKM3-1]
  • PID [PKM3-2]
  • EVs (effort values) [PKM3-3]

*Note: To easily find something in this wall of text and pictures simply press ctrl+f and type in the "code" next to every subcategory in the index

Making Your Pokémon
There are 3 ways you can make/obtain your Pokémon. The first of which, which also happens to be my favourite, is to use a Windows program called PKMDS Pokémon Generator. The second method is to use Pokésav. This method can be rather messy but I'll get into that eventually. And the third method, which to some will be the easiest way, is to simply download them from the Pokémon Database.

A snapshot of what the Pokémon Generator Looks like

Making your Pokémon with Pokémon Generator

Today, we'll be making a Sunkern. Yes, a Sunkern. No, I didn't randomly choose a Pokémon, I just want a Sunkern, okay! :< Jeez. Anyways, you'll be seeing a lot of Sunkern in this tutorial so get used to it.
So without futher ado, would you kindly click on PKMDS Pokémon Generator by Codemonkey85.exe. After you've done that go ahead and click the "Next" button and a new window will show up in about 4 seconds. It will look like the picture shown above. Everything at this point should be self explanatory. Make sure that you select your Original Country correctly because the default is Japan. Change it's level or else it will be level 1. You can also change what ball it will be in. Unfortunately, the option to change it's Original Game to HGSS isn't there, but you can change that in Pokésav. After you're done editing that page click Next. You'll be taken to the Trainer section, which again, should be self-explanatory. Click next again and you'll be at the Pokémon selection section.

There are a lot of Pokémon to browse through, and they're all in numerical order. You can actually type inside of the box to find your Pokémon much easier. Choose it's gender and click next to proceed to the Moves section.

There are even more moves than there are Pokémon. I have yet to see every single move in the newer Pokémon games (I stopped playing Pokémon after second gen) so some of these are very unfamiliar to me. You can also type inside the move boxes to find a specific move much easier. PLEASE DO NOT BE DUMB AND GIVE THE POKÉMON SOMTHING YOU KNOW IT CAN NOT LEARN. (Example: Teaching Sunkern Fire Blast. Just don't do it.) I just realized Leech Life isn't something Sunkern can learn lol.

The empty boxes with the 0's in them are PP ups. Each move can have 3 PP ups, which will greatly increase the PP of a move. (Look at Grass Knot. With 3 PP ups the move's PP went from 20 to 32!)

After you are done with the Moves section click next and you'll be at the final section. All you need to do it click the "Export as PKM file" and save it to the PKM folder I provided for you in the file.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have made a LEGAL Pokémon! But just to be sure let's check it's legality with the legality checker. To do this all you need to do is drag the .pkm file you saved onto the Legality Checker.exe

Look at the bottom. It says "Common NDS". That means it's legal! As long as it says "Common NDS" or "________[unrestricted]" then you're good to go. If the legality checker detects that it is hacked then it will say "hacked or unknown pokémon" in red letters.

Sending Your Pokemon to your Nintendo DS [PKM2]

Open the "Send PKM to DS" folder and run "python-2.6.4.msi". You need to install this program in order to be able to send Pokémon to your DS. Do not worry, it is virus free.

After you install it, the other file's icons should change to something like this.

Grab the Pokémon file(.pkm) you made and bring it to the "Send PKM to DS" folder. Drag that Pokémon file onto the "" file
You should get a command prompt that says something like this...

The numbers that you get are important, so keep this window up and GRAB YOUR DS! YOU'RE ALMOST DONE!

Turn your DS on and all that jazz and play HG or SS, which ever one you have. DO not continue, scroll down to "NINTENDO WIFI-CONNECTION SETTINGS". Choose the connection that you are using and scroll down to where it says "Auto-obtain DNS" and select "No". GO down one more to where it says "Primary DNS" and select "Edit". TYPE IN THE NUMBER THAT YOU SEE IN THAT BLACK BOX ON THE COMPUTER. Click OK and save your settings.

Back out of the WiFi settings and go to Continue game. Head on over to the GTS station in Goldenrod City and talk to the lady at the top left corner behind the desk. (the one that takes you to GTS or whatever it's called) Connect to wifi, wait, and be amazed.


Myself, for providing the link and writing this guide.
"sinbad.the.saile..." on another website, for finding/creating the program to send Pokémon to your DS.
"CodeMonkey85", for creating the PKMDS Pokémon Generator.

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