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May 5, 10 at 8:24pmEl Jako

I just started doing the Pokeathlon thanks to my little bro. He played it a few times and said he liked it, but I still wouldn't go. Finally he convinved me to go, and that's all I've been doing for the past two days. I love it, and I'm pretty sure its what I'm gonna be doing most of the time. What are your records so far? I wanna see how mine compare, since the only person I have to judge off of is my little brother. Here is mine so far:

Hurdle Dash-83.8 Seconds
Pennant Capture-40 Flags
Circle Push-61 Points
Block Smash-136 Pieces
Disc Catch-86 Points
Lamp Jump-514 Points
Relay Run-18.4 Laps
Ring Drop-200 Points
Snow Throw-61 Hits
Goal Roll-6 Points

I also have 4,011 Points (check the big statue of you in the last room to see points). I have nine Collective Trophies, two Trust Trophies, 7 Potential Trophies, and 8 Friendship Trophies.

And as a question, what are your medalist Pokemon? I need some more to get the rest of the Trust Trophies.

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Jan 30, 16 at 4:16pm

My records:
Hurdle Dash: 88.7 sec.
Pennant Capture: 45 flags
Circle Push: 54 points
Block Smash: 110 pieces
Disc Catch: 62 points
Lamp Jump: 480 points
Relay Run: 17.8 Laps
Ring Drop: 144 points
Snoball Throw: 45 hits
Goal Roll: 14 points

are these good

Nov 22, 15 at 7:46pm


Hurdle Dash: 80.8 - Golbat/Zapdos/Suicune
Pennant Capture: 45 - Golbat/Zapdos/Suicune
Circle Push: 63 - Dragonite/Tyranitar/Infernape
Block Smash: 130 - Groudon/Feraligatr/Aggron
Disc Catch: 82 - Manectric/Furret/Electrode
Lamp Jump: 515 - Zapdos/Moltres/Articuno
Relay Run: 19.7 - Togepi/Rattata/Onix
Ring Drop: 200: - Groudon/Feraligatr/Aggron
Snow Throw: 82: - Kirlia/Azelf/Altaria
Goal Roll: 13 - Mewtwo/Latios/Hypno

(Some of these pokemon are not from HGSS. However they were all obtained legitimately)
(All of these records are true)

Mar 20, 15 at 12:10pm

Speed: 507 (Raikou.Rayquaza.Zapdos)
Power: 518 (Blaziken.Lugia.Rayquaza)
Skill: 492 (Blaziken.Blaziken.Blaziken)
Stamina: 522 (Blaziken.Blaziken.Blaziken)
Jump: 438 (Zapdos.Arceus.Crobat)

Hurdle Dash: 81.3 (Raikou.Rayquaza.Zapdos)
Pennant Capture: 53 (Arbok.Zapdos.Zapdos)
Circle Push: 66 (Blaziken.Blaziken.Blaziken)
Block Smash: 133 (Blaziken.Blaziken.Blaziken)
Disk Catch: 91 (Entei.Deoxys.Dragonite)
Lamp Jump: 497 (Entei.Deoxys.Dragonite)
Relay Run: 18.4 (Rattata.Rattata.Rattata)
Ring Drop: 200 (Blaziken.Blaziken.Blaziken)
Snow Throw: 66 (Luxray.Tauros.Staraptor)
Goal Roll: 17! (Arbok.Blaziken.Blaziken)

13 (54 have 3+ medals)


Oct 14, 14 at 1:06am

Hurdle dash- 81.9
Pennant capture- 42
Circle push- 66
Block smash- 115
Disc catch- 77
Lamp jump- 505
Relay run- 16.6
Ring drop- 200
Snow throw- 78
Goal roll- 13

Jul 19, 14 at 7:40pm

This is so late xD.

My records:

Hurdle Dash: 76.1 sec
Pennant Capture: 49 flags
Circle Push: 66 points
Block Smash: 138 pieces
Disc Catch: 111 points
Lamp Jump: 531 points
Relay Run: 20.2 laps
Ring Drop: 200 points
Snow Throw: 86 hits
Goal Roll: 20 points

Speed Course: 549
Power Course: 551
Skill Course: 569
Stamina Course: 581
Jump Course: 465

Pokéathlon Total Points: 4965 points

Collective Trophies: 10
Trust Trophies: 8
Potential Trophies: 9 (that Pennant Capture game!!!!!! D: )
Friendship Trophies: 10

Total Trophies: 37/40

Medalist Pokémon: I have 103 so yeah.

Here's some Pokémon I use often:
Speed Course: Nidoran(male)+Zubat+Venonat
Power Course: Meganium+Lugia+Mawile or Groudon
Skill Course: Mewtwo+Sneasel, Articuno, or Raiku (sometimes even Smeargle or Cacturn) I also sometimes use these guys for the Speed Course-except Smeargle and Cacturn.
Stamina Course: Meganium+Lugia+ Mawile or Groudon
Jump Course: I don't go on this course that much, but my best score is with Zubat, Latios, and Ledyba.

*Still working on some trophies and pennant capture, but I don't play as much*

Anyway, here are my strats:

Hurdle Dash: I use fast Pokémon with bad jump. Having them in the air for a long time throws me off.
Pennant Capture: Never give up! (Not much of a strategy, but yeah)
Circle Push: I go for the points. I find that Pokémon with good power and stamina are good for this. Like Meganium.
Block Smash: For my top score I got lucky with the spamming and hit the weaknesses in the slabs so my Pokémon just tore through them. Good power and stamina is very important.
Disc Catch: I have my Pokémon spread out horizontally across the stage. I stay in the 3-5 pt range and push the enemy Pokémon off. I'd suggest good speed so you can run back to your positions if you get knocked off. If your Pokémon have different jump levels, then try to remember how long they stay in the air so you can get the discs.
Lamp Jump: I just keep jumping and try to clear out the board as much as possible before it refreshes. Having good jump is nice.
Relay Run: Speed is most important. Stamina should be prioritized second. Getting one of the easy courses would be nice, and avoid the obstacles and enemy Pokémon.
Ring Drop: When an enemy Pokémon switches in, they'll be immune for a bit, so if you jump at the right time you can knock them off the ring. However, they might move. I just run around with battling it out with the others, trying not to fall to often because you lose points if you do.
Snow Throw: I tilt the DS and spam flick one side team (usually yellow).
Goal Roll: I keep one Pokémon at my goal, another in the middle, and the third runs around. The one in the middle can insta-score goals depending on where the ball spawns. The third one runs around if the middle one doesn't score, but I usually end up having both of them run around. The main point is to keep scoring without having the ball land inside you goal.

So if you read this then I say hi.
Have a nice day/night!

Oct 26, 13 at 6:14am

Hey, I see some people having difficulty with snow throw. I used to, then when i started spamming one team, I got a record of 100 hits. Kind of excessive, since the maximum points you can get is 200, and you get that at 67 hits. I did this with slowking, raikou and entei (not even a really big skill-oriented team).

Dec 28, 12 at 9:32pm

My records are:
Hurdle dash 89.2 sec
Pennant capture 36 flags
Circle push 60 pts
Block smash 120 hits
disc catch 90 pts
lamp jump 570 pts
relay run 17.5 laps
ring drop 175 pts
snow throw 97 hits
goal roll 17 pts

Sep 4, 12 at 3:23pm

My relay run is 27.1 C:

Aug 19, 12 at 12:15pm

Hurdle Dash: 86 seconds Done with Arceus, Celebi & Mewtwo
Pennant Capture: 35; I still need to beat this one which is really annoying :/ Done with Arceus, Celebi & Raikou
Circle Push: 56 points Done with Arceus, Empoleon & Raikou
Blocks Smash: 110 pieces Done with Arceus, Nidoking & Empoleon
Disks Catch: 58 Done with Arceus, Moltres & Empoleon
Lamp Jump: 452 Done with Arceus, Celebi & Emoleon
Relay Run: 18.3 laps Done with Arceus, Celebi & Mewtwo
Ring Drop: 152 Done with Arceus, Lugia & Typhlosion
Snow Throw: 48 hits Done with Arceus, Mewtwo & Raikou
Goal Roll: 8 points Done with Arceus, Celebi & Groudon

The Only one I need to beat it Pennant Capture which is a bloody nightmare I mean I stick to the outside I use high skilled and high speed pokemon but I just can't beat 35 its so frustrating

Aug 18, 12 at 9:49am

Hurdle Dash - 79.8
Pennant Capture - 45
Circle Push - 49
Block Smash - 132
Disc catch - 79
Lamp Jump - 556
Relay Run - 18.0
Ring Drop - 179
Snow Throw - 46
Goal Roll - 10 Goals

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